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6th Grade – First 9 Weeks 2nd Semester

This semester has started out at a fast pace. Our students have learned how to set Goals that are Smart, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic and Time based. Students wrote 5 short term goals they wanted to achieve this year and 5 long term goals they wanted to achieve in life. During this time 6th graders learned how to tie a tie in order to dress for their future success!


Next we discussed Elements and Principles of Design, each group was given an element that they taught to the class. Students then created edible color wheels to better explore color theory and color schemes. We ended the unit with each student designing an outfit they would wear to a valentine’s dance or their favorite outfit. The students then identified all of the elements in their outfits.

Last we moved into a laundry unit. Students were given a step in the laundry process and they taught the class the step by creating a Kahoot! (a competitive quiz app). Students practiced folding laundry by participating in a laundry relay. After learning about laundry in class and reviewing steps, students were given “Home” work. Their assignment was to do 3 loads of laundry at home, a 4th one for bonus points. In another portion of this unit, students were challenged to research a stain and find out how to remove that stain from clothing.

As a Bonus Lesson this semester students who finished their work early were taught how to finger knit.

Students are extremely excited right now as we begin our kitchen safety unit and start to move into the kitchens!


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