Test on The Outsiders is this Friday, May 8.  Students have questions and we are reviewing symbolism and theme over the next two class days.

The SEMESTER EXAM is Monday, May 18.  Students will receive the study guides next week.

Test Monday on The Outsiders, Ch. 1 – 5.  Students have a character chart and questions to look over for this.  Also, Roots 3 Quiz is next Wednesday.  The words are:  cred, gen, ling, leg, neo, pan, sect, vac, ven/vent, ver

Classes are finishing up the five paragraph essays on superpowers.  We began these in class last Monday, and typed them on Friday and this Monday.  Many of the students finished in class, but those who didn’t finish were given a couple of extra days to complete typing.  All essays are due on Wednesday, April 22.  Students currently have a couple of bonus opportunities.  They could draw the superhero which they wrote about – must be large, colorful, effortful, and neat.  The other bonus is to read the article about Alcatraz, then come to my class during lunch period to take a quick quiz on this information. They have until Friday afternoon to do this.

NO root/affix quiz this week.  This will resume next week.

PROGRESS REPORTS went home today.  I am not so happy with some of the grades.  Grades tend to fall off in the last nine weeks, but most of the poor grades are due to lack of effort and missing or incomplete work.  The good and bad news is that we have 4 1/2 weeks of school left.  Students need to keep working!

All classes are currently working on an essay about what superhero powers they would like to possess.  They have two handouts on this and will be getting the rubric tomorrow.  A rough draft of the three body paragraphs are due tomorrow.  The finished rough draft is due Friday, and we will type Friday and Monday. This is a major grade of 100 points and can help to make or break a student’s grade.  If they are paying attention and following the rubric, they should do well.

Roots 2 quiz is tomorrow!  Students have had quite a bit of practice with these words.  They are:  photo, phono/aud, port, chrono, therm, scient, morph, poly, cent, bene


Aspire testing begins as soon as we get back from spring break, so we are spending a good deal of time on practice this week.  Students have their weekly word quiz on Wednesday, 3/25.  This week will cover any ten affixes/roots from the three previous quizzes.  Bonus opportunity for last week’s root words.  (See list in last post.)  For each root word, write TWO words that contain the root (NOT words from the Flocabulary sheet) and define them BASED ON THE ROOT’S DEFINITION. This is just like you did on the quiz.  You must use the definition of the root within your definition; this means that you will most likely have to create the definition yourself.  Don’t just copy a definition from an online dictionary. This one is worth 10 points so you should definitely do it!

REPORT CARDS WENT HOME TODAY!  We are continuing to study poetry and figurative language.  Students have the weekly quiz next week on ROOTS.  The ten roots the students need to know are:  ped/pod, spec, graph, dict, auto, form, tempo, meter, mis/mit, fin .  There will also be five affixes from previous quizzes.  This quiz will be very much like the last two affix quizzes.

Affix 2 Quiz was moved to Friday,  February 28,  because of the scheduling and delays.  Exception: First period will take their quiz on Monday, March 2.

Affix quiz 1 has been moved to Thursday because of delayed schedule yesterday.  Students can make flash cards for bonus.  On the back, they should have the definition and an example.  Parents should sign a card stating that they called them out to the students. These are due before the test tomorrow.