Donor’s Choose TECHNOLOGY PROJECT- Your help is needed!

Hi Everyone!  I need your help!  Our team is raising money for a set of Chromebooks for our math classes.  How exciting! This way, I won’t have to reserve them from the library, but we can use them any time we need them…Which will actually be close to a daily basis some weeks. Plus, Mr. Clemons, Mrs. Polizos, and our ELA teachers will be able to use them as well. We will have the Chromebooks in our classroom at our disposal.  I can’t wait for all of the cool things we will do in class, including graphing, submitting work through Google Classroom, review games such a Kahoot and Quizizz, research, and so much more.  As a teacher, I’m excited about this because Chromebooks give me instant feedback of where my students are…”Are my kids understanding the material or not? How am I going to help them?” Then, I can personalize instruction for struggling learners and give opportunities to enrich those students who have mastered the material.

Please help us reach this goal.  Each of your core subject teachers is raising money for 8 Chromebooks that we will put together in one cart for the math classes.

Here’s where you come in:

Share my Donors Choose Project Page with your family and friends. You can physically share it with them, or repost using Facebook or other social media, or email it to them.

PLEASE SHARE:   Mrs. Jackson’s Donors Choose Chromebook Page  or if you want the actual website…   Either way, just PLEASE SHARE!

Be sure to share the PROMO Code with them:  LIFTOFF.  If they put in this promo code, Donors Choose will match any donation up to $50 for the first 7 days. THIS IS HUGE for us to meet our goal!  Also, be sure to tell them to uncheck the box that will give 15% to the website. We want and need ALL of our donations.  🙂

Incentives for my classes:

Every time you have someone donate in your name, you will get a math class coupon. Some of the coupons are the following:

  • Bring Your Own Snack to Class Coupon
  • Homework Pass Coupons (on Bronze level assignments)
  • Extra Time Coupons (Where you can request extra time to finish an assignment)
  • Music Day Coupons (Where you can bring your earbuds to class and listen to music as you independently work)
  • Drop Your Lowest Quiz Coupons
  • Test Retake Coupon (You can retake a test or quiz in this or future nine weeks)
  • Seat Switch Coupon
  • Ask a Question Coupon (You can ask me a question during a test about one of the problems that you may need help with.)
  • THE BIG ONE: The class with the highest participation and also any class that has reached at least $400 after the 7 days will earn a Movie and Snack Day in class!!!!




  • High Flight Field Trip Money Due
  • Social Studies 9 Weeks Test


  • Math 9 Weeks Test


  • ELA 9 Weeks Test
  • Bellwork Test in Math – No studying involved here.  You’re just copying from your notebook. (So, I hope you’ve kept your notebook organized!)


  • Science 9 Weeks Test


  • End of the 1st 9 Weeks

Online Textbook

Pre-Algebra: WTM8-GN1Z-3MDO

Algebra: DVDG-V4EH-QV6Q

Once you have added your textbook you can just log in from that website in the future and access your textbook.