Students took the writing test today, and so far I’m pleased with the grades.  They should be entered by tomorrow afternoon. 

Students received a vocabulary exercise to complete after the test.  This is homework if not finished in class. 

Spelling 3 Quiz is tomorrow.  See previous blog for the list of words.

Currently, students are working on grammar and writing, and they will have their next GOLD TEST on this information on Tuesday, Sept. 20.  Students will complete a practice test / study guide in class for this.

The two current assignments are: 1. Prepositions – In your independent reading book, find FIVE sentences with prepositional phrases.  Write the sentence and page number and circle the prepositional phrase.  Beside this, write the QUESTION that the prepositional phrase is answering (where, when, how, which one/what kind).  At the top of the page, be sure you have your name, the Title of Book, and Author’s name.

2. RACE response – Choose an animal which we read about in “Rikki Tikki Tavi.” ( You can’t choose Chuchundra because we used him as an example in class.) What adjective could describe this character’s personality? Give two examples from the story which prove your choice of adjective.

We are working on these in class today, tomorrow, and part of Friday.

Progress Reports are coming home today.

Sorry about the confusion on the spelling quiz for this week.  Because of my absence and Aspire testing, the Spelling 3 quiz was put off this week.  That quiz will be next week.

Spelling 3 – preposition, repetition, electrician, politician, language, misspell, library, February, your/you’re

Our first GOLD test is Wednesday, 9/7.  This test on “Rikki Tikki Tavi” will consist of true/false, multiple choice comprehension, multiple choice literary elements, personification, using context clues, and finding subjects and verbs.  Students have a sheet of questions and a plot diagram to study.

Next week’s spelling quiz will be Friday, 9/9.  See previous post for list of words.

Spelling 3 – preposition, repetition, electrician, politician, language, misspell, library, February, your/you’re

Next week’s quiz will be FRIDAY instead of Thursday because I will be out for a meeting on Thursday.

We are finishing up the short story “Rikki Tikki Tavi.”  If students did not finish the handout today on Fact vs Opinion and Cause and Effect, they need to finish it for homework.  They do NOT have to complete the Sequencing section.

Aspire Results are back.  They are going home with my 1st and 6th periods today, and 2nd and 3rd periods will receive theirs tomorrow.


Today, we had our first spelling quiz and most students did very well. We continued to look at subjects and verbs and discussed sentence fragments. Students received a worksheet in class.  Most students finished in class, but it is homework for any student who didn’t turn this in today.  Most of the students in 6th period still need to complete this – they had a short period today due to the pep rally.

Spelling 2 List – Quiz will be next Thursday, September 1. Students can expect one to two words from previous lists on every new quiz.

literature, genre, mystery, fantasy, horror, autobiography, humorous, protagonist, business, to / too / two

Students received the spelling words for next week’s quiz:  Process, organize, revision, transition, conclusion, grammar, comparison, additionally, finally, its vs it’s

The Spelling 1 quiz will be Thursday, August 25.