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Learning resources for students – thousands of videos, interactive tools, worksheets, and assessments to enhance student learning and motivate them to want to learn more. Studyladder

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Word of the Day site that features buzzwords hear in the media. Newswordy

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World Mapper

This site has a collection of almost 600 maps where the land mass size changes to indicate the information. For example, the map on death rates around the world by ages shows the US as a small almost line for infant … Continue reading

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Spelling City

There are over 42,000 words with sentences and definitions already on this site. You can put in your own list or use one of theirs to practice your spelling or Dolch words. It will teach the words, let you play 25 … Continue reading

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Interactive Weather Maker

Help your students understand what slight changes in temperature or humidity have on the weather. Students can see the difference by using the sliding scales to make these changes. Interactive Weather Maker

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Create a Graph

Try this interactive site with your students. It allows you to create Bar, Line, Area, Pie, and XY charts using their step by step instructions and templates. It is very easy to use. Create a Graph

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Ambleside C.E. Primary School

Ambleside is a school in England and their website (known as Ambleweb)  has a plethora of interactive tools and student examples for younger students. Take a few minutes to checkout this side – you’ll be surprised at the treasures you’ll … Continue reading

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Fact Monster

Try out Fact Monster from Information Please – students can find interesting facts, search the reference desk, and use the thesaurus and almanac to gather information for any project. FactMonster

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At KidsClick! students have the freedom to explore safely.  It’s a web search site designed for students by librarians. Students can search by keyword, category, alphabetical, or Dewey Decimal topic.  There is even a digital media search area for pictures, … Continue reading

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Jeopardy Labs

Just about everyone has created a Jeopardy-type game using PowerPoint. It’s a great tool for reviewing. The problem occurs if you try to post it to your blog. It seems that no matter what you do, when someone opens the … Continue reading

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