Bill of Rights cards

7th Grade:
You do NOT need to complete your Bill of Rights cards for homework over the weekend. We will work on the Monday during class.

Enjoy the HEAT!

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September 19-23

7th grade:
Monday: First Amendment Freedoms. Are you popping someone else’s Freedom Exercise bubble?
Homework-due Thursday-read the newsela article posted on classroom, complete the quiz and writing assignment-due Thursday
Tuesday: organize gun control essay, be sure you have your facts organizer ready to go, many are missing those!
Wednesday: Amendments 2-10
Thursday: We will begin our “Bill of Rights” project. This will be due on Monday
Friday: Bill of Rights project

8th grade:
Monday: Civilizations of the Fertile Crescent, key terms quiz TOMORROW! Quizlets for terms and concepts on classroom
Tuesday: Complete section 4 of study guide, Chapter 3 key terms quiz, Hammurabi’s Code
Wednesday: Finish notes on Hammurabi, begin essay (due Friday), Chapter 3 test TOMORROW!
Thursday: Chapter 3 test
Friday: Hammurabi essay due, Chapter 4 key terms, Begin Chapter 4

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7th grade:
Monday: Read President Bush’s 9/11 speech, take a quiz over reading; Begin notes on Compromise Unit: The Great Compromise
Tuesday: continue notes: Federalist versus Anti-Federalist
Wednesday: Three Branches of US
Thursday: compare the Magna Carta to the Constitution
Friday: The Amendments

8th grade:
Monday: notes over Mesopotamia
Tuesday: continue notes, complete section 1 and 2 on chapter guide
Wednesday: BRING BOOK TO CLASS. Read pages 69-73 focusing on assigned section, you are responsible for teaching your group your section
Thursday: BRING BOOK TO CLASS: Mapping Mesopotamia
Friday: Epic of Gilgamesh

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September 6-9

7th grade:
Tuesday: Aspire Interim test
Wednesday: Begin Compromise Unit
Thursday: Gun control research
Friday: Gun control graphic organizer is due. Must have 18 facts!

8th Grade:
Tuesday: Aspire Interim test, Homework–read pages 42-45 in text and complete Chapter 2 guide, due Wednesday
Wednesday: Key Terms quiz, review for Chapter 2 test
Thursday: Chapter 2 Test
Friday: Begin Chapter 3

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This post will be for 7th Civics and 8th World History. Please make sure you are looking at the correct subject!

7th: This week your “I can” statements are…
~recognize the different types of governments
~answer questions in complete sentences using R.A.C.E
~analyze different countries and determine what type of government they are

On Thursday, we will begin working on our quarter project. You will receive handouts with the directions and graphic organizers to help you gather materials. These will also be posted on google classroom.

8th: This week’s “I can” statements are…
~answer in complete sentences using R.A.C.E.
~determine how geography affects history
~arrange dates in chronological order

On Thursday, we will have a quiz over Chapter 1 key terms. These are listed on google classroom in case you missed any.

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April 4-8

Students received their “We didn’t start the fire” project grades today. There are two options for bonus on this gold assignment: they my get the paper signed for 10 points and/or they may rework or complete slides for partial credit. If they are reworking slides, they need to make sure they write on the grade sheet which slides they are re-doing and turn in tomorrow, 4/5.

Reading logs are now due on Tuesday, April 12. This will be our last reading log for the year.

We are starting a new genre, myths, legends and folk tales. The students got a new list of vocabulary words for this section. We will have a quiz over these words on Friday, April 8.
Vocabulary: oral tradition, cultural perspective, universal theme, theme, purpose, mythology, legends, tall tale, folk tale, fable, epic, quest, trickster, hyperbole, dialict, personification

We will begin reading to folk tales on Thursday. We will have a test over these stories and vocabulary on Tuesday, April 12.
Vocabulary: regret, reliable, curiosity, pestering, relent, cunning, ornament, suit, immensity, varmint

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February 16-19

Tuesday will be our quiz over Latin 6 Vocabulary. We will not add any words this week. Next week we will have a gold test over our first 30 words.

Wednesday is the English Aspire test.

Thursday we will continue reading Brian’s Song and review for our Subject/Verb test.

Friday will be the day we have a gold test on Subject/Verb.

Tuesday, February 23, is when your reading log is due.

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February 1-5

Monday: we are starting Brian’s Song in class. You will also receive grammar workbook pages 45-54, these are due on Friday, 2/5. Non-Fiction Book report due tomorrow! The form is on Google Classroom. You must complete 5 of the 6 areas for full credit on a non-fiction book. All you have to do is complete it on classroom and submit.

Tuesday: Non-fiction book report is due. Library day! This will be a free choice this go around. There will be a reading log with this book.
I will be signing registration slips on this day. If you are in regular ELA this year and are interested in advanced for next year, you must have an 88 or above. If you are already in advanced, you must have an 83 or above to continue in advanced.

Wednesday: Latin root word quiz: brev (short), cas (to fall), capit (head), calor (heat), carn (flesh). You will receive your next list of words today.

Thursday: Registration Day!!!!!

Friday: Grammar workbook pages 45-54 are due.

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January 25-29

Can you believe we are already in the last week of January??? This is a super busy week for our class so hold on to your hats!

Monday: DRP/DGP 9-12 Check. We will be re-taking the comma quiz on Thursday, so we will be going over those rules again. We will continue to read the poem selection for this week. I will post the poems on google classroom for students to have at home. Don’t forget the 3 memory poems are due on Friday for our Coffee Shop.

Tuesday: We will be reading poems and working on memory poems

Wednesday: Final draft of letter to Norah is due. I will be using the peer editing rubric to make sure all information is included.
Poetry and vocabulary quiz: astr, auto, belli, bibl, bio, -ly, fascinated, prickly, crouches, unravel, dislodge, granite, crystal

Thursday: Comma quiz, use the quiz posted on classroom to study

Friday: Coffee shop, 3 memory poems are due–typed on google docs and shared. Students may bring a drink and snack on that day.

Tuesday, February 2: non-fiction report is due. Form is posted on classroom. They are to pick 5 sections to complete.

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Dates to remember

Wednesday, January 26: Final copy of letter to Norah–hand written, use rubric from peer editing to make sure information is covered. Peer editing form also posted on google classroom.
Poetry and Latin Vocabulary #3 quiz

Friday, January 29: 3 memory poems are due. Post on google docs and share with me. We will have the coffee shop that day where students read at least one of their poems to the class. Students may bring a snack and drink.

Throughout the week we will be re-covering comma rules. There will be a re-test on Thursday, January 28.

Tuesday, February 2: Non-fiction report is due. Form posted on google classroom

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