Fitness Testing Zones

FITNESSGRAM defines the Healthy Fitness Zone (HFZ) as an indicator that the child has a sufficient fitness level to provide important health benefits.
FITNESSGRAM defines the Needs Improvement Zone as an indication that the child may be at risk if that level of fitness stays the same over time.


Physical fitness testing is one of the ways our physical education teachers evaluate their students.  Fitness tests are not considered the only way to judge someone’s fitness level, but they are a good standardized way to see how our students are doing over time and compared to a grade level expectation.






  On October 5th Chelsea Middle School will be going PINK in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. Wear your shirt to school & then to the football game. Proceeds will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation of Alabama. Come support your CHMS team and ROCK YOUR PINK!!

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Here is the form to bring into Coach Trice:

2017 PINK OUT (1)

PE Uniform/Dressing Out


We have order more Youth Medium & Youth Large shorts. If your child did NOT receive their shorts today we will pass them out as soon as they come in.


We are planning to start dressing out on Tuesday, if the shorts have NOT arrived before then they may wear any colored shorts they have at home. NO points will be take away the first two days of dressing out. This will be time for everyone to get use to the routine.

Welcome Back!


Welcome back to school! This week in PE we will be going over rules, our PE routine for dressing out, & passing out uniforms. Everyone will be receiving a Syllabus Acknowledgment Form & must return it signed by parents. You may access the PE Syllabus on my blog.

Physical Education the only subject that makes your heart race! –Anonymous

Fitness is not about being better than someone…It’s about being better than you were. -Anonymous

Dance Dance Dance


Some students even like to add their own moves to the dances that we are learning. Way to go!!!

Dancing It Up In PE- 2nd Period


Here is a link of 2nd period dancing it up in PE. This is the new dance we learned to “Can’t Stop The Feeling.” Way to go 2nd Period.


The Heart Wall



Fill A Heart With Hope

Bring in $1 to put a family members name or a friends name that has dealt with heart disease or a heart condition

Bring in $3 to show that you are raising funds for the American Heart Association

Hoops For Heart




Our Physical Education department will be teaming up with the American Heart Association to host a Hoops For Heart event. We will be raising donations to give to the AHA. One way students can raise donations is by registering online. I have added a link at the bottom that will give you the information needed to go online and register. We will also have a Heart Wall where students can give $1 and they will receive a blank heart to put someone’s name on in honor of that person that has dealt with heart disease or a heart condition. They can also give $3 to put thier name on a heart to show they are helping raise funds for AHA. We want to honor people that have dealt with any type of cardiovascular diseases and conditions. The last week before Christmas break we will have our two big events. Students will have the option to participate in each event. We will have a tournament on December 13th and a Hot Shot event on December 14th. Each event will take place during their PE class. On Thursday December 8th we will have a Draft Day where the students will find out their teams. To participate in each event the team has to give $12. If the team would like to participate in both events they will give $24. Its basically either $2 per person on the team or $4 per person. They will get to dress in their team color on the days of the events. \

If you send in a check it MUST be made out to American Heart Assoication because this is going directly to them and not to us. ALL funds will go directly to American Heart Association.

The American Heart Association has thank you gifts that they give to students that raise so much money. For example, anyone that raises $50 ONLINE will receive a basketball provided by AHA.

Other awards:

Top Class- Receives a Popcorn/ Gatorade day on December 15th during their PE class

$20 Donation ONLINE- Receives a Free Sitting Card for lunch during the month of January

Winning team in each class will get to pie a coach on Thursday December 15th.


Link to register onine and raise funds:

5th Period


Mannequin Challenge

3rd Period


Mannequin Challenge

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