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Project Noah

Visit Project Noah if you would like to explore the different animals or organisms found around the world. Join if you would like to be a citizen scientist and add to the project. Project Noah

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Apps User Group

This site has been created to help schools in the use of Google Apps for Education. There is an extensive resource section with each app described and step by step directions provided for its use. They have ideas for using … Continue reading

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Background Burner

Instantly (almost) remove the background from your image. It is very easy to do. Drag and drop the picture on the upload square and it will start or click choose file and browse to the picture. When it is finished … Continue reading

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Do you need an online whiteboard? You can create one without an account. Create one and invite others to work on it with you. It works in real time, so you see as the other person draws or writes and … Continue reading

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Open Library

Do you know about this site? Alabama participates in their lending library. They have over 200,000 you can borrow and over 1,000,000 for free download. You can search by subject, keyword,  or author. Once you find a book, you can … Continue reading

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This free site offers numerous thinking guides (graphic organizers) for you or your students. It allows you to add text, images, shapes, lines, and even a hint box. You may use the site without logging in, but it won’t be … Continue reading

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The Epic Ebook Guide

The title says it all. This site will tell you where to find free or inexpensive ebooks, what type you need for each device, how to download, and how to publish your own. The Epic Ebook Guide

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Class Flow

Class Flow is an easy way to make your lesson interactive and to connect with your students. You can quickly create interesting multimedia presentations for your lesson and get instant feedback from your students. Class Flow

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We have highlighted this site before but they have just released 52 brand new reading passages for Earth Day – April 22. There are passages for every grade level K-8th and they have their lexile levels on them. Use this … Continue reading

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ARKive – World’s Most Endangered Species

This site lets you explore 15,000 of the world’s endangered species, animals, plants, and fungi. There are 100,000 photos and videos for your students to see what makes these species special and why we need to save them. They provide … Continue reading

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