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Ruth Ayers has a new book coming out this month titled Celebrating Writers. It’s all about celebrating young writers in every stage of writing wherever they are in the process. In the spirit of celebration, she has started a link-up on her blog and through twitter for teachers to share celebrations each Saturday. You can find detailed informations on her blog here. I have placed the button for the link-up on the sidebar of our blog and hopefully HES will be sharing a lot of celebrations each week.

Ruth Ayers shared this in a post on October 10th and it spoke directly to me.

“We only get one shot at this life. One chance to make the most of it. One chance to live in the moment. If we aren’t careful, it is easy to become tattered and worn and even a little undone.

Or we can choose joy. Happiness is a choice. We can wallow or we can celebrate.

When I first started teaching, I had a friend who always had a hysterical story to share at the end of the day. In fact, after the students cleared the building and hall duty was finished, you’d find a group of teachers gathered around to hear her daily tale. I wondered why she was the one who always had funny things happen in her classroom.

Then one day it hit me — it wasn’t that she had a magic wand to conjure up funny things, but rather she knew how to notice and remember funny situations.

The same is true for finding things to celebrate. More good stuff isn’t happening in one place or another. There aren’t some lives that are more worthy of celebration. When I think back to a dark time I had after adopting our daughters compared to these months after our most recent adoption 9 months ago, I realize there isn’t more good now than then — I’m just positioning myself to find joy.

It’s an intentional choice I’m making. It’s a choice that makes a difference.”

We have to intentionally choose to honor children and where they are.  With all the pressure that is put on us as teachers, it is all too easy to dwell on what they don’t know or how much they need to grow.   Trust in our belief that all children can learn is at the heart of teaching.  Let’s celebrate where each young writer is and who each child is now.

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