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Free Rice is a great site that has been in use since 2007. Your students can send rice to needy people while studying art, chemistry symbols, English grammar, geography, French, German, Italian, Spanish, basic math, multiplication tables or more.  They even have a section for preparing for the SAT! Just click change subjects to choose a different topic.

The newest version allows you to change the language (that the directions are written, etc.) AND includes multiplication tables, capitals of the world, identifying countries from a map, and several other new topics!

This site does not require a login to use.

Free Rice

participateLParticipate Learning

Search thousands of Twitter chats, educational apps, videos, and websites that have been curated by teachers and given a Report Card. You can search using keywords or by grade level. Quickly make your own collection from all these to use in your classroom. 


i4classroomsInternet4Classrooms is a wonderful site filled with resources for teachers, students and parents. Resources are organized by grade, subject area or topic. They also offer technology tips and tutorials. They've  added a page highlighting Educational Apps!

You can sign up for their monthly newsletter to get timely classroom ideas. For example, here's the Back-to-School issue.


guideCommon Sense Media has put together a collection of apps. websites, and games to foster creativity in you and your students. They are organized by category and under each category they are further divided by age group. The categories are coder, writer, director, artist, and musician.

Digital Creativity Guide

GoogleculturalDiscover exhibits and collections from museums and archives all around the world. Explore World Wonders, Historic Moments, Art Collections using Google street view and other Google technologies. Bring Pompeii to life, see video accounts from holocaust survivors, or explore Starry Night. Warning, this site can make time pass without you realizing it. 🙂 

Google Cultural Institute

When students create a digital project, they often want to add a soundtrack. Unfortunately that soundtrack is frequently copyright restricted. This site offers lots of music that can be legally used by students and teachers, alike. I especially like the fact that you can search for strictly instrumental selections - so there's no need to worry about inappropriate lyrics!

Larry Ferlazzo is a widely known teacher, author, and blogger who has developed a multitude of "Best of" websites. This page lists 100s of his lists for everything from Art or Music, Math or English, to holidays and search engines. You'll definately want to check them out: