My Perspective of Me

We are working in our “Self-Perspective” unit.  As we move on through our unit, the kids are in the process of creating career posters to place in the hallway.  These are small posters they are designing using Google Slides.  The poster gives a little information about the career they chose to research.  These will be displayed on the wall across from our classroom throughout the year to share with all of the students in our school.  Next week, they will be taking pictures to be placed on the poster.


Magic Carpet Rides, Sinking Yachts & Hot Chocolate Rivers

Do you have a vivid imagination?  Do you have what it takes to stop a magic carpet, survive in the ocean 1000 miles away from land or cross a hot chocolate river?  Well the GRC students do!  We have been waking up our imaginations and stepping into some problem-solving and critical-thinking.

The students opened the year by taking a trip on a magic carpet.  They enjoyed their flight, as they soared above the towns and tree-tops.  They were then hit with the realization that they had to be able to stop the magic carpet.  To do this, they had to turn the magic carpet completely over onto the other side without allowing anyone to fall off.  They used problem-solving and teamwork to complete this task!

On another adventure, the students were enjoying an afternoon on a yacht when a fire broke out in the kitchen.  They were able to jump on a  rubber lifeboat with only 14 supplies.  Which of these supplies were the most important to save, and what would they use them for?  Would you have ever thought to use chocolate bars to write with?  What amazing critical-thinking skills these students have!

Our latest adventure took us to a hot chocolate river, where their task was to get their entire team across without losing a member.  Thankfully, they had 5 marshmallows to help them get across.  But watch out!  Any marshmallow untouched at any moment is swiftly carried downstream.


I’ve enjoyed watching their brains at work!  We look forward to more adventures in problem-solving and critical-thinking as the year goes on!


Growth Mindset – Mojo

I feel it is very important for our kids to learn how to have a growth mindset.  We are venturing through a series of videos and discussions about how to have a growth mindset when faced with challenging tasks.  Led by our new favorite characters, Mojo & Katie, the kids are soaking in the new skills and taking ownership.  Ask you child about the power of “YET”.

Welcome to GRC

GRC clasess started this week!!  I’m so excited to get to know these kids even more!  They are going to have a great year stretching their minds, challenging their thinking, and utilizing their creativity!  I’ll attempt to blog every now and then to let you know what is going on in our class.  The next few weeks we will focus on self-perspective, what it means to be gifted and what careers may be interesting according to their gifts and talents.