80+ Google Forms for the Classroom

As we’ve all begun to use more and more Google tools with our students, don’t overlook Google Forms. This article gives 80+ suggestions of ways to use them – I really like #74: Using the time stamp feature as a type of “buzzer” to see who answered a question first.

80+ Google Forms for the Classroom

Don’t miss all the other Google Apps for Education ideas found in the blog sidebar  :)

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Test Taking Strategies

BYU’s Career and Academic Success Center had some very good test taking strategies. They have some General Guidelines with additional strategies for the different type of questions such as multiple choice, matching, true/false, essay, and fill in the blank.

Test Taking Strategies

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Best Sites and Apps for Keyboarding

Whether students are preparing for their spring testing, writing research papers, or just working to improve their typing speed, share these keyboarding sites with them and let them practice:

Web-based Links

Free Typing Game

Typing Games on FuntoType

Typing Lessons on typing.com

Learning Games for Kids

Typing Chrome Apps – available in the shelbyed.org section of the Chrome Web Store

Typing Club

Type Scout

Typing Test – KeyHero

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ACT Aspire Resources Online

With ACT Aspire Testing quickly approaching for our 3rd through 8th grade students, now is the time for teachers to get them ready with some online resources:

Testing Information and Support on the ACT Aspire web site

Exemplar Logins for English, Math, Reading, and Science let students and teachers access practice sets

Training Modules with video tutorials and more - Login to the Training Management System

Chromebook Quick Guide for computer-based testing and all other manuals are on AVOCET

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Public Domain

Use this site to find images or video in the public domain for you or your students to use.

Public Domain

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Do you ever need to compare times?

This is something that causes me all kinds of problems … if it’s 10:00 here, what time is it in Georgia? etc. This website will answer your questions and even more! Time.is gives the exact time in your location and various places around the globe. It will also give helpful information like sunset, sundown and day length, as well as general information about the country.

Another helpful feature is the ability to compare times between locations – ex: What would be the best time to  Skype with someone in Australia?

Check it out: http://time.is/

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New Poetry Sets by ReadWorks.org

We have highlighted this site before but they have recently released a collection of K-12 Poems and Questions Sets to inspire a love of poetry. Each poem is paired with a question set designed to help your students comprehend the poem.

Use this link to go to the home page and see all the passages with their lesson plans and units. ReadWorks.org

Find free reading passages and question sets for grades K-8 with 70% of them being non-fiction and 30% fiction. They use Lexile levels to help you find what you need, along with being aligned to the Common Core. They have lesson plans and units, too.

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Encyclopedia of Life

EOLFind out about life on earth. See pictures of ligers (lion and tiger mix), search butterfly species, different types of trees or plants or even bacteria. All life on earth is being cataloged.

Encyclopedia of Life

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Google Cultural Institute

GoogleculturalDiscover exhibits and collections from museums and archives all around the world. Explore World Wonders, Historic Moments, Art Collections using Google street view and other Google technologies. Bring Pompeii to life, see video accounts from holocaust survivors, or explore Starry Night. Warning, this site can make time pass without you realizing it. :) 

Google Cultural Institute

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60 Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom by Category

Here is a quick list by category of different ways to use Twitter in your classroom with your students, other teachers, or parents by Jane Clare.

60 Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom by Category

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