Week of September 18-22

Monday, Sept. 18  I can write and evaluate powers.  Chapter 9 Section 1.            Assignment:  Handout 9-1 Skills Practice

Tuesday, Sept. 19  I can determine if numbers are prime or composite and factor prime numbers.  Assignment:  Book p. 488-489 Do 8-23 and 33.  Write the problem.

Wednesday, Sept. 20  I can factor monomials.  Assignment:  Book p. 488-489 Do 5-7, 24-32, 35-38  Write each factor tree!

Thursday, Sept. 21  I can multiply and divide monomials.  Assignment:  Handout 9-3 Skills Practice  (Pep Rally today! )

Friday, Sept. 22  I can use negative exponents.  Assignment:  Book p. 502-503 Do 14-40.  Write the problem!

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Week of September 13-15

Monday and Tuesday 9/11-9/12 No School

Wednesday, September 13 Review Integers – Test Friday!

Thursday, September 14 Review Integers – Test Friday!

Friday, September 15 Test on Integers!  Puzzle after test

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Week of September 5-8

Tuesday, 9/5 I can subtract integers!  Assignment – Vampire Puzzle

Wednesday, 9/6 I can subtract integers!  Assignment – Handout Chapter 2 Section 3 Skills Practice

Thursday, 9/7 I can multiply and divide integers!  Assignment – Mult/Div Handout and Maze  (Football Game night so this should be finished during class…)

Friday, 9/10 I can multiply and divide integers!  Class activity

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Week of August 29-September 1

Monday, August 28:  I can evaluate absolute value. (Textbook Chapter 2 Section 1.)  Assignment: Textbook p. 65 Do 38-57.  Write the problem on 38-52!

Tuesday, August 29: GLOBAL SCHOLAR/SCANTRON TESTING today! No lesson or assignment!  Search & Shade Puzzle given out last Thursday is due tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 30:  I can add integers with the same sign.  (Textbook Chapter 2 Section 2.)  Assignment:  Handout on adding with the same sign.

Thursday, August 31:  I can add integers with different signs.  (Textbook Chapter 2 Section 2) Assignment: Handout on adding integers with different signs.

Friday, September 1:  I can add integers.  We will be doing class activities with adding integers in word problems.  No homework!

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Week of 8/21-8/25

Monday, 8/21

Tuesday, 8/22


  • Review for test on Thursday – Test is on Notebook pages 6-15, Order of Operations, Writing numerical and algebraic expressions, evaluating algebraic expressions, and properties, Review Handout to be done in class:  Review for Test 1

Thursday, 8/24

Friday, 8/25 

  • Intro to Integers – class activities



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Week of 8/14-8/18

Monday 8/14  

  • Review Order of Operations (Checked assignment- book p. 8-9; #18-34); PEMDAS Exchange activity
  • Assignment for all classes except 2nd Period: PEMDAS Puzzle PEMDAS puzzle
  • Assignment for 2nd Period :  Book pages 8-9 Do 18-29; 30-34 will be done together in class

Tuesday 8/15

  • Lesson:  I can write numerical expressions – Notes and example exercises done in composition notebook (INB = Interactive Notebook)
  • Assignment – Handout Chapter 1 Section 1 Writing expressions Skills and Practice Writing Numerical Expressions

Wednesday 8/16 

  • Lesson: I can write algebraic expressions – Notes, vocab, and examples in a fill-in Study Guide and placed into INB
  • Assignment – Puzzle – “How Does Someone Learn To Speak Math?” Writing Algebraic Expressions Puzzle

Thursday 8/17

  • Lesson: I can evaluate algebraic expressions – Notes, vocab and examples done in INB
  • Assignment – Chapter 1 section 2 Book p. 14 #18-37

Friday 8/18

  • Continue practicing evaluating expressions in class activities
  • No Homework




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August 8-11

Tuesday, August 8 2017:

  • Orientation Today in class
  • Assignment: Get Math Letter Signed and Get Parent Email on the strip at bottom of letter; cut out strip and bring this strip to class for a prize

Wednesday, August 9 2017:

  • Bellringer (these will be done on paper and placed in a folder that I am purchasing to be kept in the classroom):Why do Bellwork  
  • Assignment due by Friday:  PEMDAS POSTER

Thursday, August 10 2017:

  • Bellringer: PEMDAS Ladder
  • In-Class: Started Interactive Notebook  INB Information ;
  • In-Class: Notes for lesson on Order of Operations
  • Assignment: Book p. 8-9 (18-29…We will also do 30-34 in class) (Do this in the notebook on page 6, Left side, write the problem and show work!)
  • Announcement: 2nd Period had assembly and will not meet today – Will make up this lesson!
  • Poster due Friday!

Friday, August 11 2017:



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