Important Dates

As usual, the last couple months of weeks of school are generally a bit hectic. Listed below you will find a majority of the important events that are in the near future.

  • Monday, April 27th @ 6:00 p.m. in the cafeteria: D.C. Informational Meeting (student and parent must attend)
    • Bring any prescription medicine with appropriate form
  • Friday, May 1: End of the Year Gala (for OMMS students only)


  • April 13-16: Reading
    • 7th grade students on Tuesday, April 14th
    • Mrs. Colley’s 7th grade students on Wednesday, April 15th
  • April 20-23: Math
    • 7th grade students on Tuesday, April 21st
    • Mrs. Colley’s 7th grade students on Monday, April 27th
  • April 28-29: Science (7th Grade only)
    • 7th grade students on Tuesday, April 28th
    • Mrs. Colley’s 7th grade students on Wednesday, April 29th


  • Friday, May 8th: Math Notebook Test
  • Wednesday – Thursday, May 13: Math Benchmark (End 2nd Semester Test)
  • Friday, May 15: ELA Benchmark (End 2nd Semester Test)
  • Monday, May 18:
    • Social Studies Benchmark (7th/8th Grade)
    • Science Benchmark (6th /7th Grade)
  • Tuesday, May 19:
    • Science Benchmark (6th /7th Grade)
  • Wednesday, May 20:
    • Social Studies Benchmark (6th Grade)
    • Science Benchmark (8th Grade)
    • Make-up testing


  • Friday, May 15 – Tuesday, May 19: D.C. Trip
    • Benchmarks for those attending:
      • Wednesday, May 13 – Science
      • Wednesday, May 13 and Thursday, May 14 – Math
      • Thursday, May 14 – ELA
      • Thursday, May 14 – Social Studies
  • Monday, May 18: 6th Grade Awards/Field Day
  • Tuesday, May 19: 8th Grade Awards/Field Day (Breakfast)
  • Wednesday, May 20: 7th Grade Awards/Field Day
  • Thursday, May 21: Last Day Assemblies
  • Friday, May 22: Report cards are mailed home!

Standardized Testing – April


  1. Get plenty of rest (around 8 or more hours of good sleep).
  2. Eat a healthy dinner with carbohydrates and proteins the night before testing.
  3. Eat a well balanced breakfast the morning of testing with carbohydrates, proteins, and fruit (or fruit juice).
  4. Bring ONLY yourself your testing classroom. You may not bring any electronic devices (against the law to have in the testing room during testing), pillows/blankets, books, or other study materials unless otherwise directed by your test supervisor.
  5. Most students will be testing with their ELA classes. Check with your teacher to make sure of your testing location and date.
  6. Be aware of the rules of the ASPIRE Tests (Reading, Math, and Science) especially including test taking strategies for those tests.
  7. Practice exemplars for the reading, math, and science using the following information: ACT Aspire Exemplars

Budget Project

The Budget Project is a cross-curricular assignment that will be completed and graded in both math and social studies classes.  We will be completing the following:

Out with the FLU? Read below for make-up work instructions:

Parents & Students,

we are aware of the increasing number of students absent due to the Flu.  Please, know that we will do all that we can to help your child get caught up and make-up all of his/her work.

Please, have your child check the appropriate blog pages for his/her assignments.  All assignments can be turned Monday, January 5th once we return to school.  During the week of January 5-9, your child will be allowed to make-up any tests missed due to his/her absence.

If you have questions concerning your child’s individual situation, please contact me via e-mail at