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Week of October 24

Posted by Pat Lovell on 24th October 2011

There are TWO weeks left to read your IR book and complete your project. November 3 and 4 will be in-class work days. On Monday, November 7 be prepared to make your presentation!

Monday: Today we reviewed OBJECTIVE and SUBJECTIVE tones. We read “What Exercise Can Do for You” on page 442 in our literature books and completed the handout you can find linked below:

What exercise can do for you.

Tuesday: We will take notes on News Elements from the power point you can find attached below. Then, we will look at a news article together and identify different news elements.

news elements ppt

Wednesday: Today students will read a news article and complete a handout individually analyzing for news elements and the five Ws.

Evaluating News and Magazine Writing

Thursday: The students will work in groups to answer questions about the personal essay “My Inner Struggle for Hijab”. See the essay linked below.

Muslim Girl

Reading Questions for HIJAB essay

Friday: Today is a reading/work day for IR Nonfiction books. The students should have completed three responses on the Journal Handout by the end of the period today.

Our NONFICTION TEST is November 2, and November 3&4 will be work days for IR projects.

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Week of October 17

Posted by Pat Lovell on 17th October 2011

Monday: Today we started our rough draft for our Article of the Week. Then we peer edited/revised our rough draft paragraphs for Phantom. The final draft is due Thursday.


Tuesday: Today we are beginning a nonfiction unit. Below you will find a link to the power point I will show in class as well as the handout the students will receive. Students will also have reading time to day for their nonfiction book.


Wednesday: We will define/discuss/differentiate between FACT and OPINION. We will complete a practice power point together, read an article about Martin Luther King, Jr. and complete a Fact vs. Opinion assignment, and possibly get to a person Fact vs. Opinion sheet. See below:


MLK Article

Thursday: We will continue to work with Fact vs. Opinion as we read an excerpt from an autobiography on Rosa Parks in our textbook. We will also differentiate between biography and autobiography.

Nonfiction Chart

Friday: Today is a reading day for our IR nonfiction book. Below you will find the handout the students received a couple of weeks ago.

Nonfiction Journal Prompts

Nonfiction Presentation Rubric 2011

Independent Reading Project- nonfiction 2011

We will be continuing work on our Article of the Week each day as a bell ringer.

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Week of October 10

Posted by Pat Lovell on 11th October 2011

Monday: Work Day for Teachers…no school for students. Enjoy!

Tuesday: Article of the Week and Jeopardy as review for our Phantom test, which is tomorrow!

Jeopardy_Phantom Review

Wednesday: Phantom of the Opera test and reading time for NONFICTION book.

Thursday and Friday: We will write a paragraph analyzing a character from Phantom. We will also have some reading time on Friday. All students must have a nonfiction book in class on Friday for my approval.

Character Trait Paragraph rubric

one paragraph organizer

one paragraph organizer filled out

Sample Paragraph

Rough Drafts are due MONDAY!!!

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Characters from Phantom of the Opera

Posted by Pat Lovell on 7th October 2011

Character Sheet Complete

Our Phantom test is Wednesday. Above you will find a list of characters with descriptions. After we play Jeopardy on Tuesday, I will put the Jeopardy game on the blog as well.

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Week of October 3

Posted by Pat Lovell on 3rd October 2011

The Literature Benchmark Exam is this Wednesday!!! 

Monday: Students received a Study Guide for the Benchmark Exam. They had some time to work on it in class. They should work on this at home and study it! We also read Act II Scenes 1,2,3,4 of Phantom.

Tuesday: Students will have time to ask questions about their Benchmark Study Guide. We will finish reading Phantom of the Opera today.

Wednesday: Students will take the Literature Benchmark Exam today. When they finish, they should work on their Phantom Study Guides and/or Characterization Charts.

Thursday: Students will watch a video clip from Phantom. They will also have time to complete their Study Guides in class.

Friday: Students will visit the BOOK FAIR today. Be sure to send money if you want your student to be able to purchase items! We will also complete our Characterization Charts for Phantom today.


* There is no school for students on Monday, Oct. 10. This is a teacher work day.

* Our Phantom of the Opera test is scheduled for October 12.

* Students should be looking for a NONFICTION book for their next IR project. This book must be something the student is interested in, over 100 pages, and predominantly words (not pictures). They must have their books in class for approval and reading on October 14.

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