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This year I began a new program called the Helena Information Squad. I create five questions for each grade level every week, and students are encouraged to use their library skills to locate the answers to each question. The questions require students to use our library catalog, encyclopedias, dictionaries, a thesaurus, atlases, and a variety of other resources, improving their ability to locate and access information effectively. Some teachers are requiring their students to particpate and others are allowing students to participate as time allows, but students are coming to the media center excited and willing to look up information from a variety of sources. Each week, one name is drawn from each grade levels’ answer sheets and the individuals’ names who are pulled and have the correct answers win a prize. I can see the students’ skills improving already, and I hope they are talking about the program at home. I’d love to hear from you with your thoughts about this new activity.

The new book by Jeff Kinney in the popular “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” series will be released on November 9th. Several students pre-ordered this book during our book fair and will receive those the week of the 9th. Scholastic is bringing additional copies that will be available for purchase for those that did not pre-order. Look for further information related to this in your class newsletters and email announcements. Post comments about the book here! I can’t wait to hear what kids say about the newest release!



Who knew?! Maybe I was the only one who didn’t know, but a sweet parent came in the media center today and told me she discovered an AR app for her phone that has made searching for AR books in the public library much easier! The app is called ARFinder and costs $1.99. In her words it was “well worth it.” She said it saved her a significant amount of time and frustration. I always love hearing your great tips and ideas, as well as your book suggestions, so keep them coming please.