Rockin’ Robots

We are almost headed into our final 9-weeks of school.  I can’t believe it!  It will pass by quickly, but we will pack a lot into our last weeks of GRC.  The students have begun the robotics unit.  We are starting with some fundamentals first, discussing parts and pieces, types of control and various engineering careers available.  They now realize many of their career choices they made at the beginning of the year can be combined with engineering to form a specific field of engineering.  They have seemed very excited.  Hopefully I will remember to get the camera out to take pictures for you guys!

The students have also started filming for their mystery iMovie.  They have worked hard to use all of their knowledge from our forensic science unit to form a mystery story in groups.  They have planned their story and used a storyboard to create scenes.  Now, they are in the process of filming.  I can’t wait to see their final results after editing!!

Multiple Perspectives: A CSI Unit

We are having a great time with our CSI unit!!  In our “3rd grade friendly” environment, we have taken a look at careers involved in forensic science and how various types of evidence help in solving crimes.  The students will now take a type of evidence they are interested in, research how that evidence is used in criminal cases, and will create a presentation of their discoveries.

The students will also be working on their own mystery.  We have some engaging activities planned to prepare us for this task.   I look forward to seeing their ideas.

Coming soon, the students will be involved in forensic labs, hopefully get to hear from an amazing guest speaker and will also be involved in a simulation.  A unit on robotics will also be making it’s way into our curriculum this semester.  We have a lot to pack into the weeks we have remaining.  I love seeing the excitement as the students enter the class each week!!


Entering the World of Mysteries

I can’t believe we’re halfway through our school year!  The children did an excellent job wrapping up our “Self-Perspective” unit.  They created fabulous posters for our hallway and completed a foreshortening project.

The next unit we will begin will be Crime Scene Investigations and Forensic Science.  This will be a “3rd grade friendly” view of forensic science.  We are excited to enter our unit on “Multiple Perspectives:  A CSI Unit”.  We have a lot of exciting activities planned during the next few weeks and surprises around the corner.  Along with learning about forensic science research, forensic labs and analyzing literature, I am excited to work with the kids on elements of creating their own exciting  mystery.  I hope to walk the kids through the steps of forming a mystery and help them to develop their own stories.  We have some fun plans for our final products.  I can’t wait to see their creations!

Our Own Perspective of Ourselves

We are working in our “Self-Perspective” unit.  As we move on through our unit, the kids are creating a Voki and are in the process of creating career posters.  I will attempt to add a Voki page to our blog so that you can view them from home.  Check it out soon!  They really had a great time creating these avatars to do their presentations for them!  The students are also creating career posters to place in the hallway.  These are small posters they are designing using PowerPoint.  The poster gives a little information about the career they chose to research.  These will be displayed on the wall across from our classroom throughout the year to share with all of the students in our school.  Next week, they will be taking pictures to be placed on the poster.


Great Start

We have had a great start to GRC this year!!  Our first unit is on Self-Discovery.  The kids will be learning a lot about themselves, such as what it means to be gifted and what they believe their greatest gift is, their learning styles, what it means to lead and be a leader and career possibilities for their future.  I’m so excited to get to know these kids better!  They are going to have a great year stretching their minds, challenging their thinking, and utilizing their creativity!  

Picture 001