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Hey MMS! What are your reading roots?!

What are your reading roots?

I’d love to hear your story! What was the first book you remember someone special reading aloud to you? What book has special memories for you, from when you were little? Are there any funny places in which you read? We all have reading “roots,” and grow from there. Share your “reading roots” story with me.


  1. Stephen B. Stephen B.

    Well my favorite book from when i was little has to be The hardy boys,they were the best i enjoyed reading in the library were it is nice and quiet and cold.

  2. markezzd markezzd

    i was seven years old and my mom allways would read me the book called the three billie goats gruff i use to love that book it wasa my favorite one out of all the books she has read me and still today i like the three billi goat gruff it was were the three goats keep crossing the bridge and the trole wanted to eat the goats but the goats allways said im to skinny i need to go eat in thye green bay untile one big goat camen and knocked the troll far away……

  3. Chase I. Chase I.

    my frist book was clifford fire house.Miss Mayhand read it with me

  4. Julie U Julie U

    Hi,Mrs.Colley my favorite book that was I read is Twilight.The test was not so hard!

  5. Undraez L Undraez L

    I was five years old when i read my first book and it was call cliffords big house i remember clifford was sad and his freinds came and welfered him

  6. Emma J. Emma J.

    Hey Mrs.Colley my favorite book i have ever read is Twilight. The tes wasn’t as hard as it would be. I love this school because i love switching classes!!!!

  7. Traley D Traley D

    Hi,Mrs colley my favorite book i have read in my whole life is twilight.The test was not as hard as i thought it would be and i love coming and being at this school and it is so much fun.I love this school because my school was not fun at all.Even we get to switch classes to.

  8. Justice A. Justice A.

    the test wasent as hard as thought it would be.Yes there was some words I did not under stand but I stuck it out.well the first book I ever read was the cat in the hat.

    your student,

  9. james d. james d.

    yes I do have a book yes it is called I can go potty all by myself it is the first book I have ever read

  10. my first book ever read was little red riding hood and my teacher read the book over and over again i was about the age 4 to 5

  11. matt H matt H

    hi mrs colley my book it manalyn.It is a good book i starterd reading when i was five.I love read bye well that is it bye bye.

  12. I first read No David when I was 3 years old my mama tought me to read

  13. landon P. landon P.

    mrs. colley-
    i cant really remember the first book i ever read but i have read some books before.

  14. kelli A. kelli A.

    the first book that was read to me was petter and the wolf petter and the wolf was a good book it teaches u not to lie to get attintion.

  15. Tyler h Tyler h

    I don’t remember the first book I read but I do know my favorite book it’s about football stars anyway I liked the test bye

  16. shelby m. read twilight to me when i was sick i wish iwas at the school when bella got hurt

  17. shelbyt shelbyt

    my fist book i ever read was brother bear,i was in first grade and a high schooler read it to me,after she read it i got to try to read it and she came by every day to read so i would get better and better,in 2nd grade i got to go to the librery and get my own book.

  18. Dylan K. Dylan K.

    My favorite book that someone read to me was Holes. It was so good that i reread it to myself. To this day Holes is still my favorite book.

  19. seth h seth h

    the first book i remember is The Little Engine That Could. i got the book when i was about 4 years old and my sister would read it to me over and over. Then when i could read, i would read it to my sister. The fummiest place i’ve read a book a was at an amusment park.

  20. Wyatt A. Wyatt A.

    I love most books. Especially the ones that have excitement in them. The first book i remember reading is Micky Mouse. I just finished a book that was really good, called the Lightning Theif. I recommend it because it is amazing. The first is boring then it gets really exciting. It’s about the greek gods and this kid. IT is really good. Well, i leave you with that. Bye, Mrs. Colley

  21. Chase H. Chase H.

    The first book i remember was a little book that had a little puppy in it… i dont remember the name just the cute, little puppy dawg. it was a very good book ! i remember reading it when i wuz around 3 or 4… if i still had that book i would keep it somewhere special.

  22. I think the first book I ever had read to me was Camilia by Kevin Hinkins. I love reading anywhere, as long as i have a good book!!!! One of my favorite places to read is on the road while I am traveling, I also like to read in a rocking chair on my front porch or under my bedroom window.

  23. I think the first book I read was the Hungry Caterpillar. I still have the book sitting somewhere in my bookcase! I love to read on my bed because it is very confortable. I also love to read outside in the shade when the weather is just right.

  24. Alexandria B. Alexandria B.

    I guess I can’t remember a lot from when I was little, but one book I loved that my Mom would read was Chicka-Chicka Boom Boom with all those letters and stuff.

    Funny places I read? Um…everywhere? I read a lot so… I even read in the most random moments. I can’t think of a lot of funny places.

  25. Zachary T. Zachary T.

    The first book i rember being read to me was my sister reading a book from school. I dont remember what the book was called but it had something to do with a frog.

  26. Will S. Will S.

    the very first book i read to my self was curious gorge gos to a baseball game. I was 2 and a half then and im going to keep on reading til the day i die. to me thats a very very long time.

  27. jasmine y. jasmine y.

    My favorite book was “The wheels on the bus.” I remember reading the book in my moms room at night before i would watch television, so i could say i read a book for the day(my mom).

  28. Danielle B. Danielle B.

    When I was little I loved the Dr. Suess books. I used to get people to read to me all the time. Still to this day Green Eggs and Ham is a favorite.
    When I read I like sitting in dark, quiet places so I can absorbed every tiny detail. To me it’s kinda like watching a movie in my head.
    I still love to read. There isn’t a day that goes by in which you can’t find me with my nose in a book!

  29. freddy a freddy a

    the first book i remember reading to myself was the ginger bread man. i loved that book, and i read it almost 5 times a day.

  30. chris s chris s

    i’ll read any where. in my closet when its noisy, while walking down the street almost getting hit, even in my bathroom once!

  31. Elizabeth Elizabeth

    Well, reading is not my favorite hobby or school subject, but I do like to read some books. I mainly like to read historical fiction about the west, or the ‘cowboy and indian times’. I guess that is, because when i was little my parents used to read to me. Then they started helping me read “Calvin and Hobbs” and other little cartoon books like “Peanuts”. once I got good at reading on my own i started reading series books like ” Junnie B. Jones”, “Little House on the Prairie”, and “Hank the Cowdog”. Thats why today I enjoy reading older books that are usually western orintated.

  32. daneveya daneveya

    my favortie book i remeber reading everyday is the litte red hen, the book was very fun to listen to and read thats why i love to read that book everyday.

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