What does research really say about iPads in the classroom?

Here is an interesting article on using iPads in the classroom. Make sure you are using them to their best advantage or see if you find new ways to use them.

What does research really say about iPads in the classroom?

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The Guide to Keeping Up with Google

Kasey Bell, of Shake Up Learning, has written a four-part series on how to stay abreast of Google’s latest updates. They are very helpful for those wanting to keep up.

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Unite for Literacy – free digital library

uniteforliteracyUnite for Literacy gives young readers and families access to an abundance of books in digital format. These books celebrate a variety of U.S. and world languages and cultures with the goal of inspiring a life-long love of reading. Choose a book on the shelf and read it independently or have it read to you in English or Spanish using any web-based browser. This digital library contains books appropriate for Pre-K through 5th grade.

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TouchCast – the TV Studio in Your Hands!


Touchcast “looks like a video and feels like the web” because of its interactive features and is now available for desktop and mobile devices. Use the teleprompter for your script and record your cast and add multimedia from the Web for free. You will need to register for an account and this site is recommended for teacher use only. Check out their EduCast pages to see how teachers are using TouchCast in the classroom.

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Seesaw for ePortfolios

Check out this free Google or iOS app for creating student digital portfolios and journals:

seesawSeesaw – teachers can set up a free classroom account that lets the students upload their work for viewing and feedback. Parents can also set up an account to see their child’s portfolio.

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Moving media from your iphone or ipad to your Google drive

photostodriveIn this day and age, the most popular camera is the one found on your phone! It is very easy to simply use your phone to take pictures of student work, but then the problem is moving it to your computer. While emailing is still an option, it is very simple to move one or more directly into your Google drive. You need to have the Google drive app installed on your device. Logic says that you would begin with your photo and move it to the drive, but that’s not the way it works. Begin in your drive and then upload your photos or videos. I am including directions for doing this with an Apple device (iphone or ipad), but the process is very similar with an Android device.

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PBS Learning Media’s Top 3 Resources for 2015

The number 1 most viewed resource is Living vs Nonliving. A lesson plan with videos, images, and handouts already prepared for the teacher to use. This lesson is perfect for the elementary classroom grades K through 5.

The second most viewed resource is Energy in a Roller Coaster Ride for grades 3 through 12. It has an interactive that illustrates the relationship between potential and kinetic energy.

The third most viewed resource is Ionic Bonding for grades 9 through 12. This interactive discusses ionic bonding  and allows you to see the reactions between two ions.

Click here to see more of PBS Learning Media and what it has to offer. You can search by standard, grade level, subject or type of resource.

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Here’s a site that we originally posted in 2014 – it looks like a great site that will be especially helpful as we begin “testing season.” A teacher must set up an account. There is a demo class so you can check things out before setting up one for your actual classes, if you like. This site provides short (< 5 minutes) “brain breaks” where students are led through some type of physical activity. It can be simple breathing activities to calm them down or more energizing dance-in-place activities. It is geared more for elementary students but could be used for others as well. Please check it out and let me know what you think by leaving a comment.


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Free Rice


Free Rice is a great site that has been in usesince 2007. Your students can send rice to needy people while studying art, chemistry symbols, English grammar, geography, French, German, Italian, Spanish, basic math, multiplication tables or more.  They even have a section for preparing for the SAT! Just click change subjects to choose a different topic.

The newest version allows you to change the language (that the directions are written, etc.)

This site does not require a login to use.

Free Rice

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Help your students be successful with online sites. Lingro turns all the words on the site into dictionary linlingroks. It then keeps up with words that were used and makes a word list the student can study. It helps them learn the list by turning it into flashcards. Very easy to use and free!



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