March 20-24

Monday- We read “George” chapter 9 and answered one more question. I introduced Gravity and Inertia with a penny trick that shows Newton’s 1st law. We watched a video on Gravity and Inertia and took a few notes from a Power Point.


Last 9 Week Grading Period!

Can you believe it is already the 4th 9 weeks? We are all starting off fresh and new and you can do great things!!!

Monday– We listened to “George” (George’s Secret Key to the Universe class copies) on audio and followed along in the book. Students answered 2 comprehension questions after reading. We also started our study of Space! We took notes on rotation and revolution and will finish them tomorrow.

Tuesday– Students read chapter 6 of the “George” book independently and wrote a short summary on an index card to turn in. I like to make sure we are all understanding what we are reading.  We also demonstrated the Earth’s movements using a light and the globe. We read in the text book about seasons and took a few notes. Motions of Earth and Seasons

Wednesday- We finished our Seasons notes, demonstrated rotation, revolution, axial tilt, seasons, and how the sun hits the Earth at different times of the day. Students started work on the Earth and Sun worksheet after instructions were given. Earth and Sun

Thursday- We graded the Earth and Sun worksheet and read Ch 7 in “George”. Students answered questions for Ch 6-7.

Friday- We listened to “George” Ch 9 on audio and followed along and then answered just one question.  We reviewed information about the Earth and Sun, did a “turn and talk” and then worked on a redo of the Earth and Sun page.

Earth and Sun 2

Science Test is Tuesday

M- 3/6- We answered questions on chapter 1 of “George’s Secret Key to the Universe” , went over the study guide, and reviewed for tomorrow’s test using the white boards.

T- 9 weeks test today- If you missed it, please come to my room BEFORE school in the morning. Have your notebook ready to turn in.

Science 9 week test is Tuesday 3/7

M- STEM activity

T-W We have been working on reading comprehension skills using science information. Students were able to see their data from the practice ACT Aspire tests that we have taken in science.

We will have a 9 weeks test next Tuesday, March 7th. I will give a very general study guide Thursday.

Th- I gave students a general study guide today and they worked in class to create a thorough study guide. I gave them a terms and main information that will be on the test.


Monday- 2/13-Space Title Page due Wednesday

Tuesday 2/14- Carbon Cycle- Video Clip- funny songs for the carbon cycle- notes on carbon cycle-

Carbon Notes attached notes

Wednesday 2/15- Graded the “Space” title page- funny songs that helped us to learn the rock cycle- Notes on rock cycle-

Rock Notes attached-notes

Thursday 2/16- Rock Lab- See me for make-up on lab if you were absent.

Friday- 2/17- You missed a great rock cycle lab using Starbursts.


Tuesday – 2/21 Continuing the week of STEM activities. Today, we are creating tiny life vests for teeny tiny plastic babies. Did you save the baby with your invention?

Wednesday- 2/22- Myth Busters video on catapults. Students will build catapults tomorrow in class.

Thursday 2/23- Army man catapult STEM  activity.  Quiz on the rock cycle and the carbon cycle tomorrow. Study the 2 pages of notes.


Monday -Worked on posters – You should have your weathering and erosion project research completed and you should bring items from home to make your poster 3D. follow the instructions on the grading rubric. See post from last Friday for rubric.

Tuesday- ACT Aspire practice testing- We will work on the posters tomorrow and present Thursday.

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Monday 1/30-Friday 2/3

Monday- Students worked on a guided reading worksheet for weathering (Ch. 8)

Tuesday- I returned the tests today and we graded page 74, and the first half of page 75.



Friday-Researching for poster project using Chrome books in class- Students were given a partner, a topic, and grading rubric for the poster project. Students are researching different types of weathering or erosion and they will create this on a poster that I provide. They must have information on the poster so that they can teach the class about their topic. Posters should be 3D. Students will bring items rom home to help make the poster 3D. We will work on the posters Monday and Tuesday during class. Students will present the posters Tuesday (if time allows) or Wednesday.  Grading Rubric for Posters

January 23-27

Chapter 7 Test Thursday

Monday 1/23- We graded the volcanic landforms foldable and worked on the study guide. The Chapter 7 test is Thursday. Students worked on the study guides Friday and they are due tomorrow.

Study Guide Ch. 7

Tuesday 1/24- We graded the study guides today. Students who completed their study guides received an answer key to help them study. Students also worked on a crossword review during class. The crossword is due Friday.

Volcanic Landforms Crossword

Wednesday- 1/25 Review Games- Test tomorrow

Thursday- 1/26 chapter 7 Test- We will grade pages 70 and 73 tomorrow.

Friday- 1/27- We graded pages 70 and 73. Students worked on a quick reading comprehension page, which should be completed for homework if they didn’t finish. Famous Volcano Eruptions



We will work on a study guide for Chapter 7 Friday and have our chapter test either Thursday or Friday of next week.

Tuesday 1/17– We graded pages 67 and 68. We learned about quiet and explosive eruptions and took notes on page 69. We started our volcanic activity chart on page 70.  A couple of classes were able to get to the first picture. If you did, please make sure that it is colored.

Types of Eruptions

Wednesday 1/18– I collected grades from pages 63, 66, 67, and 68. If you were absent, please make sure you give me your grades. We worked on the volcanic activity chart in class. The picture should have the title of the picture and be fully colored.

Volcanic Activity chart

Thursday 1/19- We read pages 218- 222 in the textbook and worked on the foldable that is due Monday.

Foldable -Volcanic Landforms

Foldable information

Jan. 9-13

Monday – We graded/corrected the guided reading worksheet from section 1 of Chapter 7 that students worked on Thursday with a partner. We also created a Key Terms “fortune teller” for students to study.

Tuesday- We read section 2, discussed viscosity and watched a video clip on the viscosity of lava. We will have a small quiz on 4 of the terms in the “fortune teller’. lava, magma, aa, and pahoehoe.

Wednesday- Students took a 4 question quiz for 16 points today. We had a viscosity lab/demonstration today and will have a lab tomorrow also.

Thursday – We created 3 types of volcanoes using melted wax as lava and sand as ash. Each class built upon what the last class created. They did a great job!

Friday- We worked on the attached pages during class. Most students were able to complete the work. If they did not, then it is homework.

Types of Volcanoes P. 67—Types of volcanoes

Parts of a volcano P. 68–labeling and summary