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Colorful smiley face that represents Song MakerStudents will be engaged with Song Maker in the Chrome Music Lab as they make their own song. It would be a great way for all teachers, not just Music teachers, to make music more accessible to your students. They can draw a picture and "play" it,  create their own song to represent a scene in a book, or create a song to go along with a piece of their writing. Students are able to share their song through a link and others can add to it. It works on phones, tablets, and computers.

Wonderopolis logo

Want to give your students a new way to think, talk, and learn? Wonderopolis posts a "Wonder of the Day" that allows your students to do just that . Your students can access videos, pictures, and informational text to help them find the answer to the wonder. They are presented with new vocabulary, games, and a "Try It Out" section with more activities to extend their learning. There is even a "Test Your Knowledge" section for the students to see how much they learned.

Do your students have a wonder? Wonderopolis allows them to pose a question and find information about it.

Wonder Ground is a new resource just for teachers. It's a place for you to find lesson plans, resources, and inspiration, all while correlating it to your standards.

SAS Flash Cards

Four images of different ways to use flash cards.

This is an iOS app. It makes it very easy to find or make flash cards to study. They can be the typical flash card or you can add sound or questions to the cards. They also provide a place to write the answer before you flip the card. Writing helps to put the information deeper into memory.

Photos for Class logo
Photos for Class is a great site for students to use to find free images for their projects. The site automatically adds the attribution information to the footer of the image and if a student searches for an inappropriate term, images of dogs are returned!

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Looking for Science lesson plans and online activities to integrate with your AMSTI kits? Try Science NetLinks

It is a great resource to find grade level appropriate lessons that are aligned to the Science standards. Each lesson may include a printable worksheet, an e-worksheet, or have an interactive experience.

Large Golden Retriever with descriptive words from which to choose.
Place the correct words on the picture.

In the previous post, we showed you how to make and use a digital magnetic board with poetry. Now, we want you to see these boards can be fun for any subject. Add a background image of something to be labeled or identified such as the parts of a plant, heart, skeleton, etc. Make the names of the parts and let your students place them where they go. Once you have the words, you may copy the slide and use them again. Just insert a different picture or background. You can still add new words to the slide.