Weeks: 09 – 20 May, 2016

Weeks  09 – 20  May, 2016

Choral Music Edudcation

For the next two weeks choral music students will be reviewing and being tested on the following:

  • Major and minor scale patterns
  • note names in treble and bass clefs
  • Playing the C, F and G chords on the guitar
  • Creating and playing their own chord on the piano
  • Understanding, creating and performing their own monologue

Music Exploratory  – 8th Grade

An exciting lesson awaits 8th grade exploratory students as they study music technology.

  • setting up a sound system
  • plugging a mic and speaker cable into a power source
  • how a synthesizer works
  • MIDI
  • analogue and digital

Music Exploratory 6th Grade

These amazing young people are to learn the important elements of, writing and performing a monologue.

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Weeks of 25 April – 06 May, 2016

Weeks of   25 April –  06 May, 2016

Six Flags Over Georgia Trip:  Please see  Important Information page.


Choral Music Education

Have you ever wondered how a bat finds it’s way?  Call and response-   Have you ever listened to the echo that reverberates throughout a canyon or cave?  Your call –   the ‘hills’ response –

In learning to write music,  one of the important elements we learn to incorporate is  termed to some as ‘question and answer’.  With the upward lift of the voice at the end of a question, so too, melodic phrases end as if asking a question.

We will also take a look at the use of steps in writing a musical composition.  -returning to  “Do” at  the end of the answer section.

One exciting part of our class each day is looking at how a particular composer used the strategy we are studying.  This week we look at Antonin Dvorak and his New World Symphony.

Next week we look at and listen to Beethoven and his Ninth Symphony.


Music Exploratory

What would you create for anyone who expressed an interest in playing an instrument but could not hold it?  This week we research the lives of those in ‘the Arts’ that are handicapped.  Each student, after choosing a particular handicapped artist, will research their life and then create a tool with which they can perform their art to the fullest.


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Weeks of 11 – 22 April, 2016

Weeks of   11 -22 April, 2015

Choral Music Education

25 April, 2016     Spring Concert

Calera High School Auditorium  at  6:30 pm

Two weeks prior to their concert, students will be rehearsing all music a cappella.

Eighth Grade Exploratory

The journey through music history is such an enlightening one!  We begin with the Medieval Period and travel through the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Contemporary and end with the 21st Century noting discoveries, inventions, art style and music styles of each period.

Sixth Grade Music Exploratory

After completing the study of FORM in musical compositions, we will move to the beginning of film emphasizing Thomas Edison in the invention of the kinetoscope, the vitascope, “talkies” and the effects of music in a film.

Students will have the opportunity to watch  “Gifted Hands” about the life of D. Ben Carson.  They will be writing a formal letter to Dr. Carson.



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Week of 04 – 08 April, 2016

Welcome back to Week  04 – 08 April, 2016 !

Just as Spring brings a new dance to the world with the new foliage and freshness in the air, the music room is filled with new musical growth in the lives of our students. 

**The study of  dance origins in the United States, 

               **the importance of tempo variations in a composition and, 

                                 **the human -sacred harp

            will be our line-up for this week in Music Education!


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Week of 21-25 March, 2016

Week of   21-25 March, 2016

Choral Music

This Tuesday is the day of which we have been speaking and for which we have been practicing for months: State Adjudication.  All throughout our journey we have learned so many elements of music, that when put together, create a great musical experience!

Please see the page  -Important Information – for info needed about dress and money on Tuesday.

We will prepare on Monday for State.  On Wednesday, we begin to move into some of our fun selections where we use choreography.

Facial Expression and creating through  ad lib  – from the Latin ad libitum – to take liberty  are our main foci for this week.

Music Exploratory:  8th Grade

We begin our study of:

     The purpose of music  –   in  other cultures.  What does music say about a culture?  For what is it used?  What instruments have they created?  Is the music mainly in major or minor tonality?  Is it atonal?  Does it mainly move in half, whole or quarter-tone steps?

Music Exploratory :   6th Grade

Monday through Wednesday we continue our study of the guitar. Students will continue to learn to:

– interpret guitar chord charts

– tune a guitar string and will learn interesting aspects of

– comparing the strings and parts of a piano to a guitar.

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Week of 14 -18 March, 2016

Week of   14 – 18 March, 2016

Spring is in the air!  Don’t forget to move your clocks forward one hour this weekend  (12-13 March).

The choir is working hard to prepare for State Choral Performance Adjudication!  Our performance pieces are

“Elijah Rock!”      and    “My GOD Is a Rock”     …two moving spirituals.

In an adjudication process,  students perform two songs for three (3) music judges and then sight-read a piece for another judge.

This week in our rehearsals, we will be working on incorporating the four (4) vital elements in an excellent performance:

* Deep Breathing    *Articulation   *Expression   and *Dynamics

Music Exploratory

Music Exploratory classes will be learning the importance of observing the copyright laws.  They will learn about the symbols which represent vital information which helps protect those who create and make – for their living. 

Students will then culminate their study by creating a copyright theme with the use of  graffiti and black lights!

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Week of 07-11 March, 2016

Week of   07 – 11 March, 2016

We are so proud of the following students for their hard work and participation in the Alabama All-State 2016 Choir:

* Miss Vanessa Beard

*Miss Hope Dobbs

* Miss Brailey Earnest

*Mr. Collin Ferguson      !

Alabama All-State  auditions for 2017 should take place in October of this year.  It costs approximately  $50.00 to audition and participate if you make the choir.  Try it!  It is a tremendous experience.

Choral Music for this week…

A fourth element will be added to our  “Important Elements” list:



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Week of 29 February – 04 March, 2016

Week of   29 February – 04 March, 2016

Choral Music~~~~~~~~~~~~

Three elements vital to an excellent performance are 1) Deep, Proper Breathing, 2) Clear Articulation and, 3) Musical Expression.

Stated by David Maybury, ” the biggest insult to the audience is if they     look insincere”.  Facial and musical expression will be the foci for this week in Choral Music.

Reading with expression can help one learn to sing with expression. As we learn to sing with expression, understanding  the text will be crucial to performing the music.

Exploratory Music

We continue looking at segments of  Les Miserables with the eighth (8th) grade and  “Annie” with the sixth (6th) grade, taking note of:

Characters                   -The Set                      – Theme/Message

Props                        -Camera Angles

This is a part of students preparing for their  ‘film project’.





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Week of 15 -19 February, 2016

Week of   15 – 17 February, 2016

Choral Music Education – Choir

CCCCounCounting by sets of threes… 3,6,9,12,etc…  Adding the numbers of 3,147  together-  See if it comes to a number divisible by three…

We continue our study of sight-reading time/meter signatures divisible by three (3):   3,6,9 and 12.

This week’s key signature emphasis will concern flats  (b), identifying DO and SOL.

The key:  Name the next to the last flat; this is DO.

Music Exploratory

Building a great stage presence through monologue presentations is our focus this week.  Students will incorporate important elements needed to keep an audience’s attention.

Eye Contact     -Facial Expression   -Gestures      – Pauses

Remember the following:

*character    *emotions    *place      *characteristics      *conflict and resolution


We have a very special group coming to our morning classes this Wednesday to teach about college, voice categories and overcoming challenges in life.


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Week of 08-12 February, 2016

Week of  08 – 12 February, 2016

Have you ever felt like your message wasn’t ‘coming across’ well, like no one really heard you?

The art of communication ~clear communication~ is a much needed element when performing, presenting a speech or teaching others.

In Choral Music this week we will emphasize the importance of communicating well the message of each composition. Important ingredients to a well-communicated song are:

~facial expression      ~ clear consonants     ~  open, pure vowels

     ~reinventing singing consonants     ~ singing with the heart

Students chosen by the teacher will be asked:

     -to lead the choir in a warm-up session

     -conduct in various time signatures

     – lead in a sight-reading exercise

Music Exploratory

Through our study of the importance of music in a film, students have become more aware of the purpose of music.  The culmination of our watching “Gifted Hands” ends on Tuesday with a completed, formal letter to the honorable Dr. Ben Carson.

On Wednesday, we begin the study of stage terms and  performance.  Students will learn through our study, the art of creating and presenting a monologue.  Watching “Gifted Hands” and studying stage performance through monologues will prepare the students for their up-coming project…creating their own film.

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