Last Chance Cafe’


Last Chance Cafe’ is designed to be a last chance effort to allow students to complete missing homework instead of receiving a zero. The mission behind the café is to make students responsible for assigned work. We realize that a zero is not an accurate account of what a student has learned or is able to do, but rather an accurate account of what a student did not do. When a student receives a zero, it does not reflect what he has learned or allows the teacher to assess areas in which the student needs to improve. It actually causes the student to give up, knowing that it will be less of a chance to make a passing grade.

We know that we cannot give a student credit for work that is not completed. Since there are so many negative effects to assigning a zero, we need to find alternate ways to motivate our students to be responsible when it comes to their homework.

Steps for Attending the Café:
1. Each teacher has been given a receipt pad which has carbon copies. If a student fails to turn in completed homework, he is given the original receipt on which the teacher has written his name and assignment that should be completed. The student is told to attend Last Chance Café that day (or the next day for periods 5-7).
2. The student must show the assignment sheet to his intervention teacher and then report to room 39. He must bring all needed materials with him. Ms. Tripp will be the hostess of the café. Once all students have reported to the café, the hostess will escort them to the cafeteria to get their lunch. The students will remain in the café the entire period even after the work has been completed.
3. The LCC Hostess will collect the work that has been completed and it will be returned to the teachers’ mailboxes. If the teacher does not receive the completed work, he must re-assign the student LCC for the next day. Each afternoon the teachers will be emailed a list of students who attended the café that day. The purpose is to allow students to complete the work and provide an alternative consequence for the action of completing the work on time. The student will receive no greater than 80% credit for the work.
4. If a student has been assigned LCC but turns in the work to his teacher before first period, he will not be required to attend LCC. The student will receive no greater than 80% credit for the work.

Student Consequences:
1. Detention for failure to attend.
2. Detention for 3 strikes or disrespect during LCC.
3. ISD will be assigned for three visits to LCC in one week.

Progress Reports

Wow! It’s really hard to believe that school has been back in session for four weeks! We have been busy learning and having fun. Progress Reports will go home with students on Wednesday, September 10. Parents are encouraged to call the school to set up a conference with the teachers if you have any questions […]

The first day of school is Monday, August 19!! We are looking forward to greeting our new sixth graders and returning students. Open House is scheduled for Thursday, August 15 at 6:00. Students may bring their school supplies to open house.