Week of Nov 13-17 2017

Monday – today we went over the remaining questions ( 6) on the study guide from last Thursday. Students completed the Genetic Disorders Webquest and played quizlet ( see google classroom or my blog from last week for the link) for their Genetics Test tomorrow – STUDY all notes, study guide, and play quizlet!

Tuesday – TEST DAY  – NO HW

Wednesday – Friday Genetic Disorders Padlet Project. Students have been emailed a link through their school gmail account with a padlet link. They are to follow the instructions and create a google slide show and  link two videos and a quizlet to the board before the end of class on Friday. We will work on this all three days and they have been assigned a partner and a genetic disorder. This is a 115 pt. GOLD GRADE!

Genetic Disorder Padlet Project

Week of November 6-10th 2017

Monday  – today students watched a powerpoint on Human Genetic Disorders and we discussed them. They are to finish the reading guide for homework


Tuesday  – today we discussed pedigree charts and how to interpret sex linked, dominant, and recessive traits.

Wednesday – FUGATES BONUS!!!

Thursday – Study Guide and Nearpod. Genetics Test Tuesday 11/14

study guide 2017

Quizlet Link for Genetics Test


Monday Oct. 30th

Today students took a punnett square quiz out of 42 points. They were then given a “dead scientist” to research using the ipads. They should find out where the scientist was born, their birth date, death date, and 5 facts about their discoveries/awards/accomplishments. Tomorrow we will add the info to a tombstone and add a picture. They will be hung in the “graveyard” in the hallway.