Wednesday, December 13th and EXAM SCHEDULE!!!!!!

3rd and 4th periods will take their 1st Semester Exam tomorrow, Thursday, December 14th during the first two hours of the day!  These classes went over the study guide together in class today to ensure everyone understands all the skills that will be assessed on tomorrow’s exam.


Finish any incomplete items on the study guide & review for Thursday’s exam!

1st Semester Exam Study Guide 2017-2018

Tuesday, December 12th and EXAM SCHEDULE!!!!!

2nd period is finished with their exam in math!!!! Yeah!!

On Wednesday, December 13th, 5th & 6th periods will be taking their exams during the first two hours of the day!  We worked incredibly hard during 5th and 6th periods today working the study guide together as a class to ensure everyone understands all the skills and procedures for the exam tomorrow. Remember to bring those completed study guides in!


Study (or finish) your study guide!

1st Semester Exam Study Guide 2017-2018

Monday, December 11th and EXAM SCHEDULE!!!!!!

Students worked diligently today to complete their study guides! A big “Thank You” to those students who had theirs completed upon returning to school today!

For 2nd period, your exam will be tomorrow, Tuesday, Dec 12th, during your normal class time! Bring those completed study guides in!

For 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th periods, we will continue to review and correct any misunderstandings as we look forward to your exams on Wednesday & Thursday!


If your study guide has any incomplete items, finish them for homework!!!!!

1st Semester Exam Study Guide 2017-2018


Thursday, November 30th

Today is our first full day of using Order of Operations to solve expressions! On Wednesday, students created a foldable with specific steps on how to properly apply the order of operations to solve for an accurate answer. Here are the notes your student took down from the board:

Homework for tonight will be taken from the Math Textbook, pg. 272 and only complete #8-17. Please remember to show your work, write PEMDAS down the side and use brackets! Complete your work on a looseleaf sheet of paper and bring it in tomorrow for us to grade in class!


math textbook, pg272, #8-17

textbook pg 272 #8-17



Wednesday, November 15th and Big Gold Test and Tom Turkey extra credit

We checked over study guides today in class to ensure accuracy & understanding. Students spent a good portion of the class working on their Tom Turkey extra credit opportunity. Ask your student to see their work….it’s not as easy as it looks! Once the entire picture is graphed, students are at their creative liberty to color & decorate their picture as they like! Tom Turkey is due on Friday, November 17th!

Our Big Gold Integers & Coordinate Plane test is Thursday, November 16th. Please look over your completed study guide to prepare for tomorrow’s test!

Gold Test Thursday, 11-16-2017

Tom Turkey extra credit due 11-17-2017