Let your students make their own graphic organizers for free or use Bubbl.us to let your class brainstorm together. Easy to use site. You can make organizers without signing up for an account but you will not be able to save it and work on it later. You will need to finish it and print it in one setting or make an account where you can save it. It is free  and you can sign up using your Google account.

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Participate Learning

participateLParticipate Learning

Search thousands of Twitter chats, educational apps, videos, and websites that have been curated by teachers and given a Report Card. You can search using keywords or by grade level. Quickly make your own collection from all these to use in your classroom. 


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newsela1Newselanewsela2 provides over 1,000 non-fiction and current event articles scaled at five different Lexile reading comprehension levels. The same article may be assigned to multiple students at varying reading levels. After reading articles, students may then complete Common Core-aligned quizzes. Teachers have the ability to assign articles and monitor student progress.

New features of Newsela include: Primary sources, Historic Biographies, Famous speeches and the Time Machine (articles written through history.) Articles are also available in Spanish.

Many of the resources are free, but a PRO version is available.

This is a site you’re going to want to use with your students!


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Summer Olympics Resources

The summer Olympics will begin this week! olympics2016Here are some resources to get you started:

If you discover a great site for studying the Olympics, share it in a comment 🙂

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i4classroomsInternet4Classrooms is a wonderful site filled with resources for teachers, students and parents. Resources are organized by grade, subject area or topic. They also offer technology tips and tutorials. They’ve  added a page highlighting Educational Apps!

You can sign up for their monthly newsletter to get timely classroom ideas. For example, here’s the Back-to-School issue.


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plicker1Use Plickers for formative assessment. It is a free tool. You download and print the answer cards that look like puzzle pieces. They are numbered 1 – 63. You give each student a card. They turn the card to answer multiple choice questions. You scan the room with your iPad, iPhone, Android device or Android phone. It lets you collect the student responses in real time, quickly showing you the students responses and whether they are right or wrong.


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Create an eBook with Google Slides

How-to-Create-an-eBook-with-Google-Slides-3-683x1024Kasey Bell of Shake Up Learning shares step-by-step instructions for creating an eBook using Google Slides.


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Pixar in a Box

Pixar in a Box

pixarStudents will love learning math, engineering, art, and science from Pixar. They show parts of their movies and how the made them. You get to see the math behind coding some of their scenes. they cover animation, modeling the environment, and more is coming.

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Code Newbie

CodeNewbie   codenewbiea site for those learning to program. They have podcasts, chats, and learning resources for people new to coding.

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Khan Academy




This site contains over 2400 free videos that will explain topics from basic arithmetic to calculus. biology, chemistry, physics, electrical engineering, health, finance, civics,  art, us and world history, test prep and computer science, programming, animation, and Hour of Code.  There are also practice exercises that will help you work your way through each subject.


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