Feb. 3

Another post for absentees.  Assignments which are due: (These are the same ones that were on the last post three days ago.) 

Storyboardthat Comic Strip Summary – 40 point silver grade.  I have graded all of those that are finished and that were entered correctly under my classroom page.  We worked on this in class on January 26, 27, and 30.  We also had a 1/2 class workday on Feb. 2.   Any that are completed today or after need to be SAVED to a google file and SHARED with me.  For those who were here, this is PAST DUE and must be turned in, whether complete or not, by Monday. 

Digital Readworks Comprehension – Go to digital.readworks.org.  Read the assignment titled “Growing Up in Darfur.”  Answer the questions online, then submit.  

Misplaced Modifiers – Go to google classroom and click on the entry titled “Misplaced Modifiers.”  Read through the definitions and examples, then follow the directions. 

Bonus – (Optional) – digital.readworks.org – “Selective Breeding” assignment 

Wednesday, students worked on evaluating websites.  This does not have to be made up.

Thursday, students had a misplaced modifier assignment and about 30 minutes to catch up on the assignments above.  The modifier assignment does not have to be made up.

Friday, we watched a modernized version of a play we read last nine weeks and worked on comparing and contrasting. This does not have to be made up. 

Hope this helps those of you at home and those who were out. Feel better! 

January 31

We have many students out sick!  Here are all of my current assignments:

  1. Mythology Project was due last Wednesday.  Today is the final day for me to accept this because the site this is on will expire on 2/1. 
  2. Comic Strip Summary on storyboardthat.com is due on Wednesday, 2/1.
  3. Today, we are answering questions about an article, “Growing Up in Darfur,” on Digital Readworks. Students should answer all of the questions, including the short answer ones, and SUBMIT.  
  4. After the article, students should open the Misplaced Modifier lesson on google classroom. They will do the assignment on a separate sheet of paper. Directions are in BOLD on the assignment. 

We have started a new Myon project.  Students are finishing a book and then creating a comic strip summary. They have instructions on their hard copy planning sheets as well as on myon.com.  This is a silver grade consisting of the quiz on the book, the completed planning sheet, and the completed online comic strip.

I previously posted about the project we are doing on MYon.com.  Students should have ALL FOUR of their books read and quizzes taken on each book by Monday, January 23rd.  We have spent a great deal of time in class on this but many students are behind on their reading.  They can access the site from school, home, or any other location.  Many of the books are also audio so this should help them to complete the reading.  On Monday, students will be writing their argument papers on the best mythical character based on their reading.  Final projects are due on Wednesday, January 25.  Late points will be deducted beginning on Thursday.  This is a 75 point gold grade.

Please click here for the project checklist.

Spelling Quiz 8 is tomorrow!  (Dates changed due to a morning meeting for me.) 

CLASS SPELLING BEE is Friday, January 18. All class bees will be held in ELA classes, and the winner of each class will participate in the school spelling bee. The list of 7th grade words can be found on google classroom. 

Students are continuing to read about mythology on the MYon reading site. 


Spelling 8 quiz is Thursday, January 12. Word list: multicolored, premeditate, telepathy, circumference, miniature, monologue, audience, visualize, quotation, scenery, then/than

This week, students are beginning an online reading project on MYon.com.  Students will read four “books” about mythology, then complete a graphic organizer and write an argument. Detailed instructions are on myon.com. The majority of work will be done in class, but any students who are absent or fall behind can access the site at home as well.


Narratives are past due.  I gave an extra day to get these finished and still have MANY not turned in.  We worked on these in class for a couple of full days and many partial days. We had one and 1/2 days in class to type these and then students had another four days to complete typing.  Late points begin today and will accumulate.  Any papers not turned in by Friday will receive a zero. 

Students are finishing their narratives detailing a BEST or WORST day of middle school. The edited rough drafts are due Thursday when we’ll begin typing.  This is a gold grade of fifty points.  Final typed papers (submitted online) are due Monday, Dec. 12.  Late points will be deducted for late papers.  Full details are on Google Classroom. 

We are finishing “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street” today.  Students will have a test on this on Friday, Dec. 9.  They have questions and vocabulary to study for the test.  A FULL TRANSCRIPT OF THE PLAY CAN BE FOUND HERE FOR STUDENTS WHO WERE ABSENT OR NEED TO REVIEW.

Our nine week exam is Wednesday, December 14.  Students will receive a study guide on Monday, Dec. 12. 

Spelling 7 quiz tomorrow:

i before e rule – friend, ceiling

 al, le, el endings – fragile, musical, visible, flannel, universal, nickel

commonly confused words: accept / except / expect