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  1. Hey mrs bivins I miss u and I wish I could see u and hope u have a great year this year with all the children u have this year
    Love u bye

  2. Jay!!!!!! OMG! How are you? I am definitely having a great year! We do have a lot of students, but we have sooo much fun learning in 5th grade! I hope middle school is treating you well. We miss you down here at MES! I’m sure you’re behaving…Keep that up! Talk to you soon!

    Mrs. Bivins

  3. Hey Madison and Elisabeth! I miss you guys, too!! Be good over there at the middle school and keep those grades up!

  4. All of the 6th graders miss you thats all they talk about is and how nice you where <3 <3<3. LOVE LAURYN C

  5. hey mrs.bivins! I hope you are having a good year so far. I miss you!! I am getting the hang of opening my locker which is very exciting! I wish you were my teacher again.
    from: the sweetest girl
    lindsey kornegay

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