Week of January 12 – 16, 2015

We will continue to learn about weather and climate this week.

Monday 1/12/15

  • Review 1.2a CAT Events will group
  • Compare answers with globe/map
  • Record weather/climate events on Catastrophic Map 1.2b
  • Lesson 1 Reflection Questions

Homework:  None

Tuesday 1/13/15

  • Heating Earth’s Surface – CAT Events Lesson 3
  • Read p. 38 – Introduction
  • Review #s 5 – 13 for Inquiry 3.1  pp. 42-43
  • Review Lab Sheet.  Write hypothesis and identify constants and variables for lab
  • Review and practice how to use stopwatch and thermometer

Homework:  None

Wednesday 1/14/15

  • Heating Earth’s Surface – CAT Events Inquiry 3.1 Lab
  • Observe and record the rates at which equal volumes of soil and water heat and cool
  • Write conclusion to lab

Homework:  None

Thursday 1/15/15

  • Heating Earth’s Surface – CAT Events Inquiry 3.1 Lab
  • Graph Data from lab
  • Complete Reflection Questions

Homework:  Complete Graph and Reflection Questions if needed

Friday 1/16/15

  • Read p. 44 Weather vs Climate (Amsti Article)
  • Add vocabulary definitions to notebook
  • Read pp. 46 – 49 The Source of Earth’s Heat (AMSTI Article) –   Add pic to notebook
  • Bill Nye DVD – Climate

Homework:  Have a Great Weekend!

No School on Monday! 


Week of January 5 – 9, 2015

Welcome Back!  I hope you all had a happy and safe Christmas!  Yeah!  It’s 2015 and I am excited.  We will be starting our Catastrophic Events Unit.  We will cover weather and climate this nine weeks.  We have lots of fun labs….so get ready.  Some of them you may even get a little dirty but hopefully you will be learning more about our planet we call EARTH.  🙂


Monday 1/5/15

  • New Group/Seating Assignment
  • Red Textbook pp. 310 – 321
  • Finding Clues to Rock Layers – Skills Lab p. 322


1.  Complete assigned questions if needed.

2.  Organizing Science Notebook on Wednesday.  If you need a new binder or folder and paper please bring by Wednesday.

Tuesday 1/6/15

  • Fossil Lab


1.  Materials for Notebook are due tomorrow. 

Wednesday 1/7/15

  • Develop a working definition for Catastrophic Events.
  • Brainstorm and list as many natural Catastrophic Events as you can come up with.
  • Create a Concept Map/Picture Map of Catastrophic Events

Homework:  None 🙂

Thursday 1/8/15

Wow!  It was really cold this morning.  So cold we got to stay home 2 extra hours.  Our class times were off because of this.

  • Read AMSTI p. 6
  • Student Sheet 1.2a Pre-Unit Assessment (we talked about where certain CAT events would take place and why they occur there)

Homework:  Stay Warm!

Friday 1/9/2015

Our head AMSTI coordinator will be visiting us tomorrow.  We will be doing fun things in our groups.

KONA ICE is tomorrow.  Bring your cups and money.  Yummy!

Homework:  Have a Great Weekend!  No homework!