Packets will be sent home on Monday, Feb. 11th. Make sure that students wear their number on their race t-shirt during the race. Parents need to keep the parent claim ticket to claim their child after the race.

Welcome back for the new school year. I will try to update this blog from with new things that we find interesting in Physical Education.

Here are some things our students can look forward to this year.
Kids Mercedes Marathon (Late Fall/Winter)
Archery Team (All students will learn shooting and safety)
Sports Units (Team Handball, Lacrosse, Hockey and many other traditional sports)
Fitness Activities (Use of exercise equipment for fitness developement)
New State Fitness Testing (Late Fall/Spring)
Field Day (Spring)

Please feel free to communicate with me about our Physical Education program. My goal is to teach our students how to be physically fit and to find a desire to stay fit when not in school by participating in activities that they find enjoyable.

In order for all students to be safe and enjoy Physical Education, it helps if each student does a few things.
1. Dress appropriately. Students should have on clothes that are comfortable and are easy to move in. Shoes should be of an athletic style with no flip flops or sandals being worn.
2. Follow directions. With many students moving in a limited area, it it a must that all students follow directions for the safety of each student.
3. Students who are injured or sick must have a note. The note should specify if they are not to participate or are limited in physical activity. If a student is not to get hot, we can modify an activity so they can participate but not be in an actively moving role. If a student is to completely sit out of class, they must still come to P.E. and will have work pertaining to the current unit to work on or they will be officials of the games we might be playing.

*If a student is unable to participate in Physical Education activities, they are also unable to participate in recess activities that are of a physical nature (swinging, 4-square, soccer, etc.).

Our School In Action Pictures
We are looking forward to the 2012-13 school year. I know that everyone has had a great summer and have done many activities. We would love for students to bring in a picture of themselves participating in their summer activities. If they bring in a picture that they need back, I can make a copy of their picture and send the original home. This picture board will be located just inside the gym entrance.