7th - End of year test begins Wednesday, May 14.  We began the study guide together on Friday and it should be completed for homework today if not finished in class.

8th - End of year test is on Thursday, May 15.  We did the first part of the study guide today in class and will complete that tomorrow.

7th – Quiz Wednesday on Ch. 1 – 5 of Among the Hidden.  Finish chapter questions on handout.

8th – Quiz tomorrow on Vocabulary I from The Outsiders.


7th – Fact and Fiction stories and works cited page due Friday, 4/25.  We have begun Among the Hidden; some students still need to get that book.

8th – Powerpoint presentations should be complete.  Presentations begin Friday.  Bonus points for dressing up as the person studied!


7thAmong the Hidden novel must be in class tomorrow.  Fact and Fiction stories are due Friday.

8th – Active vs Passive handout is homework if not completed in class.  Chapter quotes and explanations for chapters 3 – 7 of The Outsiders due Thursday.

7th Grade Fact and Fiction Handouts

Seventh graders will be researching a historical event and then creating a historical fiction story based on that research.  We have four days on computers scheduled, but some students may also need to finish as homework.  Below you will find instructions and links to all handouts.

Historical Event, Fact and Fiction Instructions

Historical Event, Fact and Fiction Story Synopsis (planner)

Historical Event, Fact and Fiction Story Synopsis EXAMPLE (planner with example)

Historical Event and Story, fact and fiction, checklist

Historical Event, Writing Rubric

Historical Event, Oral Presentation Rubric Fact and Fiction

Historical Event, story example (example of beginning of story AND Works Cited page)


7th – Your student should have brought home a letter last week regarding the purchase of Among the Hidden.   Book money ($4.00 made out to Scholastic) is due tomorrow if you wish to order this book through the school.  Quiz tomorrow on genre categories.  Also, students should bring their independent reading books to class tomorrow.

8th – Quiz tomorrow on research and MLA format.  Students have several handouts regarding this.  Also, Works Cited page is due tomorrow.

Parents, Spring Fever is upon us!  Many of my students are simply choosing to not do classwork/homework.  These zeroes are greatly affecting grades.  Please check with your child, this blog, and INOW to keep up with assignments.  I foresee unhappy parents and kids begging me to come up with some type of extra work for them to do to make up for what they are NOT doing now.