Week of January 8-12th 2018

Monday   – We reviewed the classification system of Linnaeus from last week. Students were given class time to complete a reading guide and make a mini “poster” on their favorite kingdom. We will have a quiz ( big quiz 60 points) on Classification on Thursday.


Tuesday – We will complete  the Kingdom Cards Lab for prizes for the first group  in each class to correctly put various organisms into their proper kingdoms. We will  then watch Bill Nye – Classification. Quiz Thursday   – study all notes and play the quizlet below


Wednesday – Students will practice using a dichotomous key to correctly identify “aliens”. We will review for the quiz tomorrow.

Thursday – Quiz Day! Read Science News after the quiz and complete the worksheet .

Friday – Original Organism Creation. Students will create an organism as stated in the worksheet below. They will be give 9×12 cardstock to use for this assignment.


Week of Jan 3-5

Welcome back and ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!

This nine weeks in Science we will be studying the classification system, ecology, and evolution by way of natural selection. We have a short but cold week ahead of us!

Wed  – We will go over your scores from the Interim I ACT Aspire that you took last semester. We will look at the most missed questions and why some of you missed them. HW will be a predict and draw vocab chart ( 6 terms) on classification. It is due tomorrow

classification vocab sheet

Thur – We will plan to read the section in your textbook on classification out loud in class. CW/HW will be a drawing of the three domains of life on cardstock. It is due tomorrow ( Friday)

domain and kingdoms drawings

Fri – Today we will do a NEARPOD on Classification. I will drop it into Google Classroom and you can access it there.


Week of December 11- 15th

Hi! I hope you all enjoyed our Snow Day last Friday! What a fun surprise? We have had to adjust our schedule a bit due to this so this is the new plan for this week.

Monday – work on study guide for our benchmark ( Wed) in class. We will work alone and then with a partner. We will check this 2 page study guide tomorrow in class.

2nd 9 weeks study guide 2016

Tuesday – We will meet in the classroom and grade the study guide and then walk as a class to the C-17 Science Lab. We will look at bacteria, protists, fungus, plant, and animal cells under the microscopes and sketch on a lab sheet. I will take these sheets up a the end of class – STUDY  – Benchmark tomorrow. I will also check your binder tomorrow for organization and your Table of Contents filled out correctly. PLAY THE QUIZLETS BELOW AS REVIEW FOR YOUR TEST TOMORROW ( AND STUDY YOUR STUDY GUIDE)

2nd 9 weeks study guide 2016 answers

Genetics Quizlet

DNA Quizlet

Virus, Bacteria, Protist Quizlet

Wednesday – Benchmark & Binder Check  – No HW just be ready for DSQ Open Note tomorrow!

Thursday – DSQ TEST

Friday – Early Dismissal 1:00


Friday December 8th

We met in the Science Lab today and used the microscopes to observe and sketch different microbes that we have studied. Benchmark Test on Wednesday ( we will do a study guide Monday) . DSQ Open Note Test on Thursday. Team Christmas Party on Friday . Students who have me 4th period should bring a dip or appetizer of some sort, students with Kennedy 4th period should bring chips or salty items, students with Burdett 4th period should bring a 12 pack of sodas, students with Gingras or any other teacher not listed should bring sweets ( cookies, brownies, etc). Please do not send nuts or peanut butter items as we have lots of students with allergies this year. Thanks!

Monday December 4th

Today we checked the Virus Notesheet and Zika Virus Sheet from last week. Students took notes on Protists from a powerpoint slideshow/video clip show. There is no HW tonight ! Our Benchmark 9 weeks test is on Wednesday Dec. 13th and our DSQ Test is on Thursday Dec. 14th. Students will sign up to bring treats to our Dec. 15th Christmas Party in their 4th period classes later this week.

Protist Powerpoint

Protist Notesheet