Quiz Friday, August 18 on the writing process, paragraphs, and transition words.  You have notes on these.

Welcome back!  I look forward to a great school year together.

SUMMER READING:  Your assignment is due Monday, August 14.  The quiz on the book you chose will also be on this date.  These are each SILVER grades.  Turn in your assignment on time to avoid late point deductions.


Test – Wednesday, May 17 on the final chapters of A Tale Dark and Grimm.


NINE WEEK EXAM is Monday, May 22.  For any class/classes interrupted by Awards Day, the test may continue or begin on Tuesday, May 23. Students will receive a study skills sheet, but Language Arts tests mostly require students to read passages and answer questions related to the passage, so that is difficult to study.

Rough draft of three body paragraphs is due tomorrow.

Typed five paragraph essay is due Tuesday on Google Classroom.

GOLD TEST TOMORROW, MAY 3 on chapters 1 – 5 of A Tale Dark and Grimm.     Students have several handouts to study for this: Elements of Folktales, comprehension questions, and vocabulary.   This is a 100 point test which will greatly impact the students’ grades. They should STUDY and make sure they have read all chapters. 

Students need to complete the back of the vocabulary handout for homework. This is due tomorrow. 


Students should have completed their Google Slides research project presentation. They will begin presenting these on Thursday, April 27. 

Spelling quiz on Wednesday, May 26.  onomatopoeia, hyperbole, metaphor, simile, personification, imagery, symbolism, paradox, allusion, alliteration


Aspire Reading will be Thursday for 1st and 3rd periods and Friday for 2nd and 6th periods.  

Next week, we will meet in the media center from Tuesday to Friday  for a research project. This will be a gold grade. Students will receive detailed instructions on Google Classroom. 

The spelling quiz has been postponed!  We are continuing to compare and contrast multi-cultural Cinderella tales. Students will have a test on two of these stories on April 11.