December 11-15

Monday 12/11- Quake Challenge Project!! We used the budget prepared last week to purchase toothpicks and marshmallows for our group. We worked to build a 5 story structure that could withstand an earthquake. It was rushed, frantic and fun!!

Tuesday 12/12- Students completed the page that goes with the Quake Challenge. This will be graded when I do notebook checks.

DSQ open note test is tomorrow and notebooks will be taken up afterward. If you miss the test because of choir, please come Thursday morning before school to take your test. DSQ’s are no longer on the DSQ page at the top of my blog. They have been there as we have answered them, but to discourage students from having incomplete work all 9 weeks and copying the information at the last minute, I have removed them.

Wednesday 12/13-We took the DSQ test today- Notebooks were turned in and I will keep them for a while to grade them. If you are a choir student and you missed the test, please come to my room before school tomorrow.

Thursday 12/14-

Friday 12/15-


Monday 12/4- Make sure that your notebook is ready for a notebook check.

  • Table of contents complete
  • pages numbered correctly
  • pages have the correct dates
  • If it is not a handout, you should have a heading on the page.

  • I returned the tests from last week and we started a lab about P waves and S waves.

Tuesday 12/5- Primary and Secondary waves Lab- Make sure notebook is ready for grading.

Wednesday 12/6-We studied seismograph today by using a model of a seismograph to produce the seismic waves. We tested the difference in the force, direction, and distance of the movement.

Thursday 12/7-

Friday 12/8-




Monday 11/27- We worked on our drawings that show sea-floor spreading for 20 minutes (nb p. 18). I returned the 3 quizzes that you have taken and we glued them onto 19 in our notebooks, and we started on the notes on plate tectonics (nb. p.20)

Tuesday-I graded the sea floor spreading drawings while students completed study guide questions 24-27. We went over the answers and I gave each student the answer key for those questions. Students should have the answer key for all of the questions, if they have shown me their answers. We also completed the notes for plate tectonics. Most classes had time to model the plate movement using play dough. We will have review games tomorrow.


Wednesday-We played a review game to help prepare for the test tomorrow.





Monday 11/13- We worked on study guide questions 1-13 in class and we also worked on these in class Thursday. We will grade these questions tomorrow.

Tuesday 11/14- We graded study guide questions 1-13 and I gave students an answer key for the questions. We then started the Sea floor spreading notes.

Wednesday 11/15-Sea floor spreading activity- Study guide questions 14-23 are due Friday.

Thursday 11/16- Questions 14-23 on study guide are due tomorrow. Sea-floor spreading questions (notebook page 17) are due tomorrow. We worked on these in small groups today.

Friday 11/17- Our counselor, Mrs. Boone will meet with each of my science classes today for a lesson.

We will finish up after the Thanksgiving holidays and have a review. The test will be towards the end of the week of Nov. 27-Dec.1




Monday-11/6  Convection Currents in the Mantle Lab

Tuesday-11/7 I have informed all classes that we will have short quizzes to check understanding of current concepts. Review notes or work each day. Today we had a short quiz, graded page 11, and started our study of continental drift. Homework is to color the Pangaea puzzle, cut it out and fit it together where the bands of fossils match.

Wednesday- 11/8 Pangaea Notes

Thursday- 11/9 Quiz on Pangaea Notes- A Study guide was given today. The test will be after our Thanksgiving holidays. We are working on questions 1-13.


October 30-November 3

IMonday 10/30- Tornado watches and warnings notebook page 7

We are beginning our study of the Earth as we learn about natural and man made processes, slow and fast processes, and constructive and destructive processes. Students will work on a title page tomorrow in class. The title page is due Thursday.

Tuesday 10/31- Title page due Thursday

Wednesday 11/1- Exploring Earth notes

Thursday 11/2- Graded the title pages. We studied Earth’s magnetic field today using video clips, drawings, notes, and hands on bar magnetics and iron filings. Students will have a 2 question quiz tomorrow to see if they can tell me what causes the magnetic field and what it does (how it protects us).

Friday- We talked about the 2 questions that would be on the quiz and possible answers. We used bar magnets and iron filings to show what a magnetic field looks like. Students took the 2 question quiz and then we worked on p.11 (Earth’s structure). Most had time to label using the textbook, but I will give them time Monday to finish labeling the Earth’s interior. They must color also. This is due Tuesday.

October 23-27

Phase 1 Canned Food Drive this week! Please bring canned or boxed items to donate.

M-T We worked on and presented our Air Masses and Fronts posters

Wed. We learned how to read a weather map. No homework

Thur-We learned about Tornado Alley and Dixie Alley and worked on a lab to learn what a vortex is. We will finish the lab tomorrow.

Students need to have their regular classroom supplies by Monday. Many students have run out of glue and lost their colored pencils.


October 10-13

I love the beginning of a new 9 week grading period. It’s a time to start over, regroup, get organized, and do great things!

Tuesday 10/10- I returned the notebook grades and DSQ tests. We glued both into our notebooks. We set up a new Table of Contents and glued in an Air Masses and Fronts notes page. We will use the notes page tomorrow. Please make sure you have the supplies that you need! If you are out of glue sticks, please let someone at home know. No Homework

Wednesday 10/11- We are completing a notes sheet on Air Masses and Fronts using a Power Point and we will use this information for our upcoming poster project (in class). Students are also writing a rough draft of their own personal  weather story. Students should write 2 paragraphs and skip lines in between. The rough drafts are due tomorrow for peer editing. Homework: rough draft

If you were absent, please use the key to fill in your notes.

Air Masses and Fronts Power Point

Air Masses and Fronts Notes- Key

Thursday 10/12- Weather story peer edits (2) during class – Typed the story on the Chrome books and students will need to print the story at home or in the library. You should draw and color a small picture to go with your story.

Include at the top of your page (centered)……   Title, Name, Period

If you run into a problem and cannot print your story, write it on loose leaf paper and draw the picture. DUE TOMORROW

Friday 10/13- We shared our weather stories in small groups and those that wanted to share with the class did so. No homework



October 2-5

Monday-10/2  Quiz and work on notes and kites

Tuesday- 10/3  Open note DSQ Test and start of notebook checks- If you did not make an A on the quiz from yesterday, you will retake a similar quiz tomorrow. Study pages 20-22 in your notebook. These pages can also be found in last week’s blog post. We will continue working on our kites in class tomorrow.

Wednesday 10/4- We worked on our kites and turned notebooks in.

Thursday- all notebooks and kites should be turned in by 3:00. Notebook and DSQ Open Note Test grades will be posted by Monday afternoon.


September 25-29


Monday- Review the convection current lab from Friday and notes on convection currents on the Earth. Draw your version of the attached picture. Show the convection currents in red and blue and include the labels.

Tuesday- Please bring a 2 foot piece of ribbon to class for the kites that we will make later this week. Air Masses- page 21 – see attachment

Wednesday- Quiz Monday on convection currents, air masses, and the water cycle. I returned the tests from Friday and we went over the questions. We also took notes on the water cycle. Notes attached…

Here is a look at what is going on next week.

Thursday- Wind notes


Friday- We read aloud in class pages 80-85 and answered the questions independently. The textbook pages are attached.



img_2508 img_2509 img_2510

Friday- Kite

September 18-22

Monday- 9/18- We did the Aspire testing today. Our test will be Friday now, instead of Thursday.

Tuesday-9/19- We had a lab today and we will complete the conclusion tomorrow. Please start studying for Friday’s test. Study all of your work from page 8 on and DSQ’s 8-17, along with your study guide.Do not rely only on the study guide.

Wednesday- We had 2 great labs today that really showed how air moves in a convection current and why it moves that way. Both lab sheets (p.18 & 19) should be fully completed. We will have review games tomorrow to help prepare for Friday’s test.



Wednesday- Air Pressure notes and worksheet. Use page 11 and 15 to complete the worksheet

Thursday- We used the data from Friday’s lab to put  on the graph. We discussed the reason for the lab was to see that the land heats and cools at a faster rate than water. Land and water heat and cool differently and this causes the atmosphere to heat unevenly. Getting into convection currents tomorrow.

September 5-8

Tuesday 9/5 Notes and demonstrations on mass, density, and pressure- No homework

Wednesday 9/6- completed notes from yesterday, set up pages for the Study Guide (part 1) and demonstrations for Heat Transfer (radiation, conduction, and convection). Homework: heat transfer page due tomorrow and study guide due Tuesday. Test will be in a couple of weeks.

Thursday 9/7- Students worked on their study guides in class today. I graded notebooks as they worked. Not all notebooks are graded yet, so if some of the grades are blank on the upcoming progress report, just check Inow and they should all be graded and recorded.

Friday 9/8-We conducted a lab to see if water or land heats and cools faster. Homework is to complete the study guide part 1, which is due Tuesday.