Shelby County’s Online Technology Workshops

Teachers in Shelby County have the opportunity to participate in high-quality technology professional development from their own computer! In addition to hands-on workshops taught at SCISC, we’re offering these “short and sweet” online sessions.

Here’s how it works:
1. Sign up for the workshop in MyPDC at
2. You’ll receive an email with instructions on how to logon for the class.
3. Click on the link a few minutes before the start time and connect to the 30 minute class! You’ll see and hear the presentation and be able to ask questions through a chat box.
4. Following the online presentation, you will comment to the post for your class. The instructor will give more specific instructions for this during the online portion.
5. You will receive 1 hour of PD credit for a 30* minute online course. (no partial credit will be given)

* During the summer we offer PD credit for our 15 minute Webinar Wednesday sessions (minimum 4 sessions with reflections = 2 hours PD credit)

For more information, contact a Technology Resource Teacher.

Google Apps for Education Overview

Following your overview of Google Apps for Education (GAfE), please share:

  • Several features of Google that you will use as an educator. These can be features that are new to you or some that you were already aware of but that you find especially useful.
  • Several ways that you will be able to use GAfE with your students. (These will vary, depending upon the ages of your students.)

***Remember that your response must be a minimum of 100 words.***

Chrome Web Store session July 30

Webinar Wednesday Session on the Chrome Web Store

Share your reflection in 100 or more words on today’s Chrome Web Store session by posting below.

How will you and your students make use of the apps and extensions available in the Chrome Web Store?

Virtual Field Trips

There are many of ways to do a virtual field trip.
Here is a short list of ideas:
• a parent connects to the school using Skype or Facetime to discuss their job
• an adult goes to a place (pet shop, museum, hospital, etc.) and walks around with their iPhone or tablet
• let the children go to sites in the computer lab
• project a virtual trip for the whole group

Here is a link with places to go on the computer:
Here is a link to our page:  Here you can  find virtual field trips and the virtual field trip request form.

Please share your reflection of today’s webinar. It must be at least 100+ words for you to get credit. Include ideas you have for using this with your class and any good field trips you may have experienced.



Now that you’ve been introduced to Hapara, what do you think will be most helpful to you? What questions do you have that were not addressed in the introduction? You can find additional information and video tutorials on out TechTreats blog on the Google page. (Note: Your comment must be at least 100 words in length.)

Learn Zillion

Please post a reflection (minimum of 100+ words for credit) of today’s session on Learn Zillion.

What part was your favorite and what do you think will be the most helpful to you in the classroom?

Blog Tips & Tricks

A Shelby County blog is a great way for teachers to communicate with parents and to share with those outside of the Shelby County network.  Today I’ve shared several tips that you may or may not have been aware. Please place a comment of at least 100 words that shares which tips you found most helpful / were not aware of before. Do you have any questions about using a blog or are there other “tips” that you would like to share that others might like to know?

Sites for Primary Sources – Webinar Wednesday 7/16/14

Post your 100+ word comment below in response to these questions:

  1. Which site(s) were you most impressed with and why?
  2. How will you incorporate primary sources with one or more units you plan to teach this school year?

See all Primary Source sites from today’s webinar on this blog post.

3 Top-rated Teacher Tools to Try

For this session post, please reflect on the information shared and respond to these questions in your comment of at least 100 words:

  1. Which tool do you plan to try out first and how will you use it?
  2. How might a recorded lesson using a screencasting tool enhance instruction for your students?

Resources and links:

Knowmia details and links

Graphite Common Core Explorer


Plickers: Paper Clickers

After listening to the online session about how the plickers work, share some ideas of how you can use them in your classroom. Remember that your response must by at least 100 words.


Google Tips & Tricks

The more I learn about Google, the more excited I am about it’s use. During this short online webinar, I shared several “tips & tricks” that have proved useful to me. Do you have any favorite Google tip? What did you find useful in the information shared? Please post your thoughts to these questions (100 word minimum.)