Informational Writing in Kindergarten

After Thanksgiving, we began to work on informational writing.  My kindergarten class tackled the “How To” type of non-fiction writing.  We began with discussions around what “How To” books were and what type of information was included in them.  We studied several examples and then began to think of all of the things these young writers knew how to do that they could write about to help others who may be seeking information and direction.  In the following days we refined our work and they were writing books about How to Tie your Shoe, How to Be a Friend, How to Read a Book, How to Brush Your Teeth, How to Build with Legos and How to Feed Your Dog.  The ideas were pouring forth as they grew in confidence and realized they knew how to do so many various things.  This is a piece by Emma from December in kindergarten and is titled How to Ride a Bike.  We enjoyed working in this genre and they all grew so much as writers.


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