Upcoming Assignments:

Argument Paragraph, Tuesday, March 6 (gold) All details in google classroom and class handouts

Spelling Quiz – Tuesday, March 6 (silver) List posted on previous post

Bellwork Check , Wednesday, March 7 (silver)

GOLD BONUS OPPORTUNITY – Recite from memory (or write in front of me if preferred) one to two stanzas of either “Jabberwocky” or “Annabel Lee” or “The Highwayman.” One stanza = 5 gold bonus pts. Two stanzas = 10 gold bonus pts.

Spelling Quiz is Monday, March 5
alliteration, repetition, onomatopoeia, hyperbole, personification, symbolism, simile, imagery, connotation, narrative, allusion/illusion , sense / scents / cents

Don’t forget to bring $$$ for the book fair on Monday! Enjoy your weekend.

POETRY test is Friday, February 23. This is a gold test. Students need to know the different poetic forms and figurative language. They will also have multiple choice questions on two new poems. Students need to be familiar with the poetry we have discussed in depth in class. I will post notes on figurative language to Google classroom.

Students have a SILVER QUIZ on Monday, 2/5, on commonly confused words. They have a handout on these. They are writing 15 original sentences today using any of those words. This is homework if not completed in class.

The deadline for the narrative essays has been changed to Friday, January 26 at midnight. LATE POINTS WILL BE DEDUCTED EACH DAY THE ESSAY IS LATE.

Students have TWO gold grades this week.  We have been working on our narratives for weeks. Narratives are due Wednesday, January 24 at midnight through Google Classroom. Students have a hard copy of the rubric and the rubric can also be found on Google Classroom.

Also, the test on A Tale Dark and Grimm is on Thursday, January 25.  It is matching, multiple choice, and true/false. Students have a list of questions to study. It will cover only chapters 6 – 9, and there is no vocabulary on this test.

We are currently finishing our novel, A Tale Dark and Grimm, and working on our narratives. The rubric for the narrative will be on Google Classroom this afternoon, and students will receive a paper copy tomorrow in class. All narratives are due by Thursday, January 18.

Any student who made below a B on the Tale Dark and Grimm Ch. 1 – 5 test may come tomorrow, Tuesday, 12/12 at 7:20 or after school until 3:30 to make test corrections for bonus points.

We are working on the Semester Exam study guide in class. Students have a single study sheet to take home. An electronic version of the entire study guide can be accessed on Google Classroom.

Also, students should be revising their CEC paragraphs. These should be turned in to Google Classroom by Thursday, Dec. 7 at midnight.