September 18 – 22

This week we are finalizing our study guides for How To Read Literature Like a Professor for Kids.

We will also begin working on our One Pagers using iPads and Chromebooks so that students will know how to correctly complete these before the October 4th due date.

One Pager Due Dates will be handed out – they are due the first Wednesday of every month.

Library will take place on Friday.  Students can renew or check out a book.

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9/4 to 9/8

It is good to be back at OMMS.  Next week we will be working on our How To Read Literature Like A Professor for Kids projects.  It will take them most of the week to complete these projects.  On Friday we will be discussing how to give a great presentation and practicing our skills for presentations on Monday.

We will begin the week with a quick review of classroom procedures, how to find make up work, getting to know you, etc.  Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns you may have.


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Rising 8th grade summer reading!!!!

Hello rising 8th graders!

Yes, you have summer reading.  Read a book OF YOUR CHOICE that would be considered appropriate for school.  Must be at least 100 pages and a book that you have not read before.  Have this book read by the first day of school.  You will be completing a project using your book the first week.  You will need a copy of of the book, either electronically on your iPad or Kindle (not your phone) or the actual book.  Below is a list of books that you can not use for your summer reading.

Hunger Games Series                   Divergent Series                               Captain Underpants

Lemony Snicket                              Phantom of the Opera                     Book Thief

Alabama Moon                                Hatchet                                               Harry Potter – first 6

Lightening Thief Series                 Charlotte’s Web                                 The Hobbit

Any novel that was used in class during 6th or 7th grade.

This is not a complete list, please use your best judgement – if you are unsure about a title send me an email – do not send a comment through the blog.  I will be able to respond quicker via email.





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