Next Week’s activities

OMES Red Ribbon Week 2014: October 27th-31st
Monday: “I am too bright to make bad choices!”- wear neon clothing
Tuesday: “From head to toe, I make good choices!”- wear crazy hair or a hat and/or crazy socks
Wednesday: “Follow your dreams, make good choices.”- wear pajamas (appropriate- no short PJs please)
Thursday: “Team up and exercise your right to make good choices!”- wear your team colors and/or exercise clothes
Friday (Halloween): “I have the power to make good choices!”- dress as your favorite super hero – masks will not be worn longer than a quick picture.

Next week is also our Kindergarten Muffins and Math, Parent Math Meeting on Thursday. Breakfast begins at 7:20 for Kindergarteners and our Math Meeting will begin right after morning announcements at approximately 7:55. We will dismiss from the lunchroom around 8:25 for you to come to our classroom. You’re going to play a game or two with your child, and we will be done at 8:55. I will have a page of information for you to help you question your child appropriately during one of the games. I’m excited to give you a peek into math and I hope it will help you understand what we’re doing better.

Looking forward to the fun that next week will bring!

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Blue Progress Folders

Blue folders came home today.  These will give you a chance to see what we’re working on as well as how your child is doing on those skills.  I will mark the progress report as I assess the skills.  Unmarked skills have not been assessed.

Please remember to leave the progress report in the blue folder.  Sign and return it the next day so I can keep up with them.

Thank you for your assistance!

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OMHS Homecoming week

Let’s help celebrate OMHS‘s homecoming week
Monday: Dress up like a Tacky Tourist
Tuesday: People of the Sea – surfers, sailors, pirates, beach kids or yacht club
Wednesday: Under the Sea Characters – everyone dress up as your favorite movie/fictional character
Thursday: Class Unity Day – Kinder – red
First – Green
Second – Blue
Third – White
Friday: Oak Mountain Spirit day AND OMES Nathion Anthem on the Field celebration

Come out and support our Eagles!

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Color Week is coming

Next week we will explore colors. To enhance our week the teachers have chosen a color or colors to wear each day.
Monday – red or pink
Tuesday – orange
Wednesday – yellow
Thursday – green
Friday – blue or purple

This is not required.  Please don’t go buy anything for these days, it’s just meant to be something fun.  I’ll take pictures to share with you later.

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Welcome to a new school year! I am geared up and ready to go with this new group of kiddos. Welcome to all parents and students in Thomas’ Super Kids. I think it’s going to be a great year – at least I’m expecting it to. With a new floor, new theme, new bulletin boards and new friends, I’m excited to get into some learning going.
I’ll be painting our book bags very soon and I already have a volunteer to help me sew small tags on towels and nap mats. That will be so helpful to help unclutter our cubby room.
Just a few reminders:
Remember to check your child’s red folder every evening. If you need so send me a note, put it in your child’s red folder and give his/her a heads up that they need to give me something.
Remember to send 1 snack and a drink for your child each day.
Mark your calendar for Parents’ Night on September 4th at 6:00. You will start in the cafeteria, then be dismissed to my classroom.
I can’t wait to see you!

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Fun week



IMG_5128We have had a great time learning about penguins this week. Here are a couple of examples of our work.

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Cumulative Blending

Well, this last weekend I spent a little time trying to teach my 5 year-old how to begin to read words, so I showed him what we’ve been doing in class; and that was cumulative blending. He had picked out a Dr. Seuss book and wanted to “read” it. Of course, being a kindergarten teacher, I want him to READ it if he’s that interested in it, so I began to teach him how. Then it suddenly occured to me that if he can do it, you can be doing it with your sweet child at home as well. But I haven’t told you about that yet, nor have I taught you how so here’s how it goes.
We’ll use the word “plop” just to practice on.
I first review that they know each sound individually. I ask for the sound of each letter, but not necessarily in the order that they appear in the word. “What does o say? What does p say? What does l say? Okay here we go. You make the letter sound as I point to the letter and hold that sound out until I move to the next letter.” (Hard sounds are more difficult to hold.) In the beginning I make the sounds with them to make sure they’re hearing the correct sound being made and will copy me. “/p/” At this point I pick my finger up off of the paper, board, etc, to drive the point home that they are to only make the sound that I’m pointing to. Then I point to it again, but this time I will move to the second letter. “/p/, /lllllll/” And I pick my finger up. Every time we add a letter sound in the word, we ALWAYS go back to the beginning and start over. That is why it is call CUMULATIVE blending. This really helps to keep children from leaving off that beginning sound when they blend the sounds back together. So I point to the beginning p again, “/p/, /llllll/, /ooooooo/” and I pick my finger up. “/p/, /lllllll/, /oooooooo/, /p/” Then this time when I get back to the beginning of the word I slide my finger all the way to the end of the word and if they’ve listened to themselves all the way through, they should blend the sounds like a trooper!
Try this at home and see how your sweet child does. It is SO much fun to watch the look on their faces when they realize that they really are beginning to get a grasp on this reading thing.  Let me caution you to try to stick to words with short vowel sounds and the words that we’ve become “experts” with.  Your kiddo might just amaze you!

Happy Blending!

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“Litery” Centers

If your sweet child is continually saying something uncompromisable like “litery centers” or “liverty centers” or even “liberty centers”, he could be trying to tell you something really exciting about Literacy Centers. This is a time between assignments when they have time to play literacy based games and activities, with a partner, to practice their reading skills as well as other important kindergarten skills, like problem solving, social skills, time management, and self help.
So the next time you ask your precious child what he did today and he says, “nothing”, ask him what he did in “Literacy Centers.” You should get some very specific answers then. ;-D
Thanks for being involved if your child’s education and caring enough to ask about their day!

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Blue Folders

Moms and Dads, Blue Folders are coming home today. When you read my comments, they may seem very repetitive from conversations we may have already had. Please understand that the Blue Progress Folders are one piece of documentation that we have to keep. They will go in your child’s cumulative folder for future teachers to see, if there’s a need.  I didn’t want you to think that I had forgotten that we already talked about a certain topic and wrote about it again… just making documentation.

You will see that I have commented on foundational skills.  These are the basics.  If your child has an area of weakness within these skills, lets get on top of them now so we can move forward successfully.

Please remember to sign beside my comment and return it to school on Monday. :-)

As always, thanks for your support!

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WOW! I never knew the number 13 was such a difficult number to include in counting. I have several Treasures this year that are struggling with it this year though. Let’s play a game. Have your child count to you. You can have your child stop at 25 if he/she is successful to that point. If your child skips 13, write the number 13 on several sticky notes and stick them around the house (without telling him that you’re going to do this). When he asks you why you’ve done such a crazy thing, you can have a conversation about how important every number is and that it can’t be left out. Have your child practice counting specifically to 13 and stop. Have your child practice writing the number 13 as well. Dry erase markers on windows and mirrors work great too!!! Put 13 pennies, beans, pencils, grains of rice, forks, etc. on a table to count. We’ve got to tear down this wall.
Thanks for your constant support!

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