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My Child and Dyslexia Questions

A lot of parents have questions and concerns about their child in reading a writing.

What is common at the beginning of 2nd grade from what I’ve noticed over the years:

-number and letter reversals when writing (b, d, p, g, 7, 9, 6)

-inventive but misspelled words

-reading words too quickly and misreading a word ex. “want” for “wears”

-poor handwriting, words written too close together

-inconsistent capital letters and punctuation

By the end of the year:

-neater handwriting, spacing the words, using capital letters and punctuation more consistently

-correct spelling for learned phonics and sight words (what, was, cat, cut, etc.)

-sounding out the words correctly based on what phonics patterns we have learned so far

-thinking “does this word make sense when I read it?”  Self-correcting reading “He wears a special costume.” or “He wants a special costume.”

-misspelling longer words


What is Dyslexia?

In Mrs. Brock’s words, dyslexia is connected to which side of the brain does the work to read. The brain of a child with dyslexia compensates on the math side of the brain. The brain of a child without dyslexia shows activity on the reading side of the brain.

Some students may show dyslexic tendencies, but with practice, and multi-sensory learning activities, the brain chemistry can be changed by using other senses to help the child learn to read.

In our class, we use multi-sensory strategies for ALL students who may struggle in some areas of reading and writing. We practice EVERY DAY. If you have concerns at the beginning of the year, we will continue to practice. If we still see signs of struggle throughout the year, we will be meeting and discussing some options to help your child succeed.

PLEASE check out this great link with some more information about dyslexia and resources for your child. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for more resources.


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