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SAS Flash Cards

Four images of different ways to use flash cards.

This is an iOS app. It makes it very easy to find or make flash cards to study. They can be the typical flash card or you can add sound or questions to the cards. They also provide a place to write the answer before you flip the card. Writing helps to put the information deeper into memory.

This infographic will lead you to many useful sites related to English grammar. Fromgrammarpic basic rules and phrases to hundreds of words to use instead of "very" or "said." Lots of lists that will be useful to anyone who teaches (or uses) English grammar.




Let your students make their own graphic organizers for free or use to let your class brainstorm together. Easy to use site. You can make organizers without signing up for an account but you will not be able to save it and work on it later. You will need to finish it and print it in one setting or make an account where you can save it. It is free  and you can sign up using your Google account.

CreativeCommons fotor

It is important for students to know how to correctly give credit when they use someone else's work. This article provides a complete infographic of all the different types of licenses, what each allows, and how to give the proper credit for each type.

How to Attribute Creative Commons Photos

Help your students be successful with online sites. Lingro turns all the words on the site into dictionary linlingroks. It then keeps up with words that were used and makes a word list the student can study. It helps them learn the list by turning it into flashcards. Very easy to use and free!



flippityThere are some wonderful sites that will allow you to create flashcards, but using you can simply convert a list from a Google Sheet! They have other options to use sheets to create a Quiz Show, a Random Name Generator, and more - check them out:

Here's an example of one that I made: sample

Word Workshop


Make Word Wall cards, task list, word lists, flash cards, basket labels, quotes, fact cards, math word problems, bulletin board pieces, etc. using this site. It has generated word lists, too. You can choose your border style, font, color and size. Type and then print or save.

Word Workshop by Scholastic

16 Tips for Using the Word Workshop