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From the National History Education Clearinghouse, Teaching History provides primary source sets and social studies resources that are designed for classroom use.  You’ll find teaching guides, lesson plans, and much more on…

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Grammar Bytes

Learning grammar is easy and fun on this site full of practice exercises, video lesson, presentations, and quizzes.

Grammar Bytes

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Thinking about flipping your classroom? Or just need a tool to record lessons for your blog? Check out Knowmia, a free site and app that is “technology for teaching, made simple.” You can also browse their video library with over 30,000 teacher-created lessons for you to use. Make your own instructional videos and export them to your Google Drive. Learn more about Knowmia from this introductory video and explore their video creation “how-to” guide.


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World Digital Library – find global primary sources

Search this database by global region, time period, or topic to find primary sources to use to meet Common Core Standards. You can even search by type of document to locate maps, journals, photographs, audio clips, and newspapers from ancient to modern times.  Each item in the library has a Audio Narration button at the top which allows the viewer to play it while reading the article. Many of these .mp3 files can also be downloaded by teachers to play for their class.

World Digital Library

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How to Email into Evernote

If you are wondering what is Evernote and why would I want to email into it, let me send you to this previous post on Evernote. For those that know about Evernote but did not know they could email their account, here are the instructions:

  1. Go to the arrow next to your name in the top right hand corner.
  2. Choose Account Settings from the drop down menu.
  3. On the Account summary page, scroll down until you see Email Notes to.
  4. This address will allow you to email your notes, snapshots, and audio clips directly into your account.

Emailed notes will go directly into your default notebook unless you add an @[notebook] to send it to a specific notebook.

You can edit the email subject to change your note title, tag it with #[tag] or add ![date] to set a reminder.

For example, to email your notes from class to your math notebook with a reminder set for the exam and the notes tagged with shapes, put this in the subject line:

Geometry Exam !2014/10/14 @Math #shapes

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iPad Accessibility Options

Apple has included features in their software which can greatly assist students with special needs. Some of these features can be very helpful to teachers of all students. For example, it is possible to restrict students from leaving a specific app or using certain buttons on the app. This feature is called guided access and is only one option in the accessibility features of the ipad.

This site explains all the options within the accessibility settings and includes videos that demonstrate exactly how they work:

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Create interactive videos with embedded surveys to gauge learning with EduCanon. If you are flipping your lessons this year, this free video tool is a must!


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Using their tagline, “Make any video your lesson”; helps explain this site.  They have video lessons you can use that have been made by others or you can make your own. You can find videos to use, insert questions in them, crop, add your own voice to add audio notes, and track your students understanding. It keeps a record of each student’s response to the questions embedded in the video. This site is great for use in a flipped classroom setting.


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Common Core Explorer

Looking for ways to integrate more technology into the Common Core standards? This site will offer lots of possibilities. Multiple web tools and apps are aligned to specific common core standards. Not all tools are free, but they have all been evaluated by Common Sense Media. You’ll want to check out other tools available on


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Study Notes

This site is designed to help AP students (and teachers.) They provide a variety of tools including study guides, practice tests, and notes.

They also provide a database of successful college admission essays for many of the top colleges and universities.

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