Spelling quizzes are each Wednesday (with a few exceptions).

This week’s words are although, license, decision, eliminated, unique, chaos, since/sense, weather/whether.

Bonus is offered this week.  Students may write the first six words 10 times each.  They should create sentences for the last four words.

We have finished our play, “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street.”  Vocabulary for that is due tomorrow if not finished in class today.  The test on this play is Friday.

Report cards for the second nine weeks went home on Friday.  In class, we have been working on comparison and contrast paragraphs.  Those are due tomorrow if not finished in class today.  Students should also bring their nonfiction books to class tomorrow.  Spelling Quiz 9 is Wednesday, 1/14.

Tuesday – Quiz on “The Algonquin Cinderella” and “Yeh Shen.”  This quiz also covers commonly confused words – to/too/two, there/their/they’re, its/it’s

Wednesday – Weekly Spelling Quiz:  awkward, hilarious, immediately, aide/aid, burrow/borough, cite/sight/site, chilly/chili/Chile

We will be working on study guides on Thursday and Friday.  One day for Literature and another for Writing/Grammar.  Monday is grading/review day.


Students have a bonus opportunity now for “Dinorella” which is due on Thursday of this week.  They may also turn in their unused class passes for bonus points on Friday, December 19.

Progress reports go home today!  You may notice the assignment of Narrative Essay for 80 points is blank.  The date of this was the date that they were due, but they have not all been graded yet, so none of these grades have been entered.  I am working on this – grading 100 essays while doing additional activities daily  which must also be graded is very time-consuming!  This is NOT a 0/80.  The blank in front of the 80 means this is not affecting the grade at all – it is simply not factored into your child’s progress report grade.

ALSO : Students have the opportunity to retake their lowest spelling quiz and take the higher grade.  To do this, they must first write each word from that quiz TEN times and turn that in before the quiz.  We will do these retakes next Wednesday, November 19.

Students must bring their independent reading books to class tomorrow.

Next week’s spelling quiz is cumulative.  There will be 15 words that will come from any of the previous spelling lists.

We spent three days on laptops typing our narratives.  Students who did not finish typing have until Monday to finish and turn those in to their English folders on Google Docs. Late points will be deducted each day beginning on Tuesday.

Our weekly Wednesday spelling quiz has been moved to Thursday this week because of room changes with 8th grade Explore testing.  Students are currently working on their narratives in class.  Completed rough draft is due this Friday, October 24.

Report cards go home on Friday.  Overall, I am very pleased with the student grades for this nine weeks.  Most of the students worked hard and should be proud of themselves!  Students had an opportunity for up to 20 bonus points in the last week of the nine weeks, 11 from context clues on a test and 9 for turning in unused hall/bathroom passes.  Also, students had 10 points bonus previously for writing words out five times on two different spelling quizzes.  In addition to that, there were a few bonus point opportunities on each of the larger tests.  Finally, I added 5 points to every student’s nine week test.  That being said, if a student was borderline with a grade, I did not give any EXTRA points to bump a grade up.  Please know that a 79 is a PERCENTAGE of the total points earned.  It is not just one point away from a B; it is more like 9 or 10 points away from a B.  I am discussing this with my classes, so wanted to address that here as well.