Anyone teaching any type of graphing will love this site – they actually make it fun! “Explore math with Desmos! Plot functions, create tables, add sliders, animate your graphs, and more — all for free. At Desmos, we imagine a world of universal math literacy and envision a world where math is accessible and enjoyable for all students.”


See previous post on Graphing Calculator Activities.

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OpenEd opened

Free resource with”world’s largest collection” of  videos and games aligned to Standards. Parent and teachers can easily search by standard to find resources for their students. It also has a large question item bank sorted by standards. You can quickly find questions for assessments here. Can be used with Google Classroom or Edmodo.


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Reading a Map

Reading a Map

Reading a Map

This is one of the many activities available on the National Park Service’s WebRanger’s website. It walks a student through how to read a map. It includes instructions on the Legend, scale, and directions.  This could be done whole group with younger students and individually to reinforce the concepts.

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180 Tech Tips

I love tech tips! A little bit of information that can save you time and trouble. This site is a treasure trove of tips – everything from how to flip the computer screen (good to know after a student does it) to how to do a calculation in Excel. It claims to have 15 hours worth of training that can be taken in 5 minute segments. Check it out and see if you don’t find a new tip.


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Free Rice


Free Rice is a great site that has been in use since 2007. Your students can send rice to needy people while studying art, chemistry symbols, English grammar, geography, French, German, Italian, Spanish, basic math, multiplication tables or more.  They even have a section for preparing for the SAT! Just click change subjects to choose a different topic.

The newest version allows you to change the language (that the directions are written, etc.) AND includes multiplication tables, capitals of the world, identifying countries from a map, and several other new topics!

This site does not require a login to use.

Free Rice

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Using Google in Mathematics

Everyone seems to struggle with integrating Google into their mathematics curriculum. Here is an article by Alice Keeler, a well-known technology innovator, entitled 60 Ways Math Teachers can use Google Classroom. Hopefully it will give you some ideas. 

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Grant Deadlines for 2016 and 2017

Tech & Learning Magazine included a foldout with deadlines for a multitude of educational grants. There are also tips for writing grants. This might be a quick way to locate a variety of educational grants.


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Let your students make their own graphic organizers for free or use to let your class brainstorm together. Easy to use site. You can make organizers without signing up for an account but you will not be able to save it and work on it later. You will need to finish it and print it in one setting or make an account where you can save it. It is free  and you can sign up using your Google account.

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Participate Learning

participateLParticipate Learning

Search thousands of Twitter chats, educational apps, videos, and websites that have been curated by teachers and given a Report Card. You can search using keywords or by grade level. Quickly make your own collection from all these to use in your classroom. 


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newsela1Newselanewsela2 provides over 1,000 non-fiction and current event articles scaled at five different Lexile reading comprehension levels. The same article may be assigned to multiple students at varying reading levels. After reading articles, students may then complete Common Core-aligned quizzes. Teachers have the ability to assign articles and monitor student progress.

New features of Newsela include: Primary sources, Historic Biographies, Famous speeches and the Time Machine (articles written through history.) Articles are also available in Spanish.

Many of the resources are free, but a PRO version is available.

This is a site you’re going to want to use with your students!

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