Any student who made below a B on the Tale Dark and Grimm Ch. 1 – 5 test may come tomorrow, Tuesday, 12/12 at 7:20 or after school until 3:30 to make test corrections for bonus points.

We are working on the Semester Exam study guide in class. Students have a single study sheet to take home. An electronic version of the entire study guide can be accessed on Google Classroom.

Also, students should be revising their CEC paragraphs. These should be turned in to Google Classroom by Thursday, Dec. 7 at midnight.

The CEC paragraph is due on Thursday.  We have been working on this in class for several days. Detailed instructions and examples are on Google Classroom.  This is a gold grade worth 45 points.

Students began a rough draft for a CEC paragraph today in class. They will type it tomorrow and refine it on Monday. The details are on google classroom and students have a handout to guide them.

Also, students have the opportunity to retake their lowest spelling quiz (silver grade) on Tuesday. They must write each word on the list five times each before they retake the test. The spelling lists for this nine weeks are 4, 5, and 6.

GOLD TEST on Wednesday, 11/29. This is a large test worth 100 points covering chapters 1 – 5 of A Tale Dark and Grimm. Students should study their questions, vocabulary, elements of literature notes, and their elements of a fairy tale sheet.

Spelling Quiz 6 is Thursday, Nov 9. This week’s rule is “I before e, except after c, or when sounding like A as in neighbor and weigh.” weird, neighbor, beige, efficient, scissors, restaurant, lightning, professional, a lot, principle / principal

Presentations on our research questions begin on Monday, November 13.  Here is the rubric. 

Cumulative Spelling Quiz (silver grade)  on lists 1 – 5 is on Thursday, Oct. 26. I will call out three words from each list, and then they will fill in the correct commonly confused words for the sentences.

“Aschenputtel” quiz (silver grade) on Wednesday, October 25. 

BOOK PROJECT is due Friday, Oct. 13. Students received this on October 2 and have had a portion of time in class each day to work on this. Points will be deducted for late projects.

Spelling 5:  tomorrow, calendar, believe, piece, receipt deceive (i before e except after c),  necessary (one coffee, two sugars), character, there / their / they’re   Quiz is Friday, Oct. 13 (moved from Thursday because of short week).

Spelling 4 quiz is next Thursday, Oct. 5.  mathematics, diameter, probability, exponent, proportion, dimension, diagonal, immediately, lose / loose