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Best Apps for Education

With the huge selection of apps out there, it can be a challenge to find the 'best' ones for your classroom.  Check out our recommendations below:

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General Education Apps

  • Nearpod - allows teachers to create interactive lessons to be shared with their students (limited version available for Free)
  • ShowMe - demonstrate on this virtual whiteboard and record your steps
  • Evernote - online folders and notebooks; sync among multiple devices and share your notes with others (Free)
  • Skitch - draw and annotate; save, print, and share (Free)
  • Popplet - virtual mind maps for brainstorming
  • ThingLink- create an interactive poster
  • Red Laser or Kaywa - QR code scanners; both of these will save your scan history
  • Educreations - create your own podcast tutorials and share them or use as a virtual whiteboard (Free)
  • ChatterPix - give your photos a voice with this free app by drawing a line and recording your voice
  • Aurasma - try out augmented reality with this free app
  • Socrative - turn mobile devices into student response devices
  • ClassDojo - manage student behavior in this interactive virtual classroom app

Language Arts

  • Tellagami - digital story telling tool that lets you make a quick animated video called a Gami
  • Sight Words - play games or use flashcards
  • iWrite Words - use your finger to write words
  • Vocabulary Spelling City - study your word list using 8 free learning activities
  • EasyBib - digital citation creator and the perfect research companion
  • Little Writer - tracing app for writing practice


  • Planets - see the stars and planets with constellations labeled
  • NASA - watch NASA TV, see great images, watch videos, read the latest news
  • The Weather Channel - check the weather, clouds, wind, humidity, sunrise and sunset, see maps and videos
  • iCell - look at 3D animal, bacteria, or plant cells and their parts. It tells you about each part and you can choose to have it on a basic, intermediate, or advanced level. Developed by Hudson Alpha.
  • NOVA Elements - science and chemistry app from PBS


  • Virtual Manipulatives - move tiles to help understand percents, decimals, and fractions
  • Sketchpad Explorer - developed by the makers of Geometer's Sketchpad; elementary math, algebra and geometry interactive.
  • Think 3D Free - allows you to create and interact with 3D objects.
  • Geogebra - interactive math learning for all levels
  • 5 Dice - an order of operations game for upper elementary and middle grade students
  • Math Snacks HD - available as both an app and online; includes videos, handouts, teacher guides and more. Also checkout Pearl Diver and Lobster Diver (number line games.)
  • MyScriptCalculator - do math calculations in your own handwriting


  • The States - learn more about each state
  • Stack the States (lite version) - game for learning each state and important facts
  • Docs Teach - app from the National Archives with activities for students to interact with primary documents from U.S. history
  • Constitution for iPad - find out all about the U.S. Constitution
  • Google Earth - great for geography, literature, art, and more


  • Classical Music Lite - play short famous pieces of music and let your students take the quiz about who wrote them
  • Tiny Piano - make music even if you don't know how to play
  • Sound Uncovered - an interactive book from the Exploratorium

World Languages

  • Duolingo - free language learning in an interactive, fun format


  • Tynker - solve puzzles to learn programming
  • Daisy the Dinosaur - easy interface for kids to learn to program Daisy to dance across the screen
  • Hopscotch - create your own games and play games made by others
  • TinkerBox- fun, physics puzzle games
  • Cargo-Bot - puzzle games where you teach the robot how to move crates


  • Moma - explore works, terms, and artists from the Museum of Modern Art
  • Brushes 3 - choose different brush strokes and colors to make your own picture, then save it  back to your camera roll
  • Color Uncovered - an interactive book that teaches all about color, by the Exploratorium

Other Notable Apps to Try

  • Flipboard- customize your own electronic magazine based on your favorite topics
  • Twitter - develop and build your PLN (professional learning network) to keep up with all things education
  • Pinterest - open for teachers to find ideas and inspiration for instructional and professional development

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