We have recently upgraded our Accelerated Reader software to Renaissance Place, a web-based version of this product. We are so excited about the access the additional tools this has opened up for us. Students now have access to every quiz that is made by this company, and there is also a “home connect” component that parents can sign up for to see how their students are doing on their quizzes. Parents should receive a letter home this week explaining “home connect” and how to sign up for email notifications when their children take tests.

Also, if your child is interested in reading a book and you need to know if there is an Accelerated Reader quiz for that book, you can go to www.arbookfind.com, type in the title, and you will see information related to the book, such as book level and point value, if a test has been written.

I would love to hear from you regarding your thoughts on this new version.


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