Students are working on activities with their independent fiction book.  They had Friday and today in class to work on this.  Anything not completed in class is homework that is due WEDNESDAY, 11/18.  Here is the link to the assignment:  Book Project – Fiction Book Activities 2015

No spelling quiz this week, but we do have a quiz Friday on simple, compound, and complex sentences.


Test Monday on “Seventh Grade” by Gary Soto.  This is a GOLD grade. The test will include multiple choice and true/false questions on the story itself, multiple choice questions on literary elements in the story, fill-in-the-blank sentences for the vocabulary in the story, and a few short answer questions citing evidence in the story to prove a point. Students have a set of questions with a plot diagram on the back, and a separate handout of vocabulary word practice.

Spelling 7 words – assign, subtle, solemn, receipt, psychology, debt, campaign, condemn, muscle, scissors, cite/site/sight


Spelling 6 Words: absorb, cacophony, mercenary, rapt, rickety, devours, lanky, superstition, restaurant, accept/except/expect  (Many of these are from the play we read in class this week.)

We have been reading a play based on “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” On Monday, students will answer multiple choice questions and write a paragraph using the RACES response strategy.  Students have a handout on this and two examples of paragraphs we did together in class. This time the grade will be for a bronze grade, and the next article will be for a silver quiz grade.

Spelling 5 words for quiz on Thursday:  fragile, scoundrel, nocturnal, visible, universal, nickel, tomorrow, definitely, principle/principal.  Students need to complete the short spelling activity if not completed today in class.




Spelling Quiz on Thursday, 10/15/15 is cumulative for Spelling 1 – 4.  I will call out any 12 words from previous lists. See previous blog posts if you need these words.

Commonly Confused Words Quiz is on Friday, 10/16.  This will cover its/it’s, to/too/two, your/you’re, lose/loose, and there/their/they’re.

Students are currently working on their argument essays about whether schools should have later start times or not.  We have been discussing arguments all week in class and students began the rough drafts yesterday.  Today, students should finish their rough drafts.  If rough drafts aren’t finished in class, they must be completed over the weekend.  Monday, we are going to the computer lab to type our papers.  The paper is a gold grade worth 70 points. Students have detailed instructions and grading criteria.

Our nine-week benchmark exam is on Thursday, October 8.  Students will receive a study guide on Tuesday and we will review on Wednesday.  This is the final gold grade for this nine weeks.

Also, students had an opportunity to retake their lowest spelling quiz and take the higher grade.  To do this, they were required to write each spelling word for that quiz six times each.  Unfortunately, I had very few students take advantage of this offer.

TEST TUESDAY, 9/22 on “Rikki Tikki Tavi” will include True/False, multiple choice questions on understanding the story, and multiple choice questions on elements of plot and personification.  Students will also be tested on their knowledge of subjects and verbs and using context clues to determine word meanings.  They will be given a practice quiz on Monday to help them to prepare for this gold grade.

Spelling 4 words for Thursday’s quiz:  mathematics, diameter, probability, exponent, proportion, dimension, diagonal, immediately, and lose/loose.

We are finishing up the parts of speech and will have a GOLD test on all parts of speech on  Thursday, September 10.  Students will review on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Also, students will be writing a paragraph on a character from their independent reading books using text evidence and at least one direct quote.  There will be no spelling quiz this week because of the test.  Spelling 3 quiz will be moved to Thursday, September 17.

Spelling 3 words:  February, library, Wednesday, beautiful, miniature, character, misspell, a lot, your/you’re                     plus any two from previous quizzes.

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