It’s been a good year. As you move onward in your education, I hope you remember a few things from our time together:

  1. Dante’s 9th Circle (Google it.) is reserved for the treacherous villains that purposefully and maliciously spoil the ending of books for others. Be cool. Don’t spoil it.
  2. If it tastes like bitter almonds, call an ambulance…and probably the police. Someone is trying to do you in. Thanks, landlady!
  3. Shakespeare wrote in MODERN English, not Old English. Bask in the glow of your superior knowledge. 

Stay gold,

Mrs. Hutchings

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9th Grade Summer Reading

Every single 9th grader at OMHS has to read at least one novel over the summer (honors English has 2) from a school list. Plus, everyone will have an assignment on that book the very first week of school.

Click to see OMHS Summer Reading for 2017.

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