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Quizlet is a "simple tool for learning anything!" It is a very fast way to make flashcards and then use them to memorize your material. You can make your own or use one of the  146,745,722 sets already made by others. There are several games you can play to help you with your learning, including the newly added Quizlet Live! which allows for individual or group competition. Search for you topic or even by your textbook title to find sets already made you and your students may use.



Help your students be successful with online sites. Lingro turns all the words on the site into dictionary linlingroks. It then keeps up with words that were used and makes a word list the student can study. It helps them learn the list by turning it into flashcards. Very easy to use and free!



This is a great site for students to create their own digital books. They can begin from scratch or use their templates that include a story starter. The digital portion is free - they charge for publishing the hardback book. I also found a great tutorial, including a student worksheet to guide them. This site is definately worth checking out!

Storyjumper      Building your Story in 7 Steps (Guide to using Storyjumper)

Free language education for the world!

DuoLingo is engaging, interactive, fun, and challenging for anyone who want to learn another language.  They currently offer Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, and English, but they are working on adding more.  Try this site out and invite your colleagues to join you in broadening your language skills!


ReadWriteThink is a site developed by the International Reading Association and the National Council of Teachers of English. In addition to wonderful lesson plans and websites, there are dozens of interactive tools for students of all ages. From ABC match, letter recognition for younger students to the Word Matrix that helps older students understand the concepts of connotation and register.

Did you know you have a digital recorder on your computer? It is a free and easy way to record the words of students as they read the words of others or their own. This program is loaded on all Shelby County machines or it can be downloaded to your computer at home. (

A “3-ring binder for the web.” This is a great tool for organizing online resources in an easy-to-use format. You can create a livebinder and share it or look through ones that have already been created by others.

Would you like to have your students participate in a videoconference with experts in their field? Perhaps you’d like to collaborate with another classroom in another part of the world? For resources to find Virtual Field Trips and collaborations, check out our Distance Learning page.