Chromebooks are on the way!!!!

Our Chromebooks on Donors Choose are fully funded and I am so excited! This is just in time for Thanksgiving and we have lots to give thanks for. I just wanted to thank each one of you for your part in supporting our classroom, those who were able to donate, those who shared with friends and family, and those who prayed and supported our efforts. I also wanted to let you know in time for Thanksgiving so you could share with your little one…one more thing to be thankful for. We are all so blessed daily and I am feeling especially blessed this morning. Thank you for all you do and thank you for sharing your little one with me!


We have our first Donors Choose project and for 3 more days they will match our donations up to $50. We are working toward a Chromebook center so the students can get onto Razkids,, and Edgenuity independently, while I work with groups at my table. If you know of anyone looking for a tax deductible donation opportunity, please send them to Connect Kindergarten with Chromebooks (link below). Just ask them to type in the code “LIFTOFF” when they check out so it will be matched.

Scholastic Book Orders

A parent asked me if I send out scholastic book orders and I usually do in
the months that we don’t have a book fair at school.  So I thought I’d go ahead
and send out this information to all of our parents so that you would have it
whenever you want to place an order.  Our class code
is the JD8BH.


I will try to add this link to our class blog also.