Living Museum Project

You are invited to a Living Museum!


Who: Parents and Grandparents

Where: The hallway outside Mrs. Vaughan’s classroom

When: March 1, 2013 at 8:15

What: Come see people from the past such as Babe Ruth, Albert Einstein, Queen Elizabeth I, and Coretta Scott King. These statues will “come alive” and tell you about their important contributions to our world.


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Living Museum Project

I have attached a copy of the informational sheet that I sent home with students today. Almost all of the work for the project will be done at school. We will have many days to research and write our papers in class. You can start to think of how your child should dress to look like their famous person for the Living Museum on March 1. Don’t forget to mark your calendars so that you can visit our Living Museum at 8:15 on March 1.

Living Museum Info


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100th Day of School


The 100th Day of School is on Thursday, January 24. To celebrate, we will play with numbers and practice counting to 100 different ways. Please send in a collection of 100 things that we can use to count. (examples: a bag of 100 paper clips, 100 M&Ms) by Thursday. Thank you!

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Wear Field Trip T-shirts this Friday

Wear your blue field trip t-shirt on Friday, January 18 to kick off the “Fuel Up to Play 60” program. This program stresses the importance of DAILY physical activity and good nutrition.

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Math Parent Night

Join us for Math Parent Night on January 29 from 6:00-7:00 pm in Mrs. Vaughan’s classroom. We will discuss our new math curriculum and ways to help your students at home. I hope to see you there!

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Field Trip to Children’s Theater

We are excited about our upcoming field trip to the Birmingham Children’s Theater to see “Young Abe Lincoln”! Unfortunately, the theater will only accommodate 6 (a change from the permission slip) chaperones per class. We will have another drawing for chaperones if more than 6 parents would like to go. I will give priority to parents who were not able to go to the American Village with us in the fall.

Please follow these directions if you would like to be a chaperone.

1) Send in the permission slip and $10.75 for your child by Wednesday, January 9. On the permission slip, check ____ “Yes, I would like to chaperone the trip…” but do not send in the $7.00 for a chaperone yet.

2) On Wednesday, January 9, we will have a drawing, if necessary, and I will contact those selected to be chaperones. I will draw first from a list of parents who did not go to the American Village and then draw from parents who were able to go if there are still openings.

3) If contacted, send in the $7.00 for chaperones by Friday, January 11.

I wish our numbers were not limited again. I’m doing my best to let as many parents as possible go on a field trip with their child this year.

Thanks you!

Mrs. Vaughan

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