Wednesday April 19th – Friday April 22nd


Students will review vocab from our Ecology Unit we did earlier this semester. I will read them Dr. Seuss’s THE LORAX and students will be writing a story THE LORAX II using the vocabulary words. They will also draw an illustration to go with their narrative. We will watch THE LORAX film and student volunteers will read their stories to the class. We will begin the ENDOCRINE SYSTEM next week! Words are – biotic, abiotic, consumer, producer, food chain, food web, oxygen, carbon dioxide, population, community, biosphere, pollution


Monday April 10th

Today we dissected the sheep hearts ( we did not last week due to the change in the testing schedule due to the weather day). The students were instructed to write a 6-8 sentence summary of the lab today and to be descriptive. This should go in their notebooks as page 12. We will check it tomorrow.