Gold Unit Test tomorrow!  We will have an open notebook unit test tomorrow.  This test will focus on Activities 1,2,3,5,8,10,11,12,13,14,15,18, and 21.  Please double check your notebook entries and make sure they are complete before tomorrow.


Our Unit Test is on Friday!  Tomorrow we will go through our journals to check that we are ready for the test.  This test will be open notebook.  I will post the entries that need to be reviewed tomorrow on the blog.


Our 1st Nine Weeks Test is tomorrow.  I have posted the study guide with answers below.  All study guides are due tomorrow and all work must be shown to get full credit (except for GCF and LCM).

1st-nine-weeks-study-guide-pg-1 1st-nine-weeks-study-guide-pg-2


Today we completed our Lab Responses from the lab on Friday about colliding air masses.  We are finishing our Weather and Climate unit this week with our Unit Test on Friday.  This test will be open notebook and I will be checking notebooks tomorrow to make sure adjustments can be made in time for the test on Friday.

Also, if you forgot to bring BROWN BAG today, you have been given permission to bring it tomorrow.


We have moved our lab to Friday.  Here is a plan for the rest of the week due to the rescheduling of the lab.

Thursday – We will finish the Sea Breeze and Land Breeze notes and work on a foldable for Types of Fronts.  Journals will be due at the end of class for a nine week GOLD grade.

Friday – We will be in the lab investigating the collision of air masses.  This lab will require appropriate dress ( hair tied back, closed toe shoes, and no loose clothing).  This lab will also has a smoke involved, if you have a respiratory sensitivity, please make sure the proper precautions are taken.


Today we completed our foldable on Air Masses.  This will be part of your journal grade at the end of the nine weeks.  Please check your foldable for accuracy with the one below.