Today’s Meet

tmeetLet your students respond to essential questions or prompts. Everyone gets a chance to answer and discuss in almost a Twitter format. There are teacher tools for control. Easy to use.

Today’s Meet

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Panoramio for virtual field trips

Share and explore the world in photos with Panoramio from Google. Take your students on a global expedition to China or Chile, or you can even let them explore on their own with this web-based, free-to-use site.


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Fotor – powerful photo editing

This free ofotornline photo editor let you edit images, create collages, and design covers for your social media pages. The app is available in Android and iOS and is perfect for all of your graphic design needs.


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edpuzzleUsing their tagline, “Make any video your lesson”; helps explain this site.  They have video lessons you can use that have been made by others or you can make your own. You can find videos to use, insert questions in them, crop, add your own voice to add audio notes, and track your students understanding. It keeps a record of each student’s response to the questions embedded in the video. This site is great for use in a flipped classroom setting. This picture shows a video with a question inserted for the student to answer before continuing with the film.


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Teaching Students to Search

Searching the


This offers 6 Steps to Teaching Students to Search that are helpful for everyone to know!

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“Magnetic Poetry” using Google Drawings & Slides

An update to a previous post (see below) features “Winter Magnetic Poetry” with Google Slides:


I just saw this idea from Shake Up Learning and think it’s great for not only Halloween, but anytime! The basic idea is to add a background and then an assortment of text boxes or images on a Google Drawing that students can then move around (like refrigerator magnets :-) )


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This site was recommended to me by several teachers, elementary and high school. It is a type of social bookmarking site and a way to share resources.  You can  make your own page or you can use pages made by others. These pages are collections of websites on particular subjects with each site represented by its own tile. You click on the tile to go to the actual site. You can make one for your students to use or have the students make one of their research sites to go with a paper or project.


Symbaloo for Education

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SAS Curriculum Pathways

sasSAS focuses on curriculum that is difficult to explain to students. They provide online curriculum resources in all the core curriculum for free to grades K-12th.  They feature over 1500 resources, including interactives and primary sources. Be sure to take a look at the SAS Writing Reviser. It is a Google Doc add-on.

SAS Curriculum Pathways

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Calculation Nation

Calculation Nation is a collection of games that not only teach mathematics and higher order thinking, but are also lots of fun! They can be played alone or with someone else online (no personal information is shared other than the state in which you live.) The games involve everything from fractions to simplifying polynomials. (Did I mention that they were developed by NCTM?) Be sure to check them out:


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Random Name Picker

name pickerAdd a little fun to choosing who goes next:


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