Today, we had our first spelling quiz and most students did very well. We continued to look at subjects and verbs and discussed sentence fragments. Students received a worksheet in class.  Most students finished in class, but it is homework for any student who didn’t turn this in today.  Most of the students in 6th period still need to complete this – they had a short period today due to the pep rally.

Spelling 2 List – Quiz will be next Thursday, September 1. Students can expect one to two words from previous lists on every new quiz.

literature, genre, mystery, fantasy, horror, autobiography, humorous, protagonist, business, to / too / two

Students received the spelling words for next week’s quiz:  Process, organize, revision, transition, conclusion, grammar, comparison, additionally, finally, its vs it’s

The Spelling 1 quiz will be Thursday, August 25.

We have been focusing on writing for several days – the writing process, the paragraph, main ideas, unity in paragraphs, and transitions.  Students that did not finish the transitions practice in class need to finish this for homework.

Also, we have a quiz on Thursday that will cover what we have discussed about writing so far.  This will be a short, multiple-choice quiz.

Welcome to ELA 7!  I look forward to getting to know you.

Don’t forget that your summer reading work is due Friday, August 12. See the previous post for the summer reading information and assignments.


Root 1 Quiz tomorrow, 5/10.  Students need to know the following roots in addition to all previous affixes. Roots:  ped/pod, spec, graph, dict, auto, form, tempo, meter, mis/mit, fin

In addition, students should be practicing their speeches and finishing the Works Cited pages we began in class.  These are due Thursday, 5/12.

On Wednesday, students received instructions and information on a research assignment.  Students each received a separate question to research.  We are researching in class Thursday and Friday (4/28 and 4/29).  Students will continue to research on their own, if needed, and will prepare a two to four minute speech and bibliography of their two sources.  All work is due May 9, and students will be chosen at random to present over the course of that week.