Google Classroom

Google has just released an exciting new tool, Google Classroom. It is still in beta but shows great promise. It allows you to create assignments, share documents and much more. This is a very good, step-by-step guide on how it works:

Google Classroom Guide 

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Make your own informative, animated map or enjoy watching the maps made by others. You do not need an account to watch, but you do need an account to save your own.  To create an account all you need is to put in your email address and make up a new password. Do not give them your email password. Try watching the Voyage of the Clove to get a great idea of how this works.


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Six Virtual Field Trips to Give Lesson Plans a Boost by Allie Gross

Are you looking for a virtual field trip for your classroom? One or all of these may just fill the bill.

Six Virtual Field Trips to Give Lesson Plans a Boost

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Seven Ways to Increase Student Engagement in the Classroom by Stacy Hurst

This is an excellent article with an infographic to help you remember the seven steps. We all want our students to be more engaged in our classrooms. These are easy steps to incorporate into your instruction to increase your student engagement.

Seven Ways to Increase Student Engagement in the Classroom

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Fund for Teachers

The grant application for the 2015 summer will be available October 1, 2014. Last year 19 Alabama teachers from 14 different schools were awarded grants. You can go here, , to see all the different things that were funded last year. You can apply for the grants as an individual or as a team.

Fund for Teachers


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Shelby County has made using Google with your students MUCH easier! We have purchased a program that works with Google Apps for Education, named Hapara. This program allows teachers to not only view their students work in their Google drive, but makes it super easy to add or share  something with the entire class, small groups, or individually. We have a page on this blog with several tutorial videos about Hapara and how it works. Near the top of the blog, click on the word Google and then choose Hapara. If you would like more information OR if you would like to learn about training opportunities, contact your school’s technology resource teacher.

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Primary Sources and More on

From the National History Education Clearinghouse, Teaching History provides primary source sets and social studies resources that are designed for classroom use.  You’ll find teaching guides, lesson plans, and much more on…

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Grammar Bytes

Learning grammar is easy and fun on this site full of practice exercises, video lesson, presentations, and quizzes.

Grammar Bytes

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Thinking about flipping your classroom? Or just need a tool to record lessons for your blog? Check out Knowmia, a free site and app that is “technology for teaching, made simple.” You can also browse their video library with over 30,000 teacher-created lessons for you to use. Make your own instructional videos and export them to your Google Drive. Learn more about Knowmia from this introductory video and explore their video creation “how-to” guide.


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World Digital Library – find global primary sources

Search this database by global region, time period, or topic to find primary sources to use to meet Common Core Standards. You can even search by type of document to locate maps, journals, photographs, audio clips, and newspapers from ancient to modern times.  Each item in the library has a Audio Narration button at the top which allows the viewer to play it while reading the article. Many of these .mp3 files can also be downloaded by teachers to play for their class.

World Digital Library

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