Any five paragraph essays that were not finished on Friday must be turned in by Tuesday, January 26.  All late papers will be deducted 10% (8 points) each day that they are late. On Wednesday, January 27, students will have a silver quiz on Commonly Confused Words. They have a practice sheet with all words listed and defined.

Students are currently working on five-paragraph essays.  We wrote the first two body paragraphs in class last week.  Today’s homework is to write TRANSITION sentences for body paragraphs one and two, and to complete the third body paragraph.  Tomorrow, we will work on the introduction and conclusion paragraphs in class.  Students must complete any unfinished work as homework tomorrow. We will be typing our essays in class on Friday.

Students have a GOLD TEST on Friday, 1/15.  This will cover two stories we have read together in class, “The Algonquin Cinderella” and “Yeh-Shen.”  The test will consist of multiple choice on each story, multiple choice comparing/contrasting stories, commonly confused words, an independent reading passage based on the Cinderella tales with multiple choice and short answer questions, and a few grammar questions regarding misplaced modifiers and commas with coordinate adjectives.

Quiz tomorrow on “Aschenputtel.”  The quiz will include multiple choice comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar that we have covered in class.  There will also be a short excerpt of another Cinderella tale with multiple choice questions related to that reading.

Welcome back!  We will hold spelling bees in each ELA class prior to January 11.  Please click the links below for examples of words that you may use to study.


Spelling Bee 7th grade words


NINE WEEK TEST is December 15, as stated below, but that is TUESDAY.  My apologies.  Today in class, we are reviewing the material and going over our study guide.

Narrative essays were due today, 12/9 (as stated in the previous blog).  Students who did not complete their essays may finish tonight with no late penalty but they must be completed and ready to present tomorrow, 12/10.  Students were given a bonus opportunity in class today, which was to read a Scope magazine article and take a multiple choice quiz on the article.

Our NINE WEEK EXAM is Wednesday, December 15.  This is a county made test and should cover only this nine weeks.  We cover this material each day in class.  We have covered the grammar very extensively this past week and will have a very short review of that.  We will have more reading practice in preparation of the reading portion on Monday and Tuesday.

Gold Test on Tuesday, 12/8.  This is a grammar test which will cover sentence types, misplaced modifiers, punctuating dialogue, subject/verb agreement, commonly confused words, and correct use of transition words.  We have been covering this extensively in class and students should have worksheets for most of these.

Also, students are currently working on narratives in class.  They have instructions and grading criteria for this gold grade. The final story is due on Wednesday, 12/9.   This may be neatly handwritten, or students may type these for bonus.

Spelling quiz on Friday:  believe, weight, relief, neighbor, receive, foreign, answer, calendar, than/then, who’s/whose, plus any possible spelling words from this nine weeks.

Students are working on activities with their independent fiction book.  They had Friday and today in class to work on this.  Anything not completed in class is homework that is due WEDNESDAY, 11/18.  Here is the link to the assignment:  Book Project – Fiction Book Activities 2015

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