Dance Dance Dance


Some students even like to add their own moves to the dances that we are learning. Way to go!!!

Dancing It Up In PE- 2nd Period


Here is a link of 2nd period dancing it up in PE. This is the new dance we learned to “Can’t Stop The Feeling.” Way to go 2nd Period.


The Heart Wall



Fill A Heart With Hope

Bring in $1 to put a family members name or a friends name that has dealt with heart disease or a heart condition

Bring in $3 to show that you are raising funds for the American Heart Association

Hoops For Heart




Our Physical Education department will be teaming up with the American Heart Association to host a Hoops For Heart event. We will be raising donations to give to the AHA. One way students can raise donations is by registering online. I have added a link at the bottom that will give you the information needed to go online and register. We will also have a Heart Wall where students can give $1 and they will receive a blank heart to put someone’s name on in honor of that person that has dealt with heart disease or a heart condition. They can also give $3 to put thier name on a heart to show they are helping raise funds for AHA. We want to honor people that have dealt with any type of cardiovascular diseases and conditions. The last week before Christmas break we will have our two big events. Students will have the option to participate in each event. We will have a tournament on December 13th and a Hot Shot event on December 14th. Each event will take place during their PE class. On Thursday December 8th we will have a Draft Day where the students will find out their teams. To participate in each event the team has to give $12. If the team would like to participate in both events they will give $24. Its basically either $2 per person on the team or $4 per person. They will get to dress in their team color on the days of the events. \

If you send in a check it MUST be made out to American Heart Assoication because this is going directly to them and not to us. ALL funds will go directly to American Heart Association.

The American Heart Association has thank you gifts that they give to students that raise so much money. For example, anyone that raises $50 ONLINE will receive a basketball provided by AHA.

Other awards:

Top Class- Receives a Popcorn/ Gatorade day on December 15th during their PE class

$20 Donation ONLINE- Receives a Free Sitting Card for lunch during the month of January

Winning team in each class will get to pie a coach on Thursday December 15th.


Link to register onine and raise funds:

5th Period


Mannequin Challenge

3rd Period


Mannequin Challenge

1st Period


Mannequin Challenge

CHMS Peer Helpers Food Drive


Attention CHMS Students!

CHMS Peer Helpers are putting on a food drive

benefiting youth in our area!

Who: Family Connections Will Receive All the Donations. For More Information


What: Non-Perishable Foods

When: November 14th-December 14th

Where: Bring All Items To Your First Period Class To Be Tallied And

Turned In.

1st Place: Donuts & Drinks

2nd Place: Candy

3rd Place: Candy

Why: Family Connection Is A Private, Non-Profit That Works With Students Your Age. In Fact, They Have Worked With Students Who Previously

Attended Chelsea Middle School. A Weekly Grocery Bill Can Total Up To $3,000. We Can Help Family

Connection Save Money On Food So That They Can Help More Teenagers

Reunite With Their Families!



Fitnessgram Testing


Next week we will finish up our fitness testing with the sit-up, push, and v-sit tests. In case some of you would like to know the healthy scores for each test here is a chart that can help.


Running Foods


Running Foods- Eating Energy Foods for Running the Right Way

Runners must not only take the time to stretch and limber up their muscles, but they should also pop a bite of something delicious into their mouths before they run. Your body needs food to burn for energy as you run, and those energy foods for running eaten prior to taking off for a run will help to keep your muscles pumping, your lungs working, your heart beating, and your fat burning! But what should you eat? Here is a list of the most nutritious foods for runners.

Before You Run:

Bananas- They are filled with natural sugar, which your body will burn for energy. They also contain lots of potassium, a nutrient that keeps your blood pumping properly, lowers blood pressure, and reduces stroke risk.

Berries- Want a quick energy boost? Berries are like balls of healthy sugar, and they contain lots of Vitamin C to keep your body working at top speed. The potassium & Vitamin C in the berries will help your muscles repair themselves as you run.

Bagels- They are much heavier and richer in carbs than your average slice of bread, so they’ll give you a lot more energy to burn. If you layer half a bagel with cream cheese or peanut butter, you’ll be getting just enough protein to keep your muscles fueled and working well.

Low Fat Yogurt- Low fat yogurt is rich in calcium, protein, and carbs. The calcium will help to promote healthy fat burning, the protein will provide the fuel for your muscles, and the carbs will give you the energy you need. Yogurt is an excellent energy food for sprinting, running, jogging, or even walking.

During Your Run:

Starbursts- These little candies are soft and easy to chew while you run, and the sugar you get from them can keep you going.

Energy Gels- Most sports drink companies have made energy gels, small packets that you can suck down while on the run. They’re a great source of energy, so have one handy if you feel tired.

Raisins- Raisins contain lots of sugar, which is exactly what you need to keep you going when your energy reserves are low. Just a small handful can make a difference!

Recovery Foods:

Oats- Oats are rich in carbs, but they also have fiber and protein. There are few carb sources better than oats, as oats don’t affect your blood sugar levels as much. Add some fruit into a bowl of oats, pour in some milk, and enjoy your recovery snack.

Chicken Breast- There’s nothing like a good chicken breast to give you some healthy, lean protein. Chicken breast has very little fat, but it’s loaded with the nutrient your body needs to repair your muscles. It’s quick and easy to prepare, and anyone can make chicken breast delicious!

Hummus- Hummus is made with chick peas, which are primarily fiber and protein. It will help you to fill up after your run, and the protein will promote healthy repair of your muscles. Make sure to prepare hummus without garlic, and avoid eating it before your run.

Fruit- It is a sweet, refreshing food, one that will help you restock your body’s energy supply after a hard run. Oranges and apples are your two best choices, as oranges are rich in Vitamin C while apples contain lots of fiber and minerals that your body needs after sweating for so long.




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