October 10-13

I love the beginning of a new 9 week grading period. It’s a time to start over, regroup, get organized, and do great things!

Tuesday 10/10- I returned the notebook grades and DSQ tests. We glued both into our notebooks. We set up a new Table of Contents and glued in an Air Masses and Fronts notes page. We will use the notes page tomorrow. Please make sure you have the supplies that you need! If you are out of glue sticks, please let someone at home know. No Homework

Wednesday 10/11- We are completing a notes sheet on Air Masses and Fronts using a Power Point and we will use this information for our upcoming poster project (in class). Students are also writing a rough draft of their own personal  weather story. Students should write 2 paragraphs and skip lines in between. The rough drafts are due tomorrow for peer editing. Homework: rough draft

If you were absent, please use the key to fill in your notes.

Air Masses and Fronts Power Point

Air Masses and Fronts Notes- Key

Thursday 10/12- Weather story peer edits (2) during class – Typed the story on the Chrome books and students will need to print the story at home or in the library. You should draw and color a small picture to go with your story.

Include at the top of your page (centered)……   Title, Name, Period

If you run into a problem and cannot print your story, write it on loose leaf paper and draw the picture. DUE TOMORROW

Friday 10/13- We shared our weather stories in small groups and those that wanted to share with the class did so. No homework



October 2-5

Monday-10/2  Quiz and work on notes and kites

Tuesday- 10/3  Open note DSQ Test and start of notebook checks- If you did not make an A on the quiz from yesterday, you will retake a similar quiz tomorrow. Study pages 20-22 in your notebook. These pages can also be found in last week’s blog post. We will continue working on our kites in class tomorrow.

Wednesday 10/4- We worked on our kites and turned notebooks in.

Thursday- all notebooks and kites should be turned in by 3:00. Notebook and DSQ Open Note Test grades will be posted by Monday afternoon.


September 25-29


Monday- Review the convection current lab from Friday and notes on convection currents on the Earth. Draw your version of the attached picture. Show the convection currents in red and blue and include the labels.

Tuesday- Please bring a 2 foot piece of ribbon to class for the kites that we will make later this week. Air Masses- page 21 – see attachment

Wednesday- Quiz Monday on convection currents, air masses, and the water cycle. I returned the tests from Friday and we went over the questions. We also took notes on the water cycle. Notes attached…

Here is a look at what is going on next week.

Thursday- Wind notes


Friday- We read aloud in class pages 80-85 and answered the questions independently. The textbook pages are attached.



img_2508 img_2509 img_2510

Friday- Kite

September 18-22

Monday- 9/18- We did the Aspire testing today. Our test will be Friday now, instead of Thursday.

Tuesday-9/19- We had a lab today and we will complete the conclusion tomorrow. Please start studying for Friday’s test. Study all of your work from page 8 on and DSQ’s 8-17, along with your study guide.Do not rely only on the study guide.

Wednesday- We had 2 great labs today that really showed how air moves in a convection current and why it moves that way. Both lab sheets (p.18 & 19) should be fully completed. We will have review games tomorrow to help prepare for Friday’s test.



Wednesday- Air Pressure notes and worksheet. Use page 11 and 15 to complete the worksheet

Thursday- We used the data from Friday’s lab to put  on the graph. We discussed the reason for the lab was to see that the land heats and cools at a faster rate than water. Land and water heat and cool differently and this causes the atmosphere to heat unevenly. Getting into convection currents tomorrow.

September 5-8

Tuesday 9/5 Notes and demonstrations on mass, density, and pressure- No homework

Wednesday 9/6- completed notes from yesterday, set up pages for the Study Guide (part 1) and demonstrations for Heat Transfer (radiation, conduction, and convection). Homework: heat transfer page due tomorrow and study guide due Tuesday. Test will be in a couple of weeks.

Thursday 9/7- Students worked on their study guides in class today. I graded notebooks as they worked. Not all notebooks are graded yet, so if some of the grades are blank on the upcoming progress report, just check Inow and they should all be graded and recorded.

Friday 9/8-We conducted a lab to see if water or land heats and cools faster. Homework is to complete the study guide part 1, which is due Tuesday.


August 28-September 1

Monday 8/28- We are beginning our study of the atmosphere. Students have an atmosphere information sheet on page 9 of their binders along with a facts sheet. The information sheet was completed in class and the most important facts should be written on the facts sheet.

Troposphere- 6 facts

Stratosphere- 3 facts

Mesosphere- 3 facts

Thermosphere- 3 facts (includes Ionosphere)

Exosphere – 3 facts

Tuesday 8/29- We started on our Atmosphere foldable today. We have it set up and are working on the Troposphere tonight. Students should draw and color things found in the Troposphere (weather, land, people, plants, animals, bodies of water, aircraft). Just the Troposphere should be fully colored. We will continue to work on this in class and there will be more foldable homework as well.

Wednesday 8/30- We worked on our foldable today. We wrote 4 facts about the Troposphere. We read about the layers of the atmosphere in the textbook and discussed what to draw in the next two layers. Students should complete the pictures for the Stratosphere and the Mesosphere….fully colored.

Thursday 8/31- We wrote facts in our foldable for the Stratosphere and Mesosphere, we learned about auroras and satellites that are in the Thermosphere. The lower portion of the Thermosphere is where you will draw and color the aurora and the exosphere is at the top and you should put the satellite there. Please color neatly.

August 21-25


Monday- 8/21 We saw the Solar Eclipse!!! It was really cool to see the moon move across the sun and cover most of it. The temperature dropped 12 degrees and we heard the crickets chirping.

  • Homework is to complete the crossword puzzle that you were given Friday. Use pages 2 and 3 in your notebook to answer the questions. Crossword Student Copy
  • Also we worked on the Safety Symbol matching today in class. Most completed it, but if you didn’t, please make sure it is finished before class tomorrow. I am attaching the safety symbol page from the book.

Tuesday 8/22

  • We graded the Inquiry Terms, the Science Inquiry Crossword, and the safety symbol matching. Please show your parents your grades in your notebook. Inow sign in information will be sent home soon.
  • We started on our Safe/Unsafe lab pictures that are due tomorrow

Wednesday 8/23

  • We used the Scientific Method/Scientific Inquiry to work through our Penny Lab. Homework is to complete the questions on the 1st lab page, complete the graph and the conclusion for the lab. The conclusion must be written using complete sentences; not yes/no answers.

Thursday 8/24

  •   We used the information from our lab work to determine why we had the results that we did.
  • We watched a short video on the Four Systems of Earth. The four systems are the Geosphere, Biosphere, Hydrosphere, Atmosphere. We divided our paper into 4 sections with one system in each square and we created pictures to go with each system. It is also fine if you wrote down some information to help you remember what each system is. Example: Geosphere- Earth, rocks, land… the picture could be anything that shows the land of the Earth. Homework is to complete these pictures and color them.

Friday 8/25

  • We reviewed the four Earth systems that we will study this year.
  • We discussed the atmosphere as we took notes and we watched a short video on the atmosphere. 


August 14-18

Monday 8/14-

  • We have Open House tonight for 6th grade parents.  Please tell your parents what class you have 1st period and we will give them your schedule.
  • We created a “Faces” picture/puzzle today that helps us get to know one another a little better.
  • We started on our first Daily Science Question (DSQ) in our notebooks. If you were absent, please look at my notebook or a classmate’s notebook tomorrow.
  • We are beginning to learn the steps to the Scientific Method/Scientific Inquiry as we go through the “Egg in a Bottle” demonstration. We started it today, but will complete the demonstration tomorrow.
  • Title pages were assigned last Thursday and are due this Wednesday.

Tuesday 8/15-

  • We completed the “Egg in a bottle” experiment and completed our lab page (1). If you did not complete your conclusion, please do so by tomorrow.
  • We worked on the Inquiry Terms by matching the following terms to the definitions and an illustration. We are studying observing, inferring, and predicting.
  • Homework- Title page due tomorrow and egg in a bottle conclusion is also due.

Wednesday 8/16-

  • We completed the “Inquiry Terms” on notebook page 2.
  • I graded the title page and egg in a bottle.
  • We watched a short video about scientific investigations.

Thursday 8/17

  • We built bridges using craft sticks and masking tape and used the scientific method as we built. I placed weights on the bridges when they were finished to see how well it was built. This is one of many STEM projects that we will do this year.

Friday 8/18

  • We checked agendas today for a ticket and had a drawing for a drink and snack.
  • We watched a short video about the upcoming solar eclipse and discussed the proper use of the solar glasses.
  • We took a few notes on Inquiry (Scientific Method) and highlighted the information that would help with the Crossword puzzle.
  • We started on the crossword puzzle in class, but it is not due until Tuesday. You may finish it this weekend if you choose. All of the answers are in your notebook.