Book Circles are Here!

book circles logo whiteI am very excited about the Book Circles project we will be working on for the last few weeks of school.   You have been assigned a group and a book, and now it’s time to start reading!!  I am attaching a copy of all the handouts you received in class. If you lose any of your handouts, check here for extras.  I will not be making any more copies, so print your own if you need another one.  Please make sure you are keeping up with your reading and your discussion notes, and don’t forget about those projects!

10th Grade Book Circles Project
Book Circles Group Projects
Discussion Day Admission Ticket

Julius Caesar

All of the handouts you received in class can be found here.  If you misplace the one you were given, you can print another copy for yourself.

JC study guide questions
Julius Caesar Character List
vocab Acts 1-5
Act 1 notes
Act 2 notes
Act 3 Notes
Act 4 reading guide worksheet


If you were absent on a day we read in class, you may want to use the NoFearShakespeare website to catch up on your reading.  It includes a modern translation of the text.

Homework: 2 reading selections

Read one of the following selections and answer the 5 questions that go along with it.

1. “Woman in the Nineteenth Century” by Margaret Fuller


2. “Civil Disobedience” by Henry David Thoreau

You can find these selections in the old textbook (p. 195, p. 212) or by clicking on the links below.  Please DO NOT print these in the media center.  You may print them from home or you can check out a printed copy of the text from me.  Checked out copies are due back the following day.

civil disobedience text
woman in 19th century text
Civil Disobedience & Woman in 19th cent. questions

Due Dates:
February 11 – 2nd, 7th
February 12 – 1st, 4th, 5th


American Romanticism

Here are a list of things we have covered in class so far for this unit.  If you have missed doing any of the question sets because of an absence, you must turn those in by test day.

1. Intro to American Romanticism american romanticism intro wkst
2. Notes on American Romanticism
3. Ralph Waldo Emerson Bio notes
4. Read “Nature” and answer 11 questions for Nature by Ralph Waldo Emerson
5. Read “Self-Reliance” – Choose a quote from the selection and write 2 paragraphs explaining the quote and applying that idea to your life.
6. Henry David Thoreau notes   Add vocabulary from p. 203
7. Read from Walden – p. 204 and answer Walden questions 1-10
8. Gothic elements notes
9. Read “The Raven” – p.245 and complete this: The Raven Interpretation wkst
10.  Read “The Pit & the Pendulum” – p. 251 and complete this: pit and pendulum wkst


*Don’t forget that you need to read one of the following BEFORE test day and turn in the 5 questions that go along with the selection you choose.*

Woman in the Nineteenth Century
Civil Disobedience

Test Schedule:
Periods 4, 5 – Wednesday, 2/18
Periods 1, 2, 7 – Thursday, 2/19


DUE BY FEBRUARY 27th – 20 bonus points

1. Google “scientific study of emotions”

2. Find an article FROM A CREDIBLE SOURCE that interests you.

3. Print the article. Make sure the source information is included. (website name, author, etc.)

4. Read the article and write a good 2 paragraph summary.

5. Summary must be typed or VERY NEATLY written in blue or black ink.

6. Turn in the article and the summary by February 27.


Request to Retest

If you would like to retake a failed test, print and complete the “Request to Retest” form below.  Retests must take place within 2 X-Blocks of the original test.   The original test grade and the retest grade will be averaged to arrive at the recorded grade in iNow.


Persuasive Essay

We have been working on persuasive essays for the last 2 class periods.  If you have been absent, please see me ASAP to discuss this assignment.
Rough drafts and typed final copies are due on the day of your Revolutionary Lit test.
1st, 4th, 5th periods: Tuesday, January 27
2nd, 7th periods: Thursday, January 29

100pt recitation due Jan 27

Recitations for the Declaration of Independence are due by Tuesday, January 27 at 3:00pm.  You may print a copy of the required portion here:   Declaration of Independence text

Thomas Paine – The Crisis No. 1 notes

Print these notes and bring them to class with you.

Thomas Paine – Notes

If you were absent when we read The Crisis No. 1, you need to complete the following assignment after you read the selection.

Thomas Paine poster


Thomas Jefferson – Declaration of Independence

You can print the notes for Thomas Jefferson here –> Thomas Jefferson notes

Extra Credit

For 5 extra credit points:  Make a meaningful comment on this post relating to some aspect of the Revolutionary Lit we are currently studying.

Patrick Henry

We will discuss the rhetoric of the Revolution and Patrick Henry’s speech next class.  You may print these notes and bring them to class with you.

*If you were absent when we discussed the rhetoric of the Revolution and Patrick Henry’s “Speech to the 2nd Virginia Convention”, you need to read pp. 106-110 and copy the notes below.

Patrick Henry Notes

Rhetoric of the Revolution notes

Benjamin Franklin Autobiography notes

If you missed these notes in class, please print them and put them in your binder.

Ben Franklin notes – short


Today we discussed Ben Franklin aphorisms in class.    If you were absent, you need to print the notes below and make up the writing assignment we did in class.  Directions for the writing assignment are below.

aphorism notes

Writing Assignment:

1. Read the aphorism below and think about its meaning or message.  You may need to break it into parts to better understand it.
2. Copy the aphorism onto your paper.
3. Write a 2-paragraph response.
Paragraph 1: 3-5 sentences explaining the general truth or piece of advice being offered by the aphorism and connect it to one of the virtues Franklin listed in The Autobiography on p. 142.
Paragraph 2: 3-5 sentences agreeing or disagreeing with the advice being offered. Support your opinion with personal experiences.

APHORISM:  Fish and visitors smell in three days.

Extra Credit

For 10 extra credit points, you can print and complete the following exercise on sentence fragments.  It is due before March 6, 2015.     PRINT THIS  -> frag03


Benjamin Franklin A&E Biography video

If you were absent on the day we viewed this video, please see me for a listening guide or print the one below.  Find a peer with the answers and fill in the blanks.  The listening guide worksheet will be collected on the day of the unit test.  This information WILL be on the test.

Franklin Listening Guide – A & E Video

We’re Halfway There!

Welcome to the second half of your sophomore year!  I hope you have enjoyed the break and that you’ve come back refreshed and ready to work!  There are a lot of fun things planned this semester, and I can’t wait to get started.

Career Research Project

We will spend the next few days working in the computer lab on a Career Research Project.  It is very important that you are in class EVERY DAY of this project so that you do not get behind.

*DUE DATE:  December 12– 3:00 p.m.

*Presentation saved AND
two printed/highlighted sources turned in to Mrs. Bevilacqua.

** We will work on these projects in class for 3 class periods.  If you are not finished after that time, you must finish on your own.  I will grade all presentations on 12/12/14.  Anything not saved by 3:00pm on that day will be considered late.  Late work will be penalized 10% for every day it is late.

The Alchemist Lesson 11

“If I had told you, you wouldn’t have seen the Pyramids.  They’re beautiful, aren’t they?”
-from The Alchemist

All study guide questions, vocabulary sheets, quotable quotes, and journals should be complete at this point.  You also should have finished reading the novel.  We will spend the next couple of days reviewing for your vocabulary and unit tests.  Please continue to bring your portfolio to class every day.


The Alchemist Lesson 10

“Because wherever your heart is, that is where you’ll find your treasure.”
– from The Alchemist

Collected: Vocab 8
Read: from p. 156 – the epilogue
Worked: Study Guide part 8

Things that should be finished by now:
1. Quotable Quotes – all 12
2. Journals 1-6 – Each journal 1 full page
3. Vocab 1-8
4. Study Guides 1-8
5. All reading assignments – You should have finished the book completely by now!


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