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CHARLES group packet

Use the link above to access the "Charles" group work packet from class. If you are not happy with your score, you may re-do the portions you would like credit on. This work is to be done INDIVIDUALLY. According to the effort and accuracy of your revision, you may earn back full credit. Complete this assignment on a sheet of paper, NOT Google Docs.

All work must be completed and turned in by Friday, 9/22. Place your work in the late tray for your class and attach a late sheet to it explaining why you wanted to re-do the assignment. 

This blog is updated weekly and serves as an important resource for you. Click the page for your class to see what you missed if you are ever absent, to find links to PowerPoints, handouts, and Websites we use in class, and to keep up with due dates.

I am excited for this school year and look forward to meeting all of you! 🙂

- Mrs. Moody