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Want to give your students a new way to think, talk, and learn? Wonderopolis posts a "Wonder of the Day" that allows your students to do just that . Your students can access videos, pictures, and informational text to help them find the answer to the wonder. They are presented with new vocabulary, games, and a "Try It Out" section with more activities to extend their learning. There is even a "Test Your Knowledge" section for the students to see how much they learned.

Do your students have a wonder? Wonderopolis allows them to pose a question and find information about it.

Wonder Ground is a new resource just for teachers. It's a place for you to find lesson plans, resources, and inspiration, all while correlating it to your standards.

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Photos for Class is a great site for students to use to find free images for their projects. The site automatically adds the attribution information to the footer of the image and if a student searches for an inappropriate term, images of dogs are returned!

i4classroomsInternet4Classrooms is a wonderful site filled with resources for teachers, students and parents. Resources are organized by grade, subject area or topic. They also offer technology tips and tutorials. They've  added a page highlighting Educational Apps!

You can sign up for their monthly newsletter to get timely classroom ideas. For example, here's the Back-to-School issue.


We all love google for finding information - it just turns google20out that they've made some information SUPER easy to find! I mentioned using Google as a "Timer" or "5 minute timer" in a previous post, but this article suggests "flip a coin" or "roll a die" (perhaps when studying probability?) Don't bother locating an online dictionary when you can simply type "define [word]" and any type of conversion from units "ml in 3 oz" or "how many ounces in a pound" to "how many euros in a dollar." Let Google graph a line by entering the formula or find the area of a geometric shape. For younger children, try "what does the [animal] say." There are 20 different ways listed in this article that you'll want to check out, including a few that are just for fun, such as "do a barrel roll" or "zerg rush."

20 Instant Google Searches your Students Need to Know


Do your students need practice searching? Do they know how to choose the important key words that will help them find what they need? Let them try Google a Day. It offers an interesting question each day on different subjects. Once the student enters their answer to the question, Google tells them if they are correct or not. It then gives them tips on search techniques.


Try out Fact Monster from Information Please - students can get homework help, find interesting facts, search the reference desk, and use the thesaurus and almanac to gather information for any project. They have thousands of subjects.


Larry Ferlazzo is a widely known teacher, author, and blogger who has developed a multitude of "Best of" websites. This page lists 100s of his lists for everything from Art or Music, Math or English, to holidays and search engines. You'll definately want to check them out:

A “3-ring binder for the web.” This is a great tool for organizing online resources in an easy-to-use format. You can create a livebinder and share it or look through ones that have already been created by others.