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It happens every year. Each class has a personality of their own and it dictates which books are favorites, which work station is the most popular and which author the class picks as a mentor. This year my group has loved Mo Willems’ Pigeon books more than any class I’ve ever had. They love the humor, they relate to the theme of begging for something you can’t have and they love that pigeon. Several students have written pigeon inspired stories this year and they are all so great. This book by Jeyton was one he worked on at home and was so proud to bring in and share it. He told us that he saw the first wrapped present under his tree and he REALLY wanted to open it. He went on to explain that he wanted to open it so badly that he felt like the pigeon saying, “Please! Please! Please!” And in that moment, a story was born for this kindergarten writer. I absolutely love the moment a child begins to live the life of a writer. They notice things in the world around them, relate to situations and feelings expressed in books they love and turn them into ideas for their own writing. It’s magical really.


If you are familiar with Mo Willems’ books then you notice the detail that Jeyton included.  He showed the pigeon’s expressions and feelings in his eyes, he used speech bubbles, he used voice and he showed action in how he drew the pigeon.  On one page he placed the word FLAP around him to show action and on the last page he drew the pigeon begging on bended knee.  I’m in awe of all that is possible with young writers.

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