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The new, easy way to collaborate with others. Drag and drop a note, upload an image, add a document and work together. You can even add a to do list so everyone is clear on what they need to do next.


Many people think of epals as simply a tool for getting secure email accounts for students - and it is that, but it is so much more. If you'd like to expand your classroom beyond the physical building - this is the site for you. Find other classrooms with which to collaborate. You can join one of their projects or simply do one of your own. This is also a good place to find others with which to Skype.

If you're interested in getting an account for yourself and/or your students, contact your Technology Resource Teacher.


This site was shared with me last year by Brooke Dunham, music teacher @ CPES. It is so much fun - whether your students are "Playing Fraction Pies" or using the "Cucumber Pickle Machine," they're going to be learning. There are Picture Puzzles that would be fun with an Interactive whiteboard and you can even learn some Drum Language from Ghana.

Phil Tulga - Music Through the Curriculum

You have got to check out this site! "Mr. R" has created all sorts of songs, poems, stories and videos to help students learn math and science. There's even a link so you can watch the videos if youtube is blocked - the ones I looked at are really great. The songs may take a moment to load (but they're worth the wait.)


Join in on the ultimate virtual classroom experience that only Edmodo can offer - register using your school code to enter the Shelby County domain.  Edmodo connects you with other educators around the district and even globally through professional communities and groups.  Teachers can choose to create groups for students to join and use as their online classroom.

Shelby County Edmodo