September 4-8, 2017

Monday 9/4

No school in observance of Labor Day.

Tuesday 9/5

Issued new roots #10-13. See the Roots Page at the top of the blog for details. Passed back last week’s first roots quiz and discussed strengths/weaknesses. Stored in the roots tab page protector.

Took the reading quiz for chapters 4-7 from The Outsiders for 16 silver points.

Discussed the many thematic ideas present in our novel, collecting evidence and charting it on our classroom wall for later use. Completed the Thematic Ideas TO Ch 6-7 (circling two of your strongest writing before turning it in). Use the thematic ideas from the picture below.

Began reading chapter 8, annotating Johnny’s mother (122-23/93-94), Darry, a Soc?! (126/96-97), and Bob = Dally (129/98). 

Homework = Finish Thematic Ideas TO Ch 6-7 sheet, if not done in class. Finish reading/annotating chapter 8. Our next quiz on chapters 8-9 is Thursday.

Wednesday 9/6

Reviewed our new roots for this week (quiz next Friday). Turned in Thematic Ideas TO Ch 6-7 sheet, starring two passages that are your best for me to grade.

Discussed chapter 8 annotations, and read chapter 9 aloud as a class, starting with page 138 at the rumble.

  • Darry and Paul (142/108)
  • rumble winner ( 145/ 110)
  • stay gold ( 148/113)

Homework = Skim chapter 9, pages 131-37 and mark every time we learn why each guy fights. Quiz tomorrow on chapters 8-9.

Thursday 9/7

MAKEUP BELL RINGER: In your Writer’s Notebook, skip a line, write the date, and then re-read page 147 to find Johnny’s last words. Answer in 2+ sentences: What literary work is Johnny alluding to? What are those two words supposed to really mean?

Reviewed new roots #10-13. See the Roots Page at the top of the blog for details.

Took a reading quiz (silver) on chapters 8 and 9.

Read chapter 10, discussing heavily what happens with Dally and why it happens and especially, if he did die gallantly.

Homework = Finish reading/annotating  chapter 10: Dally robs a store (153-54).

Friday 9/8

Reviewed new roots #10-13. See the Roots Page at the top of the blog for details.

Got back yesterday’s reading quiz on chapters 8-9 for 12 silver points, and discussed/corrected answers. Also got back this week’s Thematic Ideas TO Ch 6-7 sheet, graded for 10 silver points–note that many students wrote a summary rather than explaining a thematic idea. We’ll all improve next week when we write like this again for a gold project.

Read chapter 11, and annotated Bob’s pic (162/122), Randy’s visit (164/123), PB’s confusion (162/125). Started chapter 12, annotating the hearing + verdict (166-67/127-28), PB’s changes (169/128), the broken bottle (171/129-30), and J’s letter (178/135).

Homework = Finish reading/annotating chapter 11 and chapter 12 (see pages above). Quiz on chapters 11-12 is Monday.

FYI: Next week we’ll work in small groups to complete a gold project on The Outsiders in class due Friday + have our second silver roots test on Friday, too.


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