Week of May 21-25th 2018

What a great year we have had! Please check out this link to pics taken in class all year from labs, activities, etc.

GOOGLE PICS of Gilmore’s Science Classes 2017-18

Breakdown of the Grades for this 9 weeks – as every 9 weeks this year we have more A’s than any other grade and this was a hard 9 weeks with lots of body systems and details etc. I am very proud of you guys!


A’S – 69 (57%)

B’S – 25 ( 21%)

C’S – 15 ( 12%)

D’S – 8 (7%)

F’S  – 4 (3%)

Monday May 14th – Friday May 18th

Today we reviewed the Nervous System. Students were given 50 minutes in class to work on the Benchmark ( Nervous System Test) Study Guide. The test will be on Wednesday. Our DSQ Open note test will be on Friday. We have 2 dissections this week  – the sheep brain and eye.

nervous system jeopardy

Study Guide – Nervous System

***** Field Day Tomorrow – Students should wear sunscreen and bring a water bottle*******

Tuesday – Check Study Guide and Brain Dissection

Quizlet I

Wednesday – Benchmark ( Nervous System) Test Day. Senses Worksheet

Thursday – Eye Powerpoint and Notes

Friday – Sheep Eye Dissection and Optical Illusions



Week of May 7-11 2018

Monday – Mrs. Gilmore out – students read the section on birth and development and completed the reading guide and review sheet for their test Wednesday on Reproduction.


Tuesday – We went over the handouts from yesterday and graded the review sheet for 18 points. Students were then shown a powerpoint on conjoined twins ( we will have a small writing assignment on this tomorrow after the test) . Study – review jeopardy and quizlet under last weeks blog entries.

Wednesday – Test Day on Reproduction ! Conjoined Twins Writing Assignment

Thursday & Friday – Nervous System notes and powerpoints

CNS-PNS notesheet

pns cns book worksheets

brain to label 2016 KEY

Human_brain 2

Human Brain ppt notes ANSWERS

Week of April 30th – May 4th

Monday – We began the Reproductive Systems today. Students saw a powerpoint and then worked on a foldable in class. Students who were on the Disney trip should make up their Endocrine System Test today or tomorrow during advisory.

male-female foldable

Tuesday – Today students took notes on fertilization. They worked on a reading guide that is due Thursday the second 1/2 of class.

fertilization notesheet

Wednesday – Today is our student teacher Mrs. Donnenwirth’s last day. We wish her luck as she graduates this weekend and pursues her teaching career. Students took notes on the Menstrual Cycle and watched a powerpoint and video clips.

Survey – Mrs. Donnenwirth

menstrual cycle

Thursday – Prenatal Notes. Test Wed. on the Reproductive System.

Prenatal Development1


Friday – Tic Tac Know – due Monday!!!

human life cycle tic tac kn

Review Game Links –


Jeopardy Slide Show

Week of April 23rd – April 27th

Monday – We began the Endocrine System Today. Students took notes and then worked on a foldable that is due tomorrow. The students going to Disney with the Band/Choir were given two assignments ( Meet the Glands and Endocrine Study Guide) today and were told these are due by Tuesday May 1st! They will also need to make up the test on the Endocrine System when they return.

endocrine vocab foldable directions and silhouette 2016

endocrine notes page 1 scan 2013

endocrine notes page 2 scan 2013

Endocrine System

Tuesday – We checked the foldable for 33 points and reviewed the glands. Students saw a powerpoint on Endocrine Disorders and we watched a powerpoint about Robert Wadlow – tallest man in history. Students then worked on creating a line graph comparing Robert’s height and weight through the years to that of an “average” boy. These and the questions are due tomorrow.

The Robert Wadlow Story


Wednesday – Students reviewed the glands again for our test on Friday. They were given the “Meet the Glands” assignment and time to work on it in class. It is due tomorrow

Meet the Glands in Word

Thursday – Students reviewed for their test tomorrow and worked on a study guide

Endocrine System study guide

endocrine system jeopardy.ppt 22

Endocrine System Quizlet

Friday – Endocrine Test and Reproduction Vocabulary

reproduction pic dictionary WORD

Week of April 16th – 20th 2018

Monday – Due to the power outage this morning we went ahead and did the Earth Day Lesson that we had planned for later in the week. Students reviewed the terms – biotic, abiotic, population, community, biosphere, producer, consumer, carbon dioxide, oxygen, pollution, food chain, and food web. I read The Lorax by Dr. Seuss and then students were instructed to use class time to write their own story, The Lorax II using all the terms above.

Tuesday – Students will share their stories from yesterday. We will watch The Lorax in class today and tomorrow. Tomorrow is the math portion of our state testing for 7th grade.

Wednesday – Continue the Lorax. We will begin the “Infomercial” project tomorrow.

Thursday – Research Day on the “Infomercial” project.

Friday – We will use the ipads to record your commercials and upload to the padlet boards. We will begin the Endocrine System next week.

HAPPY EARTH DAY! Sunday April 22nd!!!!!!

Week of April 9-13 2018

Monday  – today the students peer edited their digestion paragraphs and played a review game to prepare for the Digestion Test on Thursday. The link below is to the human body app we used last week on the ipads,

Human Body tinybop app link

Tuesday  – the students will complete a study guide and play BINGO to prepare for the test on Thursday.

Study Guide – Digestion

Quizlet and Kahoot it review games for digestion

Wednesday – Today students will complete the digestive system yarn lab. TEST TOMORROW!

Lab Sheet


Friday – Intro to infomercial and human body video


Week of April 2- 6 2018

My student teacher Mrs. Donnenwirth will be teaching for the next two weeks. We will be covering digestion.

Monday – Nutrition Clips and notes in class. Finish working on the journal cover ( Journal of Foods eaten, etc)

Link to videos viewed in class that we took notes on

Notesheet to go with videos above

Tuesday –  Nutrition Group Posters

Wednesday – Digestion Prezi in class – take notes on notesheet

Prezi – Digestion


Thursday – Digestion Menu Assignment

Digestion Diner Assignment


Friday -Digestion Paragraphs

Prezi for digestion paragraphs

Link to Digestion Paragraph worksheet


Friday March 23rd

I hope you all have a great Spring Break! Class averages for the Circulatory System Test we took yesterday 1st period – 82%, 3rd Period – 82%, 4th Period – 86%, 5th Period – 90%, 6th Period – 85%. This was one of our most challenging tests this year – a lot of application type questions. Here is a breakdown of the grades for that test: 115 students took the test and we had :

59 A’s, 20 B’s, 18 C’s, 14 D’s, 4 F’s. So 51% of you made A’s ! 69% of you made either an A or B, and 16% made D’s or F’s with less than 1% (.3%) making an F!


Week of March 19-23rd



We have almost made it to Spring Break! Yay! Last week we dissected the sheep hearts and learned about heat procedures and testing for heart disease. This week we are getting ready for our unit test on the CVS and taking the ACT Aspire III

Monday- CVS Study Guide. Students were given 40 minutes in class to work on this. They were allowed to work with a partner during the last 20 minutes if they wanted to. This is due Wednesday. They were told they could omit the last question #39 ( Drawing) since they drew the heart in their Tic Tac Know Activity and colored a heart on their Sheep Dissection Lab Sheet last week. Students were shown their scores from the ACT Interim II in Science as well as their ACT Interim I scores to compare. We will take Interim III tomorrow in class.

study guide

Tuesday – ACT Aspire Science Interim III Test

Wednesday – We will check the study guides and play review games in class for our CVS Test tomorrow


Quizizz Circ System

kahoot it


Thursday – TEST DAY

Friday – Mrs. Donnenwirth begins her unit on the Digestive System