Sketchbook Check 3/12/12

The next Sculpture I Sketchbook Check will be this Monday, March 12th. Here is a comprehensive list of what will be graded:

Sketchbook Check 3.12.12

Clay Pot Combination Rubric

Clay Combo Pot Rubric

Extra Credit Available

There are two ways you can receive extra credit:

1. Attend an art related event, such as an outside festival or visit a museum or gallery. You must have a picture of yourself at the location to prove that you attended.

2. Donate materials needed for the department:
Extra Credit Materials
• Bamboo Skewers
• Clear Packing Tape
• Hot Glue pack, thin sticks
• Plastic Spoons, 100ct
• Scrap metal, odd mechanical parts
• Scrap wood

Any extra credit will be added at the end of each nine weeks.

Wire Figure in Motion Rubric

Wire Figure Rubric

Welcome to Sculpture!

Dear students and parents,

It is my hope that this class will be an enjoyable, enriching experience. Art sharpens problem solving skills, and illuminates further understanding of the world around us.

I take the Sculpture studio very seriously. In order for students to earn the privilege of using art materials and working in a studio environment, they must follow the rules and understand that while many of the projects are fun and hands-on, art class is NOT playtime.

Each student will be expected to maintain a sketchbook. A journal for any creative person is a must. A Visual Journal or Sketchbook is a powerful way to move beyond the ordinary. It is a highly effective tool for deepening perception and recording personal history.

For further information, please select the class page for Sculpture I, Sculpture II or AP Sculpture. There, you will find up-to-date information and the class syllabus.

If you have any questions, please email me at

I am looking forward to a great year!

Ms. Sefton
AP Sculpture Teacher
Thompson High School

Texture Vessel

Sculpture Rules: The Movie

Sculpture Required Materials

• Sketchbook OR Three Ring Binder with UNLINED paper
• Hand Soap
• Paintbrush, 1 inch (you might also want a smaller brush for detail work)
• Small Plastic Container with lid (margarine tub size)