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Digital Citizenship


2016 Digital Citizenship from Common Sense Media

2016 Resources

For Everyone: Common Sense Media has lots of resources for all ages, including: lesson plans, interactive games*, professional development, and tools for family education. there are also posters: for various grade levels.

*Note: Teachers will need to create an account to utilize the games. Many include games and videos which can be used whole-group or individually.

Thinglink: Digital Citizenship Survival Kit

Thinglink: I am a Digital Citizen

Tip: Go to Clean Video search and search for "Digital Citizenship" or "Internet safety" ... but, BE SURE to PREVIEW before you show anything to your students!

The state of Indiana celebrated Digital Citizenship Week earlier, in September, they provided daily activities for each grade level. Check out their suggestions and find some great tools that you can use:


Suggested Activities from Indiana for K-2

Clean Video links for videos: My Online Neighborhood
Pause & Think Online

NetSmartz video of the month (What to do when see something wrong on Internet)

How to Teach Digital Citizenship to Kindergarteners (resources included - be sure to preview)

Bad Guy Patrol - Simple interactive format to teach safety basics; can be used individually or whole group;  for younger children.

** checkout resources for grades 3-5; Some may be appropriate with assistance.


Suggested Activities from Indiana for 3-5

Digital Passport (interactive game* from Common Sense Media) After logging in as the teacher, go to Educator Materials for an overview of all games and supporting materials OR choose Preview Games to have your class participate whole-group.

Professor Garfield's Learning Lab: Cyberbullying

Adventures of the Cyber Pigs (Note: Be sure to view the Teacher's Guide beforehaving students play the game)

Digital Footprints from KidSmart (Thank you, BV!)


Suggested Activities from Indiana for 6-8

Digital Compass (interactive game from Common Sense Media)

Be a Digital Citizen: simple introduction (2:12) (link to Clean Video)

Your Digital Footprint Matters from the Internet Society - includes short video explaining digital footprints and multiple online tutorials. (Thank you - BV!)


Suggested Activities from Indiana for 9-12

Digital Bytes (student activities from Common Sense Media)

Students: Get Ready to be Googled (youtube video available through Clean Video: )

Your Digital Footprint Matters from the Internet Society - includes short video explaining digital footprints and multiple online tutorials. (Thank you - BV!)



You may want to check out Pinterest for resources on Digital Citizenship




@ Calera Intermediate School: Students learned about digital footprint and how their choices affect their own footprint. Each student took a pledge and signed a paper "foot" that is displayed outside the lab.

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@ Inverness Elementary: For Digital Citizenship Week, in guidance I am citing stories of cyberbullies and sending home suggestions for parent rules for technology use – our computer lab teacher will go over this again in November – It really seems to be “hitting home” with the wee ones here at IES!

@Chelsea Middle: Students are watching  videos from NetSmartz and talking  about the importance of proactive, safe, responsible, and ethical online behavior using the posters provided. Kids are using Chromebooks to explore the Common Sense: Digital Citizenship Week Page to enjoy the interactive games and videos.

@ Oak Mountain Intermediate: Listserv messages were shared with parents - Parents:  we are celebrating Digital Citizenship Week from October 18—24. Please consider visiting our OMIS Library webpage and having your child read a Cybersmarts e-book with you to start your discussion about what you expect from your child and their Internet usage.  The best time to have the conversation is before you need it! Your child’s digital footprint will follow them through adulthood.

@Oak Mountain Elementary: students created a mural after learning about digital citizenship:




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