BOOK PROJECT is due Friday, Oct. 13. Students received this on October 2 and have had a portion of time in class each day to work on this. Points will be deducted for late projects.

Spelling 5:  tomorrow, calendar, believe, piece, receipt deceive (i before e except after c),  necessary (one coffee, two sugars), character, there / their / they’re   Quiz is Friday, Oct. 13 (moved from Thursday because of short week).

Spelling 4 quiz is next Thursday, Oct. 5.  mathematics, diameter, probability, exponent, proportion, dimension, diagonal, immediately, lose / loose


Students have the opportunity to retake their worst spelling quiz tomorrow, 9/27. They must write the words eight times each before tomorrow in order to retake the quiz.

Gold test on Thursday, 9/28 on the short story “Seventh Grade.”  This will include true/false and multiple choice questions about the story, literary elements, and figurative language as well as fill-in-the-blank for vocabulary words.

Students have been preparing for a GOLD test on Friday, 9/22. . This test will cover the writing and grammar topics we’ve been covering over the last several weeks. Students received a study guide and we reviewed that today.

Click here to see a copy of the study guide.






Students are working on paragraph writing and will turn in their best paragraph for a gold grade. Requirements are: Strong general topic sentence which all sentences in the paragraph support, three supporting details (for every THING you tell me, give me a SOMETHING about it), conclusion which restates the topic in different words, two transition words, one sentence beginning with a prepositional phrase, and correct spelling/grammar. These are due on Monday, September 18.

Spelling 3 Quiz is Friday, 9/15 : preposition, language, electrician, repetition, misspell, politician, library, February, your/you’re (plus any two from previous weeks).

Book Fair will be on Monday, 9/18.

Book Fair is Monday. Bring $ if you plan to buy!

Also, progress reports go home today. The printed reports did not include today’s gold test grade, so check Inow for the latest grade information.

GOLD TEST on “Rikki Tikki Tavi” is Friday, 9/8.  Students should look over their questions and plot diagram with the story examples.  The test will be mostly multiple choice, with a few true/false questions and subject / verb questions.


Spelling 2 Quiz is Thursday, August 31:  literature, genre, mystery, fantasy, horror, humorous, autobiography, protagonist, business,  and to/ too/ two.   You will also have any two words from Spelling 1.