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President’s Day

We are currently working on class writing project. We are doing research on either Abraham Lincoln or George Washington and are going to write an informative piece on the President of our choice. I am so excited about seeing the students work on this and watching them learn. We are doing great and having a great time throughout the process. We are still in the “gathering research” phase so if your student comes home with their writing journal looking for facts, encourage them to do research and learn more!

I Can…
Math: I can organize and represent data.// I can find combinations to given numbers.

Reading: I can read and write long /a/ words with a silent e at the end.// I can read and enjoy informative texts.// I can find the main idea and supporting details.

Writing: I can change the tense of my verbs to make sense in my sentences.//I can use my sight words in my writing.// I can write an informative writing with an opening, 3 facts, supporting details and a closing.

Social Studies: I can understand daily schedules and timelines.// I can recognize leaders.

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Valentine’s Day

We are so looking forward to Valentine’s day and celebrating with our classmate/family! We are starting a graffiti wall this week in the classroom where the kids are in groups and get to tell all they know about Day and Night in pictures, symbols, or words and then we’ll hang them outside. So much fun. Looking forward to springtime!
I Can…

Math: I can use ten frames to make numbers.
I can read numbers 65-102.
I can measure objects with different units.

Reading: I can read and write long /a/ words.
I can read and enjoy informative texts.
I can use texts to find facts and information.

Writing: I can use commas in my writing.
I can use my sight words in my writing.
I can write an informative writing.

Social Studies: I can explain differences between the day sky and the night sky.

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Groundhog Day

Since the Groundhog saw his shadow yesterday, the kids have been a little down. I think they’re ready for Spring and all that the wonderful season brings-baseball and softball, playing outside, picnics, beaches, daylight!! The kids are so funny about that! We had Elite Dentistry come to visit us this morning and teach us all about taking care of our teeth. Even so, we did our daily data this week on how we take care of our teeth daily and most kids were either just Brush, or Both Brush and Floss. Thankfully, no kids said they did “neither”. =) It’s funny this year how fast they progress with their reading and writing skills, and even their math skills. I enjoy this age so much. We’re working on doing nice things for other people in the school and learning how to show our love for each other. It’s a good month. Our Valentine’s day special snack is coming up and the kids will get to pass out Valentine’s to each of their friends, or “frands”, how they kids say it. So thankful for this crew and all we’re victorious over.

Math: I can make 10. I can read numbers 65-102. I can tell the difference between two numbers using place value.

Reading: I can read and write words with -ee, and -ea.

Writing: I can use adjectives in my writing. I can write an opinion writing with an opening, an opinion, reasons to support my opinion and a closing.

Science: I know all about wild weather and safety measures to take when they hit.

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January and 100th day!

We have been rockin’ and rollin’ here in first grade. I can’t believe we are already on the second half of the school year and well on our way to second grade. Wow! We celebrated the 100th day of school last week and had so much fun. A parent took pictures of us and then showed us what we would look like when we were 100 years old with an app she had. So funny! We learned more about Martin Luther King, Jr., and now are learning about weather, and clouds! We are learning how to color like first graders, and are starting to really zone in on our handwriting. Our writings are progressing immensely and this week are working on Opinion writings. I love this class deeply and am so blessed by each and every one of them. Here’s to a warm and cozy rest of January and a February focused on Loving others.

I CAN: Math-I can pick out equal halves and equal fourths in a group of shapes. I can tell the time to the hour and the half hour. I can read numbers 65-105. I can the difference in a number using place value.
Reading: I can read and write words with long /o/ spelled with -ow and -oa. I can read and enjoy informative books.
Writing: I can use adjectives in my writing. I can write an opinion writing with facts and supporting details.
Social studies: I can label and explain differences of clouds. 1st Grade Parent Guide to Report Card 3rd Nine Weeks

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Christmas Time is Here

We are closing out our Christmas holidays here and have been super busy with our incredible Music program. The kids did so well learning all of the songs, hand motions, their solos, instrumental parts, etc. They have been rehearsing so hard these past few weeks and it paid off. We are learning all about different countries and how they celebrate the Christmas season. The kids have had so much fun learning all of the different traditions. Keep up the hard work through Christmas and enjoy the season. Enjoy your family and friends and get lots of rest. I’ll see everyone back in cozy January. =)

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Christmas Around the World

We are having such fun these last few weeks before Christmas. These first graders are really challenging me in how to take them further and are indeed challenging each other. I am seeing so much growth and can hardly wait to see where this will take us.

Math: I can measure my feet. I can add numbers fluently to seven.
Reading: I can read and write words with -ar. I can compare two different stories. I can describe main character and setting. I can find the main idea and supporting details in a story. I can retell a story.
Writing: I can write a narrative using beginning, middle, and end.
Social Studies: I can describe how different countries celebrate Christmas.

Continue reading at home with your student and encouraging them to blend their words as they read them and not to sound them out. We are seeing more fluent reading when student blend the words instead of breaking apart each sound. Have an awesome week!!

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November 17-21, 2014

I can statements this week:

Math: I can solve a subtraction story problem.

Reading: I can find the setting in a story.
I can read and write -sh and -th words.
I can ask questions to help me understand the story.

Writing: I can write narrative stories with a opening, closing, beginning, middle, and end.

Social Studies: I can explain past Thanksgiving and present Thanksgiving.

I hope everyone is having an awesome last week before Thanksgiving break. We are working hard and having fun this week. We’re updating our reading levels, enjoying the smartboard in Math, and really working hard on our handwriting and writings this week…we’re pushing ourselves to become better students. We’re getting ready for second grade!!

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November 10-14, 2014

So many cute Halloween costumes that I have seen from the pictures!! Thank you!! We have put outside our classroom our “Tom Turkey” crafts and they are adorable. The kids disguised a turkey so that he wouldn’t be caught for Thanksgiving dinner; oh so creative. We also have been working in our Thankful Journals this week and are working on writing Narratives; adding 3 addends together; working on our reading skills and learning about insects this week! Surprise! Next week is our last week before Thanksgiving break and boy has it flown by. Keep tuning in for more pictures, newsletters and I CAN statements for the week.

I CAN statements:
Math: I can find combinations to total a given number.

Reading: I can retell a story.
I can sequence a story.
I can read and write words with /or/ and compound words.

Writing: I can write a narrative story with an opening and closing statement.

Unit: I can identify parts of an insect.

Below are just a few of our amazing Halloween costumes from the class; so lucky I get to work with these precious ones.
rylie elsa

kaitlyn halloween picture

savannah halloween 1

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Newsletter for November 3-7

11-3-14 foes

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November and month of Thankfulness

We have had a busy past week making pumpkins; opinion writings on what Mrs. Anderson should be for Halloween and cinquain poems. We are excited to have October behind us and looking forward to all of our fun November activities and standards! I had the privilege of going to see two of our students play their sport (football and cheerleading) and thoroughly enjoyed my moments with them. Thank you for letting me share in their passion!

Week of 11/3-11/7
Reading: I CAN write and read words with -ng and ‘ll.
I CAN identify the elements of plot in a story.
High Frequency Words: call, their, oil, now, find
Math: I CAN use different combinations of numbers to equal a given total.
Writing: I CAN write a narrative with beginning, middle, and end.
Unit: Animals- I can identify which animals hibernate, migrate and adapt during the winter.
mclemore football game 1

mclemore football game 3

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