May 17 Announcements

1. Congratulations! Our newly elected SGA officers for 2018-19:
President – Abby O’Dell
Vice-President – Riley Kate Rowland
Secretary – Audrey Faircloth
Treasurer – Olivia Varnedoe
Reporter – Ashley Killian

All candidates are reminded to take down campaign materials by 3 p.m. today. Newly elected officers should see Mrs. Higginbotham before leaving today and plan to meet next Tuesday morning, 7:20 a.m.

2. Congratulations! Our new 2018-19 publications/yearbook staff will be:

Elodie Chery
Leah Vines
Angel Armistead
Annabelle Harper
Susan Otts
Lily Elliot
Emerson Elliot
Kayla Owenby
Luke Kolar
Matthew White

3. Yearbooks – will be distributed tomorrow in PE. You may only pick up a book for a previous student with a written note from a parent. Students are reminded to be respectful of the property of others and write only positive comments Those who write inappropriate comments will be financially responsible to replace the book.