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About Angela Clark

Technology Resource Teacher in Shelby County Schools, Alabama


Hour of Code

You can use either link to get to the activities. Each site has a little something different on them. You and your students can learn simple coding, robotics, or even hourofcJavascript.  December 4th -8th is Computer Science Week and a wonderful time of year to try coding with your students during the Hour of Code. You can find free easy to use lessons. They have whole group, no computer needed lessons, called unplugged and they even have lessons for kindergarten age students. There are so many jobs available in coding, let your students try it now. They add new lessons all the time. Your students will love it.


Kahoot! is a must-have tool for classrooms that are BYOD or 1:1. Sign up for your FREE account, then create your quiz, discussion, or survey using any device - laptop, iPad, iPhone, Chromebook, or Android. Participants join your Kahoot! without needing an account, so all students can participate with a device and connection. Kahoot! provides a fun and simple way to give formative assessments in real time and get feedback on student learning.


uniteforliteracyUnite for Literacy gives young readers and families access to an abundance of books in digital format. These books celebrate a variety of U.S. and world languages and cultures with the goal of inspiring a life-long love of reading. Choose a book on the shelf and read it independently or have it read to you in English or Spanish using any web-based browser. This digital library contains books appropriate for Pre-K through 5th grade.


Touchcast "looks like a video and feels like the web" because of its interactive features and is now available for desktop and mobile devices. Use the teleprompter for your script and record your cast and add multimedia from the Web for free. You will need to register for an account and this site is recommended for teacher use only. Check out their EduCast pages to see how teachers are using TouchCast in the classroom.

Check out these free apps for creating student digital portfolios and find one to try out this year:

seesawSeesaw – teachers can set up a free classroom account that lets the students upload their work for viewing and feedback. Parents can also set up an account to see their child’s portfolio.



threering Three Ring – take hand-built work and make it digital with a photo to create a digital record of each student’s work. App available for iOS and Android devices.



welearneditWeLearnedIt – developed by eduClipper, this project-based learning platform lets learners track their growth and achievement and is available for the iPad. Students can link files from their Google Drive or from the photo stream.