Friday Sept. 22nd

Today we checked the study guide on the Cell Cycle from yesterday and watched a powerpoint and you tube clips on the cycle. Student volunteers acted out the stages. We will create videos in small groups explaining the cell cycle  and post them to a padlet on Monday. No HW over the weekend!

Benchmark 9 weeks test in Science is scheduled for Monday Oct. 2nd.

Wednesday Sept 13 – Friday Sept 15 2017

We have a bit of a change up in the plans due to the two days off for the Hurricane. We will plan to have our big unit Cell Test on TUESDAY SEPT 19th.

Wednesday & Thursday – We will be taking the Performance Based Testing in 7th grade Science on the Chromebooks. When students have completed this testing they will do activities in google classroom on the cell as review

Friday – Cell Study Guide – we will work on in class today and check on Monday. So sorry to have HW over the weekend but due to the two days off this week we need to have this done in order to check on Monday. Students will be given most of the period to work on this in class. TEST TUESDAY on the Cell!

cell study guide 2017 word

Week of Sept 5-8 2017

Tuesday  – Today students logged into google classroom for their assignment – a nearpod on the cell theory. They watched video clips, took quizzes, drew pictures, completed polls, and played interactive games involving the microscope and the cell.

Wednesday & Thursday . Students  will be given the “Cells in the Headlines” project. They will work on it during class today and tomorrow ( Wed and Thurs). The project is 80 gold points and is due by Friday. We will not work on it at school after tomorrow. They may go ahead and turn it in before Friday if it is finished by the end of class Thursday.

cells in the headlines 2016

page 2 for back cells in the headlines 2016



Friday – Cell City Analogy in class together. TEST 100 POINTS NEXT FRIDAY SEPT 15TH !

Thursday August 31st

Today students continued to work on the cell coloring/vocab sheets from yesterday. We will check these tomorrow. Also our Microscope Quiz is tomorrow. Students should bring in a magazine to cut up by tomorrow!

Links to quizlet to practice for microscope quiz ( microscope labeling)

Microscope definitions  –  

Microscope Labeling Game –