Celebrations….Week of Oct 28-Nov 1

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This week in kindergarten we celebrated Halloween with scarecrow book characters, wearing our costumes and more!  We also had our annual Boosterthon fun run to raise money for our school and have lots of fun.  With all of this excitement we still packed in lots of learning.  We are still working hard as writers and growing in independence as capable writers.

On Tuesday night I found myself celebrating writing in an unexpected place.   I was watching my daughter cheer at a youth football game and a student in my class who has a brother playing football for the team came and sat down with me as she often does.  She had a white board and dry erase marker and was writing away.   She wrote, erased, wrote again, illustrated.  There were kids running everywhere-playing, her friends were running up and talking.  She would stop briefly and then continue writing.    She was so engaged and excited for me to read each fleeting story.  Don Graves said it best.  “Children want to write!”


This is my sweet little writer and one of her stories.  She wrote, “I was with my friend.  We were playing.”  LOVE it!isabella


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2 Responses to Celebrations….Week of Oct 28-Nov 1

  1. Mary Cooper says:

    Awesome! What a perfect example of the power of writing! Don would be so pleased!

  2. Jennifer Bentley says:

    Isabella has fallen in love with school and Mrs. Henderson! She is wanting to write all the time and gets so excited when she can read her poems to me.
    So thankful!!!

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