Pixar in a Box

Pixar in a Box

pixarStudents will love learning math, engineering, art, and science from Pixar. They show parts of their movies and how the made them. You get to see the math behind coding some of their scenes. they cover animation, modeling the environment, and more is coming.

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Code Newbie

CodeNewbie   codenewbiea site for those learning to program. They have podcasts, chats, and learning resources for people new to coding.

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Khan Academy




This site contains over 2400 free videos that will explain topics from basic arithmetic to calculus. biology, chemistry, physics, electrical engineering, health, finance, civics,  art, us and world history, test prep and computer science, programming, animation, and Hour of Code.  There are also practice exercises that will help you work your way through each subject.


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Instant Google Searches

We all love google for finding information – it just turns google20out that they’ve made some information SUPER easy to find! I mentioned using Google as a “Timer” or “5 minute timer” in a previous post, but this article suggests “flip a coin” or “roll a die” (perhaps when studying probability?) Don’t bother locating an online dictionary when you can simply type “define [word]” and any type of conversion from units “ml in 3 oz” or “how many ounces in a pound” to “how many euros in a dollar.” Let Google graph a line by entering the formula or find the area of a geometric shape. For younger children, try “what does the [animal] say.” There are 20 different ways listed in this article that you’ll want to check out, including a few that are just for fun, such as “do a barrel roll” or “zerg rush.”

20 Instant Google Searches your Students Need to Know

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Would yocodecademyu or your students like more in-depth instruction on coding? Try Codecademy. It offers instruction on  making a website, Ruby on Rails, AngularJS , Jave, SQL, and more. They add new content often. So go try a lesson or two. It is all free.

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How to Attribute Creative Commons Photos

CreativeCommons fotor

It is important for students to know how to correctly give credit when they use someone else’s work. This article provides a complete infographic of all the different types of licenses, what each allows, and how to give the proper credit for each type.

How to Attribute Creative Commons Photos

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Symbaloo for Education

This site works well for elementary or high school teachers and students.  It is a wonderful way to share resources or organize them for yourself.  Make your own page or you can use pages made by others. These pages are collections of websites on particular subjects with each site represented by its own icon. Click on the icon to go to the actual site. You can make one for your students to use or have the students make one of their research sites to go with a paper or project.


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Code.org Hour of Code


You and your students can learn simple coding, robotics, or even hourofcJavascript at Code.Org.  May is a wonderful time of year to try coding with your students. You can find free easy to use lessons. They have whole group no computer needed lessons, called unplugged and they even have lessons for kindergarten age students. Try  it now and then remember to join next December for the official  Hour of Code. They add new lessons all the time. Your students will love it.

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This is an excellent site for making rubrics. You can create a free account and access it from anywhere you have an Internet connection. You can use one of their templates to create your own very quickly or search for one that is already made for you. Their templates cover numerous topics.

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animotoIf you’ve never checked out this site – you are missing out! Create animated videos from still images. A great collection of popular music is available without worry of copyright violation. Apply for the free educators account. Educators get the Animoto Plus account for free to use in their classroom. Follow this link and click on the Are you a teacher? link to learn more.


Here’s an example of an animoto video teaching a vocabulary word:



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