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The adventure continues…

We have been having a good week back in school. It seems like everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving break (if they avoided getting sick)! Our classes are excited about the upcoming changes: they are anxious to see the new school on Thursday, they are adjusting to our new sub, Ms. Borgschulte “Ms. B,” and of course, they are eagerly awaiting Christmas! This week we’ve gone into depth in a social studies text called “Meet Paul Revere.” They are continuing to ask and answer excellent “who, what, where, when, why, and how” questions, as well as learning the main idea of the passage: Paul Revere was a craftsman, a hero, and a patriot. We love being able to combine social studies and reading in the mornings.

We have also been exploring different types of animals: from mammals, to birds, amphibians, reptiles and fish. We are exploring body covering, diet and habitat. We hope to continue exploring this next week.

Students are also excited about our Christmas party next Tuesday, December 10. We will have a fun snack and craft, and parents are invited! In the days up to Christmas, we also hope to be teaching our students about the importance of giving to others. We will be sharing about what it means to be a friend and encourage others. This season is one of gifts, and we hope to remind students that it is a blessing to give to others. We will be adopting a Christmas tree angel, for a local child who won’t get much of a Christmas. We hope to gather a few gifts for the 11-year-old boy. Lastly, we will be filling each other’s stocking with encouraging notes to our classmates. We would love for you to encourage your child at home how to think of others this holiday season.

We are proud of our superheroes, and look forward to these last two weeks as we prepare for the move to the new Forest Oaks!

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