Week of March 20-24

Monday – today students watched united streaming clips that reviewed the organs of the digestive system and their functions. They were given the paragraph essay question on digestion that they will have on their test Friday. It has 25 terms that they must use correctly in their essay. They should finish them tonight and use their page 3 notesheet in their binder to help them. Tomorrow we will peer edit and share.

digestion paragraph scan

Tuesday – Continue working on digestion paragraph essays. Test Friday

Wednesday – Review for the test Friday

Thursday – Digestive System Yarn Lab. Test tomorrow!


Friday – Test Day – Digestion 100 points


Week of Monday March 6 – Thursday March 9

Monday – today in class we checked page one of the Benchmark Study Guide. Students were given class time to work on the second page which we checked in class before they left. The answers are below! Study  – your test is tomorrow! I also linked the answers to last weeks Bones, Muscles, and Skin Study guide which should be studied also. DSQ Open Note Journal Test is Wednesday! 

3rd 9 Weeks Benchmark Review 2017 – ANSWERS PDF

Study guide ANSWER KEY

Tuesday – Benchmark Test  – no HW but the DSQ Notebook Test is tomorrow.

Wednesday  – DSQ Test and ACT Aspire Review (Interim III practice test results)

Thursday  – Jane Goodall Animal Behavior and Worksheet  – No HW ! NO SCHOOL TOMORROW TEACHER WORK DAY! ENJOY!

Week of Feb 27 – March 3rd

Monday & Tuesday – Students worked on an activity which was dropped into google classroom. They were placed with partners and assigned to create either an edpuzzle with questions, google slideshow, quizlet, chatterpix, kahoot it, or video using the ipads ( either regular or a paper slide method). They will then link these into a padlet board that was created for their particular class. They will use it to review for their test on Friday.

Tuesday – Continue the project from yesterday using the Chromebooks and Ipads. We will also read the section on Skin in the text book and do the skin review sheet.


Wednesday – “Old School” study guide due tomorrow. Students will  also had time to work on Padlet Projects.

Study guide

Thursday – We will check the study guide and have students play the padlets from their class and other classes if time as a review. See padlet links in google classroom!  Test tomorrow! Bones Muscles and Skin! Benchmark Tuesday March 7th!

Study guide ANSWER KEY

Friday – Test Day – Begin Benchmark Study Guide for test Tuesday!!!