App for Free Children’s Books for Educators

This is an “All-You-Can-Read” ebook service for kids. Educators can sign up for a free account to use on school devices, but there is a monthly fee if parents wish to use it at home. There are a wide variety of quality books from read-alouds to those aimed at students 11-12 years old.

Go to the website and sign up for a free educator account and then download the app on your Apple device: 

This app was shared with me by one of our wonderful media specialists (thanks AH :) )

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Students can create an “App”

I discovered a free app, POP (Prototyping on Paper), that I think your students will enjoy – better yet, it will make them THINK! It can be used an an introduction to programming for students of all ages! It allows you to create an “app” from paper drawings. Essentially you take pictures of each screen of your app and link them – it’s harder than it sounds.

The app is available for both Apple and Android, just search for Prototyping on Paper.

Here’s the example that I made: POP App

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Ideas for BYOD

Shelby County classrooms are going mobile! More and more mobile devices are filling our schools and teachers need ideas of how they can use them. Usually we share our ideas with you, but this time we’re asking for YOU to share your ideas with us.

Please add a comment that shares a way that you are allowing your students to use their mobile devices. This could include laptops, ipads, chromebooks, etc. as well as students’ personally owned devices.

We do not need for you to take the time to write a detailed description, just a general idea. For example: “I allow students to use the camera in their device to take pictures of specific geometric shapes and then they post them on “

If for any reason you do not want your name to appear with your idea, simply add “anonymous” and we will remove your name before approving your comment.

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30+ Websites with FREE Photos

When teachers and students are working on multimedia projects or need images for their presentations, finding sites with free photos can be a challenge. This post from lists more than 30 web resources for free stock photos. Many of the sites have photos with Creative Commons Zero licenses while others may require attribution for use by others.

What is attribution?  Basically attribution is crediting the author or photographer for the original creation no matter where or how the image is used.

Learn more about Creative Commons Licensing for appropriate use of material found on the Web.

30+ Websites to Download Free Photos (blog article)

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Free game show style boards to use with your students. You can make your own or choose from ones that are already made.


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Innovative Ideas for Using Google Forms

Molly Schroeder, a Google Certified Teacher, has posted a list of ideas for using Google Forms. Most of the ideas are links to examples of the type of use it mentions. There are uses for the classroom,  students, teachers, administrators and professional development. You will find more than one way you want to use it.

Innovative Ideas for Using Google Forms

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Better Money Habits

Bank of America has partnered with Sal Khan (Khan Academy founder) to develop this new site. According to the website, it is designed to “build your financial know-how with free tools and information…” I watched a short cartoon-video that explained the difference between a credit and debit card that was very informative. I definitely recommend that you check it out!

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60-Second Civics

Join the Center for Civic Education for its daily sixty second podcast for listeners to learn about our nation’s government, the Constitution, and our history. You can listen to the day’s topic or you can choose from previous broadcasts. There is even a short one question quiz to go with the 60 seconds of information.

60-Second Civics

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Free Instrumental Music available for school projects

When students create a digital project, they often want to add a soundtrack. Unfortunately that soundtrack is frequently copyright restricted. This site offers lots of music that can be legally used by students and teachers, alike. I especially like the fact that you can search for strictly instrumental selections – so there’s no need to worry about inappropriate lyrics!

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Get Your Classes Set Up in Google Classroom

Check out the Tech Treats Google Classroom page for a set of resources that will guide you to getting your classes all set up. In this blog post by Alice Keeler, you will find 20 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom including having students turn in their work paperlessly, email all or a group of students at once, set up class collaborations, and create playlists for learning.

Have you created a Classroom Assignment for your students? Comment on this blog post to share your idea or activity and rate the process. Don’t forget to click the SEND FEEDBACK button in the lower right corner to direct any comments straight to Google and the developers of Classroom.

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