Have a wonderful summer!  Sixth graders heading into 7th grade – here is your summer reading assignment.


NOTE:  You have several choices of books and assignments.  Choose ONE book and TWO assignments for that one book.

Nine Week Exam is Tuesday, May 24, except for 2nd period which is Monday, May 23, due to Awards Day.  Students will receive a study guide on Friday, May 20.  They can follow this link to access the guide from home.

4th nine week study guide, 2016

Root 1 Quiz tomorrow, 5/10.  Students need to know the following roots in addition to all previous affixes. Roots:  ped/pod, spec, graph, dict, auto, form, tempo, meter, mis/mit, fin

In addition, students should be practicing their speeches and finishing the Works Cited pages we began in class.  These are due Thursday, 5/12.

On Wednesday, students received instructions and information on a research assignment.  Students each received a separate question to research.  We are researching in class Thursday and Friday (4/28 and 4/29).  Students will continue to research on their own, if needed, and will prepare a two to four minute speech and bibliography of their two sources.  All work is due May 9, and students will be chosen at random to present over the course of that week.

Students received a vocabulary sheet in class today.  This is due tomorrow if not finished in class.

Monday – 4/25 – Affix Quiz 2 – pre-, de-, over-, mono-, il-, inter-, tele-, trans-, -ness, -ward, -al, -ous, -ize, -ify, -ology

Tuesday – 4/26 – Test – Tale Dark and Grimm Chapters 1 – 5 GOLD grade/ Students have a list of questions, a vocabulary sheet, and an Elements of a Fairytale sheet for this.  This will be matching (characters/settings), true/false, multiple choice on identifying figurative language from the book, fill-in-the-blank vocabulary, and short-answer questions. There will also be grammar questions on simple/compound/complex sentences, misplaced modifiers, and the correct use of commas between mulitiple adjectives.

The QUIZ on affixes has been changed to Monday, April 18, so that they can be graded and entered before progress reports go out.  See previous post for the list of affixes.

Since we returned from the break, students have been focusing on practice for the Aspire test.  They worked hard and I’m proud of them.  This week, we begin our study of Greek and Latin affixes and root words.  Students will have a quiz next Wednesday on the following prefixes and suffixes:  anti-, non/un- , semi-, dis-, re-, fore-, micro- , macro-, -en, -or, -able/ible, -ful, -less, -ive, -tion/sion/ion


POETRY TEST on Monday, 3/21.  Students need to study their notes on figurative language and the handout on poetic forms.  In addition, there will be two new poems on the test with related questions. This is a gold grade.

Please see the link for STUDY GUIDE ANSWERS AND DETAILS: 

3rd nine wks stdy guide, key


Our nine-week exam is Wednesday, March 9.  Students received a study guide today in class.  This is homework if not completed during class.  We will grade this and review tomorrow.  The test contains 33 questions on reading, grammar, and language and will count as a gold grade.

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