This free site offers numerous thinking guides (graphic organizers) for you or your students. It allows you to add text, images, shapes, lines, and even a hint box. You may use the site without logging in, but it won’t be able to save your work unless you make an account. You can print your work without logging in.


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Digital History

This site by the University of Houston includes a huge variety of digital resources and allows you to search via an interactive timeline.  It is designed for use by social studies teachers and students.

Digital History

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This looks like a great site that will be especially helpful as we begin “testing season.” A teacher must set up an account. There is a demo class so you can check things out before setting up one for your actual classes, if you like. This site provides short (< 5 minutes) “brain breaks” where students are led through some type of physical activity. It can be simple breathing activities to calm them down or more energizing dance-in-place activities. It is geared more for elementary students but could be used for others as well. Please check it out and let me know what you think by leaving a comment.


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The Epic Ebook Guide

The title says it all. This site will tell you where to find free or inexpensive ebooks, what type you need for each device, how to download, and how to publish your own.

The Epic Ebook Guide

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Web Literacy Learning Pathways

This is a fun interactive site that helps you see what you should know and what you should learn next as you make your way through the world of web literacy. You start by choosing something you already know how to do (ex: using hyperlinks to access resources on the web.) Click on “What can I learn next?” and it will point out a variety of new skills to attempt.

Web Literacy Learning Pathways

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Class Flow

Class Flow is an easy way to make your lesson interactive and to connect with your students. You can quickly create interesting multimedia presentations for your lesson and get instant feedback from your students.

Class Flow

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Earth Day 2014

Are you planning on participating in Earth Day this year?  Don’t miss the K-12 Toolkit with all your Earth Day resources and links to materials to use with students.

Toolkit for Earth Day

Earth Day 2014 Site

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ReadWorks.org (update)

We have highlighted this site before but they have just released 52 brand new reading passages for Earth Day – April 22. There are passages for every grade level K-8th and they have their lexile levels on them. Use this link for these passages: EarthDay

Use this link to go to the home page and see all the passages with their lesson plans and units. ReadWorks.org

Find free reading passages and question sets for grades K-8 with 70% of them being non-fiction and 30% fiction. They use Lexile levels to help you find what you need, along with being aligned to the Common Core. They have lesson plans and units, too.

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ARKive – World’s Most Endangered Species

This site lets you explore 15,000 of the world’s endangered species, animals, plants, and fungi. There are 100,000 photos and videos for your students to see what makes these species special and why we need to save them. They provide activities by age from 5 years to 18 years.


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Putting some Tech in PE

I often hear from PE teachers that there is never anything applicable for them – so this is for you!

Here is an idea for putting Numeracy in PE – there are lots of ideas, including one that includes Augmented Reality by way of the Layar app. I also noticed that he has a link at the top of the page that will direct you to page devoted to “PE Geeks.”


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