Week of March 19-23rd

We have almost made it to Spring Break! Yay! Last week we dissected the sheep hearts and learned about heat procedures and testing for heart disease. This week we are getting ready for our unit test on the CVS and taking the ACT Aspire III

Monday- CVS Study Guide. Students were given 40 minutes in class to work on this. They were allowed to work with a partner during the last 20 minutes if they wanted to. This is due Wednesday. They were told they could omit the last question #39 ( Drawing) since they drew the heart in their Tic Tac Know Activity and colored a heart on their Sheep Dissection Lab Sheet last week. Students were shown their scores from the ACT Interim II in Science as well as their ACT Interim I scores to compare. We will take Interim III tomorrow in class.

study guide

Tuesday – ACT Aspire Science Interim III Test

Wednesday – We will check the study guides and play review games in class for our CVS Test tomorrow

Thursday – TEST DAY

Friday – Mrs. Donnenwirth begins her unit on the Digestive System

Week of March 12-16 2018

Monday – Heart Label Quiz, AIMS Red Blood Cell Video Clip, Blood Notes

BLOOD notesheet student 2015

Blood 2015

Tuesday – Sheep Heart Dissection

Sheep Heart Dissection Lab

Wednesday  – Heart Procedures notes and clips

Heart Procedures handout 2017 blank

Thursday  – Tic Tac Know! Gold Grade! See me for handout!

Friday – Nearpod in Google Classroom. Bring earbuds if you have them! TEST on the Circulatory System on Thursday 3/22

Week of March 5-9 2018

Monday March 5th – Students took the DSQ TEST in class and then took a 3 question pretest on the Heart. They then began the heart vocab picture dictionary that is to be completed for HW

vocabulary picture dictionary circulation pg 2

vocabulary picture dictionary circulation

Tuesday March 6th – Intro. to the Circulatory System. The students took notes from a powerpoint, listened to the CVS Rap, and labeled a heart. The heart label quiz ( matching style) will be on Monday.

Heart Notesheet ppt 2


Heart Worksheet


Wednesday March 7th – We reviewed the heart and CVS System. Quiz on labeling the heart will be Monday. Students worked on the two loops worksheet and reading guides in their textbook.

book work – two Loops all 4 pages

Thursday March 8th – BREAKOUT Skeletal System. Ask your child if the were able to “break out”. Heart Label Quiz Monday. No school tomorrow 3/9

Pics from breakout all classes use this link:

Breakout Skeletal System Gilmore OMMS Pics 2018

Week of February 26 – March 2nd

Monday 2/26 – Today we began the Integumentary System ( Skin) . We read the textbook section on skin orally and students were given a Skin Worksheet to complete in class. They were also given an article and questions about Tanning and Skin Cancer for HW. Our Benchmark will be our Skeletal, Muscular, and Skin Test on Friday. Students will be given a study guide tomorrow, but should study all notes and handouts.


Tuesday 2/27 – Students were given a study guide to work on to prepare for the test on Friday


skeletal system jeopardy

Wednesday 2/28 – We continued test review using Padlet Boards

Thursday 3/1 – Review Activity in class for test tomorrow

Friday 3/2 – TEST DAY

Week of February 19-23rd 2018

Monday – Students watched the Trials of Life Symbiosis Video in class and filled in the worksheet on the animal relationships they observed

Tuesday  – Intro to the Human Body. Students took a “pretest” matching the body systems with the descriptions. We then watched an intro Amoeba Sisters 8 min clip on the human body. Students took notes on the back of the pretest on the organization of the human body. We then looked at a powerpoint on the Skeleton and students filled in the 21 bones that they need to know for a big quiz on Friday. SPELLING COUNTS! This is like a spelling test in elementary school where they are going to have to sit down and memorize the bone locations and how to spell them. The test will be exactly like the skeleton they were given today. This will be 63 GOLD points. Students were instructed to answer the 4 questions on the back of the skeleton labeling sheet.

notes on organization

HW Worksheet – Skeleton and Joints

Skeleton label

skeleton intro 2016

Wednesday – We will go over all the bones for the test on Friday. We will review the functions of the skeletal system and the 4 types of moveable joints. Students will draw a colorful picture of the 4 joints and describe each type using their textbooks. These will be due tomorrow

Thursday – Review for Skeleton Test TOMORROW!!!! SPELLING COUNTS!!!! Notes on Muscles  – Muscle ppt, Muscle Video Clips.


Muscles notesheet for ppt

Friday – Skeleton Test Day. Review Muscles and Bones – Nye Muscles!

Week of February 12-16th 2018

Monday – Students watched amoeba sisters cycles of nature video clip and used the textbooks in class to answer questions about the nitrogen, water, and carbon cycles. HW is to complete the foldable. See links below! We have a test on Thursday on Ecology!

Cycles foldable

cycles reading guide

Tuesday February 13th – today we reviewed the Water, Carbon, and Nitrogen Cycle. Students were in groups and completed the lab, “Capturing the Wild Bean ” they may need to complete the lab questions for HW. Test Thursday.

Kahoot it Review Game – Ecology

Ecology Quizlet

Ecology Review Jeopardy PPT

Wednesday February 14th – today students completed the scavenger hunt as a review for our Ecology Test tomorrow.Then they worked on the study guide for the test. No School Friday – Teacher Workday

Study Guide for Ecology Test


Week of Feb 5 -Feb 9 2018

Monday – students will finish the ACT Aspire from Friday ( if needed, most students finished). Students will use the chromebooks to create a natural selection cartoon using the website storythat. The assignment and link are in google classroom. Many finished today but these will be due by Friday.

Tuesday – Today we did a powerpoint and video clip on Ecology. Students filled in a graphic organizer style notesheet with basic vocabulary and were instructed to finish the Biotic/Abiotic worksheets on the back ( no book needed)

Ecology Notesheet


Wednesday – Students will be in small groups to complete a food chain using cards and play the Into the Forest Food Chain Game.

Thursday – Populations ppt and clips. Complete Reading Guide for HW

reading guide Populations

Friday  – Symbiosis Small Group Skit Project and coloring sheet


Week of January 22-26th

We welcome a student teacher to our classroom . Mrs. Donnenwirth from the University of Montevallo will be working with and teaching the students throughout this semester.

Monday January 22nd – Today students watched the A&E Biography on Charles Darwin. They completed a short question sheet as they watched the video.

Tuesday & Wednesday Jaun 23&24th – Students will work on a Natural Selection Reading Guide Packet in class using the textbooks. These sheets along with the Darwin Reading Guide from last week will be used for an open note test NEXT FRIDAY Feb 2nd! ( see me to get the worksheets if you are absent)

Thursday & Friday – Skittle Fish Lab – Complete Lab Sheets

Week of January 8-12th 2018

Monday   – We reviewed the classification system of Linnaeus from last week. Students were given class time to complete a reading guide and make a mini “poster” on their favorite kingdom. We will have a quiz ( big quiz 60 points) on Classification on Thursday.


Tuesday – We will complete  the Kingdom Cards Lab for prizes for the first group  in each class to correctly put various organisms into their proper kingdoms. We will  then watch Bill Nye – Classification. Quiz Thursday   – study all notes and play the quizlet below


Wednesday – Students will practice using a dichotomous key to correctly identify “aliens”. We will review for the quiz tomorrow.

Thursday – Quiz Day! Read Science News after the quiz and complete the worksheet .

Friday – Original Organism Creation. Students will create an organism as stated in the worksheet below. They will be give 9×12 cardstock to use for this assignment.